Donald Elley of Bellingen September 1, 2021

“I was driving about on my tractor today and the thought came to my mind, “Tick Tock Tick Tock, the clock has reached midnight and Brian has now been charged.””

Donald Elley of Bellingen September 1, 2021

Donald Elley

In this blog article of March 17, 2015 I wrote comments about the ABC Australia article below and on the Brian Houston in the context of not reporting and concealing a pedophile on over six years ago on March 7, 2015.

My title for this article of March 17, 2015 now seems highly prophetic since Brian Houston has been charged as I predicted.

My prediction of March 17, 2015:

“Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong Church. “tick tock tick tock”. It’s just a matter of time before Brian Houston is charged with not reporting and concealing a pedophile”. 

Brett Sengstock

Frank Houston boy victim Brett Sengstock.

Many people gave up on Brian Houston being charged. I never did.

An ACC pastor was going around this year announcing, “I know for a fact that Brian will never be charged”.

I replied, “I don’t feel that way. I don’t see that Brian is off the hook”.

A senior News Limited journalist has been saying the same thing to me for ages. I told her that I didn’t hold her view.

I was driving about on my tractor today and the thought came to my mind, “Tick Tock Tick Tock, the clock has reached midnight and Brian now has been charged.”

Frank Houston boy victim Brett Sengstock wrote the following comment on this article on March 17, 2015:


Good morning Donald. Another inch forward thanks again for your support it means so much AHA

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Donald Elley of Bellingen March 17, 2015

Last December, an Australian national newspaper, the Australian, reported that the Australian Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse’s Senior Counsel, Simeon Beckett, has found that Hillsong Church Head Pastor Brian Houston should be referred to police for investigation after he failed to report child sexual abuse carried out by his father, lifelong pedophile and the very corrupt Frank Houston.

Simeon Beckett, a leading Sydney barrister assisting the Commission, who is very mature and knowledgeable in the law, and highly experienced, also found that Brian Houston, who was then the National President of the Pentecostal church umbrella organisation ­the Assemblies of God, when Brian Houston heard about the abuse, he said he had an internal “conflict of interest”, and he never told police about his father Frank Houston’s abuse of a boy AHA from the age of seven to twelve in the late 1960s to the early 1970s. Brian Houston claims that he first found out about the abuse in 1999.

Simeon Beckett tried to explain to Brian Houston at the Commission that by taking over the administration of his father’s pedophile sins, while at the same time being President of the Assemblies of God organisation, was “a legal conflict of interest”. Brian, who didn’t pay much attention at school, made out that he couldn’t understand what Simeon Beckett was talking about. After all, Brian said he was a simple window cleaner before he came to Australia from the fibro suburb of Lower Hutt, New Zealand and to complicate matters he suffers from PTSD and is on medication due to the fallout of his dad’s pedophilia crimes.

My view is that Brian was acting dumb and what he lacks in education and intellect, like his uneducated father Frank, he makes up for in cunning, guile, deception and street smarts.

Simeon Beckett’s submission says that Frank Houston admitted the abuse to his son Brian Houston, and this confession could have been used to secure a conviction had Brian Houston ­informed the police.

Simeon Beckett concluded, “As that information may relate to contravention of a law… it is submitted it is appropriate to refer Pastor Brian Houston’s conduct to the NSW Police Commissioner,” Simeon Beckett said. 

For more details please see my article on this site, ‘The Australian Newspaper 20 December 2014: HILLSONG Church founder Brian Houston should be referred to police for investigation after he failed to report child sexual abuse carried out by his father, the Royal Commission’s senior counsel has found’, published on 21 December 2014.

The article below is about an Australian Roman Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson, who was yesterday charged with concealing a pedophile while in the office of a senior Roman priest in the Newcastle-Hunter region north of Sydney, where there were numerous very serious historic sexual crimes against children by Roman priests.

Archbishop Philip Wilson is the highest ranking Roman priest in the world to be charged with the offence of concealing and protecting a pedophile.

The priest Archbishop Philip Wilson concealed and protected had committed heinous crimes in the 1970s like sodomising a 12 year old boy.

I have read transcripts of these offences which were published in Sydney newspapers and they were violent and predatory of a very sickening nature.

There were so many priests doing very bad stuff to kids in the Newcastle-Hunter region that the NSW Government was forced to hold a Commission to investigate the situation.

This NSW Commission preceded the Australian Royal Commission.

Australia, like all over the world, has, and has had, a very bad culture of child abuse. It’s all extremely sad.

It is just a matter of time before the NSW Police charge Pastor Brian Houston with similar criminal offences of not reporting and concealing and sheltering a pedophile.

Maybe Pastor Brian Houston will be charged after the head of NSW Police Superintendent Andrew Scipione, a personal friend of Brian, who attends Hillsong Church in Baulkham Hills, retires in August.

Brian Houston is very good at working the politicians.

Brian is a very street-smart and astute cards player in the game of life. 

Brian has played almost all his Aces.

Even the political influence and maneuverings of the Church of Rome hasn’t been able to save its own.

When Brian plays his last cards even the elite and very expensive law firm Mallesons won’t be able to save him.

He’ll be hung out to dry like all the pedophiles and pedophile protectors before him.

What is worse, a pedophile or a pedophile protector. To me they’re the same thing: Scum. 

Pastor Brian Houston 6 Pastor Brian Houston 7 Pastor Brian Houston 8 Pastor Brian Houston 9 Pastor Brian Houston 11

The life of Brian

The life of Brian. About to change soon.


Adelaide Roman Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson

Adelaide Roman Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson. Charged by NSW Police for concealing a pedophile.

Here is the article in yesterday’s paper about the errant Archbishop Philip Wilson.

Archbishop Philip Wilson has aspirations to be a big player in Rome like Archbishop Pell before him, who as the Archbishop of Sydney was accused of pedophilia as a young priest by two men but vehemently denied it, as they do.

Archbishop Pell to escape the heat of these allegations and other pedophile heat in the Sydney Roman priest ranks, took up a high office in Rome.

He’s now made many enemies in the Vatican in a crusade to clean up the Vatican’s finances and been accused of misusing Roman funds on a lavish lifestyle and expensive renovations to his apartments. Sound familiar.

Brian Houston and these Roman priests are spiritual and moral brothers.


ABC New on-line

Adelaide Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson has been charged with concealing child sexual abuse.

The charges relate to Hunter region paedophile priest Jim Fletcher, who worked with the Archbishop in NSW in the 1970s.

Archbishop Wilson announced in a statement he would take leave from his position after being notified of the charges filed against him by NSW Police.

The NSW Special Commission of Inquiry into the Maitland Catholic Diocese recommended that a senior church official be charged over the matter, although the report did not name the official.

NSW Police said its operation, Strike Force Lantle, launched in 2010, investigated allegations of concealment of serious offences related to child abuse by clergy “formerly and currently attached to the Maitland-Newcastle Diocese of the Catholic Church”.

They alleged that Archbishop Wilson, 64, concealed a serious offence.

He is due to appear in the Newcastle Local Court on April 30.

Archbishop Wilson is a former Bishop of Wollongong, where he was known as a “healing bishop” for his handling of child-abuse scandals.

Important day for Australia: child abuse victim

A victim of Fletcher, Peter Gogarty, said he felt overwhelming relief that a police investigation had resulted in charges against the Catholic Archbishop.

“I think it’s a very, very important day for Australia, that we’ve now had someone in such a high position charged,” Mr Gogarty said.

“I hasten to add, everyone in this country is entitled to the presumption of innocence, but…the fact that our legal system has decided to charge someone this senior is enormously significant.”


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