The A’Bell family, one of Australia’s leading religious clans, live a life of overseas holidays, Sydney mansions and church. (Pictured L to R: NRL star Nat Butcher, his girlfriend Harmony A’Bell, Joel A’Bell, Elijah A’Bell and Julia A’Bell)

Donald Elley of Bellingen 21 January 2020:

A reader of this site today alleged that the reason Joel A’Bell left Hillsong is because his son Elijah is gay.

Has anybody got any comments on this?

In my article, ‘Joel A’Bell leaves Hillsong”, at the end of the article I postulated why Joel A’Bell left Hillsong.

I wrote:

“Even more interesting would be to know exactly why they left.

Could it be they were worried about being implicated by police for assisting Brian Houston in his pedophile protection crimes?

Could it be they are over the corruption of Hillsong?

Or could it just be they want a change and they’ve seen another more independent opportunity to make more cash and maintain their current luxurious pampered lifestyle somewhere else (away from a police pedophile investigation)?”

Readers comment of 21 January 2020:

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