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A young John McMartin in 1982 when he started Inspire Church in southwest Sydney. John McMartin and Brian Houston of Hillsong are long-time close friends.

Donald Elley of Bellingen:

Pastor John McMartin is due in Liverpool court in southwest Sydney for a third time of November 23, 2021 facing a sex assault charge on an 18 year old female congregant. He is accused of grabbing her breasts and crouch area.

I presume that the 23 November court appearance will be a Directions Mention when a Hearing date will be made. A Hearing is likely to be in late 2022 or early 2023, given the courts are pretty clogged up at the moment in Sydney.

Below is an Inspire Church profile from happier days.

Inspire Church is a conglomerate of a number of churches in southwest Sydney which John and Carol McMartin built up over 40 years.

Their son Brendan and his wife Melissa are the new senior pastors of Inspire Church.

Donald Elley of Bellingen:

Some folks in Australia are getting really wound up about the vaccines…BUT

Chairman Sco Mo is just trying to protect the masses from foreign biological invaders.

Frank Houston pedophile founder of Hillsong in Sydney, Australia in 1977.

Donald Elley of Bellingen February  5, 2021

I was at Hillsong from 1981 to 1990 and from 1998 to 2000. So I am an eye-witness.

Hillsong was founded by Frank Houston, Brian Houston’s father, in Double Bay, Sydney, Australia in 1977. this was two years before Brian Houston came to Australia.

Hillsong was called Christian Life Centre (CLC) until 1995. In that year, Brian Houston renamed CLC Baulkham Hills branch in Western Sydney as Hillsong. Brian Houstpn ‘s worship leader, Geoff Bullock, coined the name “Hillsong”.

Brian Houston “preaching up a storm” at CLC Darlinghurst 1982. The Queen’s English was murdered every time. Brian got mixed up and even made up words.

In the early 1980s, Frank Houston used to talk himself up about his preaching by saying things like, “Glory, I’m on fire tonight. I’m preaching up a storm. Here, someone give me some water”. Then he’d toss the water out over the congregation.

Or he’d get up on a chair (which was in fact better cos then you could see him because he was short) and shout “all you homosexuals if you don’t repent you’ll go to Hell”.

Since Frank was a secret homosexual and pedophile, this was the apex of his ministerial hypocrisy.

Peter Laughton. Frank’s young 20 year old worship leader, was there too so that makes two homosexuals but is there any need to get up on a chair and bay at the moon for every homosexual to go to Hell? Peter Laughton and Frank Houston had a secret homosexual affair from 1980 to 1984.

Frank Houston with his young secret homosexual lover Peter Laughton. 1982. Peter was Frank’s worship leader.

Why not just say “If Peter Laughton and I don’t repent, we’re going to Hell. Everyone else take up a love offering for me while Pete and I repent in the back room”. No, that sounds bad.

The point is CLC was full of hypocrisies and eccentricities but Frank had worked out a cliche, “Love God and love people”.

“Love God and love people” is Frank’s son Brian’s saying to this day. Except Brian uses people rather than loving them and the only entity Brian loves is himself.

Hillsong was founded by a secret homosexual and pedophile, Frank Houston, who liked sex with little boys. So Hillsong was never going to be great and was always going to end up with myriad heresies.

Frank Houston with young man at early Hillsong.

Here is a list of twenty Hillsong heresies:

Hillsong Heresies:

Heresy 1: No Holy Spirit

Heresy 2: No baptism in the Holy Spirit

Heresy 3: No gifts of the Holy Spirit

Heresy 4: No movings of the Holy Spirit.

Heresy 5: No being slain in the Holy Spirit

Heresy 6: No prophesying

Heresy 7: No speaking in other tongues

Heresy 8: No healings

Heresy 9: No casting out of demons

Heresy 10: No Pentecost at all

Heresy 11: Worship of money

Heresy 12: Making Prosperity an idol

Heresy 13: Stealing from the Temple. Pastor Brian Houston, Bobbie Houston, other Houston’s skimming millions off Church Funds surreptitiously to buy Bondi Apartments and other accruements of wealth.

Heresy 14: Stealing money from the Holy of Holies. Individuals taking Royalties from Worship

Heresy 15: Selling in the Temple. Selling product in the church of Jesus Christ with kickbacks and commissions flying in all directions.

Heresy 16: Not reporting pedophiles. Self-confessed pedophile Frank, Brian’s dad.

Heresy 17: Sheltering a pedophile for five years. Again Frank, Brian’s dad

Heresy 18: Lying, deceptions and corruptions. E.g. Doing dirty deals on dirty napkins with boy victim AHA at Thornleigh McDonalds.

Heresy 19: Rejecting the poor and afflicted of the earth. Brian to the Royal Commission: “We aren’t legally or even morally liable to the boy victims of dad’s abuse”.

Heresy 20: Child sex in the Holy Place. Frank Houston abusing AHA in church offices.

How can Brian say Hillsong and the AOG and ACC aren’t liable when these offences against little boys occurred, even in Hillsong church offices?

Pastor Brain of Hillsong: “Life is an endless “birthing process”

 Geoff Bullock. Once famous Christian singer and musician. Former Head Hillsong Worship Leader.

Donald Elley of Bellingen:

In the mid 1990s, Geoff Bullock left his wife Janine and their five children. Janine is a very nice lady. I didn’t know Janine Bullock well. She seemed nice and kind.

From 1983, Geoff Bullock was Brian Houston’s lead worship leader at Hillsong branch in Baulkham Hills, Sydney.

Geoff shared about this time with me in the mid-90s at a cafe in Baulkham Hills.

Many great worship leaders and pastors have fallen in this way.

Geoff’s worship ministry never recovered. There is always a stain.

I sometimes play Geoff Bullock’s songs from before these events and republish them on this site.

I never had an argument or fall-out with Brian or his father Frank. I recognised what I was dealing with straight away and kept clear of trouble. When I left for good in 2000, it was on my terms. I left when Brian Houston took over CLC Sydney in inner city Waterloo. I knew Brian would destroy the church and drive out the Holy Spirit anointing. This happened almost immediately. Brian Houston likes a sanitised, slick, commercially-orientated version of Christianity. Hillsong type churches are called “Prosperity Gospel Churches” by theologians and Christian writers like me.

In the 1980s to 1990s, no one knew Hillsong founder Frank Houston was a secret homosexual and pedophile. Only Peter Laughton, Frank’s worship leader in the early 1980s and secret homosexual lover from 1980 to 1984.

Some others Peter Laughton shared with knew, but have never spoken out.


The only way Brian founded Hillsong is in his dreams.

Brian’s father Frank Houston founded Hillsong in Double Bay Sydney in 1977, two years before his son Brian arrived in Australia.

Author: Donald Elley of Bellingen September 14, 2021

Pastor Brian Houston’s greatest lie is that he founded Hillsong

Brian’s father Frank Houston founded Hillsong in Double Bay Sydney in 1977

Brian’s father Frank Houston founded Hillsong in Double Bay Sydney in 1977, two years before his son Brian arrived in Australia.

Brian arrives in Australia to help his dad in 1979

Brian came over from New Zealand with his young wife Bobbie two years later to help his dad Frank in 1979.

Brian founded a branch of Hillsong in Baulkham Hills, Western Sydney in 1983 with his father’s blessing and support.

Frank was head of all branches of Hillsong until 2000 when Brian deposed him when he confessed to being a lifetime secret pedophile.

Frank felt hurt by this and felt Brian had treated him badly. Strange how pedophiles think.

I was at Hillsong from 1981 until 1990 and 1998 to 2000. I know Frank and Brian Houston, the Houston family and all the players who were there in the beginning. Geoff Bullock, the Hillsong worship leader who launched Hillsong to international fame and many others. Some have long died. Jeff Beacham (musician and Hillsong preacher), Lee Hosking, Bob Harrison (poet) and Michael Driscoll (musician and poet), all long gone.

The Creation of Hillsong

I wrote an article about Brian Houston of Hillsong being a bare-faced pathological liar in February 25, 2017.

I’ve known Brian Houston since 1981 when I started attending Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst. This was the second name and second location of Hillsong.

Hillsong’s origins, by Brian Houston’s version, is that Brian founded Hillsong in 1983.

There are two reasons for this lie.

Firstly, Brian Houston and Hillsong are attempting to erase Brian’s father Frank Houston from Hillsong’s history since Frank confessed to being a lifelong secret pedophile in 1999. A form of cancel culture, rewriting of history or alternate facts.

Secondly, Brian’s great and uncontrolled ego won’t pass on credit to anyone else, even his own father.

Media could investigate Hillsong much better

All media in Australia and globally have swallowed this lie about Brian founding Hillsong, without doing any research.

I find most media and journalists lazy, self-serving and egotistical. They want to be spoon-fed then they stuff it up.

I try to help them understand Hillsong when they contact me. But they just won’t listen. It’s like a fog over their minds. I set them up with the most amazing information, then they blow it.

I’d like to find and help a globally recognised investigative journalist and/or global media who’d like to dig deep into Hillsong and expose everything. Not just the froth and celebrity stuff such as Carl Lentz. I’ve always regarded Carl Lentz as an anomaly and idiot in the Hillsong saga, A non-event.

To do a scholastic and intelligent analysis of Hillsong from its beginnings in Sydney in 1977 to its current seeming success would take a lot of time and a heavy time and financial investment.

This would be an international project on a grand scale.

Brian Houston’s greatest lie is that he founded Hillsong

Brian Houston likes to lie and say that he founded Hillsong.

The truth is that Brian Houston’s father Frank founded Hillsong in Double Bay, Sydney, Australia in 1977, two years before Brian arrived in Australia to help his dad, with his young wife Bobbie.

Young Brian

The only way Brian founded Hillsong is in his dreams.

Brian was only 23, back in New Zealand and not even a pastor, when his father Frank Houston founded Hillsong in Sydney, Australia in 1977.

Brian was born on February 17, 1954 in Auckland, New Zealand. I was born two years later on December 13, 1956.

Brian and I are New Zealanders by origin and about the same age. We came to Australia about the same time.

We grew up in different suburbs of Wellington, New Zealand’s capital. Brian in the working class Lower Hutt, where his father Frank had an Assemblies of God church, and me in the elite suburb of Khandallah, one of New Zealand’s best suburbs. My father Rev Don Elley was the Presbyterian clergy there in the 1960s to 1970s. Frank Houston was pastor of Lower Hutt AOG from the late 1950s to 1977.

Brian became a pastor at his father’s early Hillsong Church in 1982.

In 1981, Frank told me “I am reluctant to make Brian a pastor”.

I asked “Why?”

Frank said “Brian would like to be a pastor. I’m not sure he has the attributes yet…There is an immaturity, unthinkingness and then there’s Brian’s pushy nature which upsets a lot of people. He’s got much to learn”.

I was working at the church as a builder doing renovations and new builds. I was working closely with Frank, building his dreams and ideas.

One idea I had was to convert the whole east wall of the auditorium into large wooden louvres which could open and close for ventilation and crowd overflow. We couldn’t afford a big air-conditioning install. It got really hot and stuffy in the church in summer months.

There was a natural breeze most days from the ocean winds from the east. So I designed a bespoke system. It’s not like reinventing the wheel but thinking back it was tricky. Dave Sayers was my assistant. Dave is technically minded so we figured it all out and built Frank’s dream.

I came up with the idea. Frank liked my idea and said he’d seen that type of louvre system in churches in the heat and humidity of Pacific Islands.

In this context of working for two years in the church as a builder, I had many conversations with Frank. We’re both New Zealanders and my father was a leading pastor like Frank, so we had a lot of synergy. Shame Frank turned out to be a pedophile. There were things to like about Frank. He could be very funny for example.

One of Frank’s party tricks was his little trampoline. He had a little trampoline in his office and would jump up and down on it like a little monkey. Frank was a small, lean and wiry man. I don’t know where Brian got his height and bulk from. Maybe his height from his mother’s side and his bulk from too much of the good-life.

Frank was quirky and funny. He had this thing about the magical qualities of Queen Bee pollen. He used to eat that expensive health delicacy and extol its virtues to the congregation at early Hillsong in the 1980s.

Frank always had plenty of cash and coin in his wallet. Another of his party tricks was to call kids to the front and give them money. Sometimes just a few dollars. Sometimes bank notes. Sometimes even AUD fifty dollars. (USD fifty dollars in those days). Fifty dollars was a days wage for an average worker then.

Brian tries to be funny but his father was the master. Frank generally spoke gently and was gentle and polite in conversation. Frank was very astute and worldly-wise but not well-educated. He was a dry-cleaning delivery man in the 1950s after he was removed by the Salvation Army for sexually abusing boys. This was back in New Zealand in the 1940s. I only found out for sure recently this was the reason the Salvos kicked Frank out.

Frank Houston, Salvation Army captain 1940s.

The Hillsong name

All Christian Life Centre branches were renamed Hillsong in 2000 after Frank deposed his father when Frank confessed to a lifetime of secret child sexual abuse.

Hillsong branches have had many different names. This is typical of Australian Assemblies of God churches to this day. It’s hard to follow for the uninitiated.

The first name of Hillsong was Eastern Suburbs Christian Life Centre

The first name of Hillsong was Eastern Suburbs Christian Life Centre.

Here is an advertisement for Hillsong’s first meeting.

The Sydney Morning Herald-Sat-16 July 1977

The pastor was “Rev Frank Houston”.

Brian is not mentioned anywhere in this advertisement.

This is because Brian and his wife Bobbie lived in Auckland, New Zealand in those days in the 1970s.

The second name of Hillsong was Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst

In 1981, Hillsong relocated from Sherbrooke Hall in Double Bay, a building owned by Woollahra Council, to the Koala Motor Inn in Darlinghurst. The Koala Motor Inn was located adjacent the Greyhound bus depot on the corner of Oxford Street and Goulburn Street.

Hillsong met in the function room of the Koala Motor Inn for about six months while the church was fitting out a large space in a building adjacent. This was on the ground floor of a building on the corner of Goulburn Street and Riley Street, 200 Goulburn Street.

Below is a photograph of young people at CLC Darlinghurst (Early Hillsong). These are Hillsong inner city young people in 1983 at a wedding. I am second left in the back row.

I was the regional leader (lay pastor) of a lot of these young people and many more, totalling 150. Hillsong numbered about 1200 by 1983. About 8000 overall with all the branches by 1990.

CLC Darlinghurst – Early Hillsong. Inner city young people 1983. I am second left in the back row.

The third name of Hillsong was Christian Life Centre Sydney

The third name of Hillsong was Christian Life Centre Sydney.

Frank Houston is listed on the church weekly newsletter below as “Senior Pastor”. His son Brian is listed as “Associate Pastor”. This newsletter is from 1983.

Ian Carlisle, Frank’s son-in-law was Associate Pastor before Brian until 1982.

You can see all the branches in the above early Hillsong church newsletter.

The various branches of early Hillsong are stated as Associated Churches. Bathurst, Baulkham Hills led by Brian, Bellingen where I live, Bomaderry, Blaxland, Grafton, Liverpool founded by John McMartin who is up next month in Liverpool Local Magistrates Court on a police charge of groping a young female congregant (on her breasts and crouch). Mullumbinby where Les Hansen founded a church amongst the hippies. Les was later caught out molesting children. And Terrigal.

These “Associated Churches” were all branches of early Hillsong reporting to Frank Houston and part of the Australian AOG.

The headquarters was in Darlinghurst, Sydney from 1981.

Frank was stationed there along with his team of mainly young pastors. Many were aged in their 20s. All were male. Frank liked to surround himself with males and boys.

The pastors at early Hillsong (CLC Sydney) in the 1980s were Gary Canham, Sean Stanton, Paul de Jong, John Mondel, Jeff Beacham, Frank’s worship leader Peter Laughton, who was having a secret homosexual affair with Frank from 1980 to 1984, David Johnston a highly talented violinist and choir master who Frank brought over from Los Angeles. Frank met David there. Ian Carlisle, married to Frank’s daughter Maureen, Jonathan Wilson, Terry Appel a brick-layer, Geoff Bullock, Trevor King. Later Robert Fergusson and Tony Venn Brown.

Pat Mesiti wasn’t at early Hillsong in Darlinghurst. Pat attended Brian’s branch at Baulkham Hills and became a pastor there.

Geoff Bullock went with Brian when Brian started that branch in 1983.

We used to use the terms, “planting a new church”, “breaking new ground for the Lord” and “pioneering for God”.

Brian was only in control of Baulkham Hill’s branch.

At that time in the 1980s, Brian reported to Frank and as Brian has written in his book ‘Live Love Lead’, they had weekly lunches together in Sydney’s CBD. Very corporate.

In this way, Frank was able to mentor Brian, and Brian could bounce off his ideas and problems off his dad and his lead pastor.

The name of Hillsong was not used until 1995

Geoff Bullock, Hillsong worship leader from the 1980s to 1995, coined the name Hillsong in the 1990s.

Geoff combined “Hills” because Hillsong’s Western Sydney branch is in “The Hills District” of Sydney, and “Song”, for “Song of the Lord” to arrive at the name “Hillsong”.

Geoff accompanied Brian in 1983 when a group of 90 early Hillsong congregants from Darlinghurst headquarters church were commissioned by Frank to found a branch in Western Sydney.

That branch was called Christian Life Centre Baulkham Hills. It met first in Greystanes Public School, then later that year in Baulkham Hills Public School. Later in the 1990s they converted a warehouse into a church in Baulkham Hills. This is at the time this world-wide trend of Pentecostal churches using converted warehouses started.

In the mid 1990s, the current large Hillsong church was constructed in Norwest Business Park, Baulkham Hills.

Brian has led and created the worldwide success of Hillsong

There is no question that Brian has led and created the worldwide success of Hillsong.

Sure, talented worship leaders and songsters such as Geoff Bullock and Darlene Zschech have helped Brian. But it is Brian who has been at the forefront and Brian who has lapped up the success and adulation.

Brian with American Prosperity Gospel pastors in America 1990s

Brian Houston thinks he is the greatest Christian pastor on the planet

Brian Houston thinks he is the greatest Christian pastor on the planet. Brian genuinely believes this.

At least until he got charged with pedophile protection crimes on Thursday 5 August 2021 he thought that.

It’s probable that Brian is currently assessing his greatness and a lot of other things at present.

It is a miracle that Brian became a pastor

It is a miracle that Brian became a pastor. Not a miracle of God, but a miracle of The Devil. The harm Brian Houston has done to the Christian Church, and to all humanity on this fair earth is incalculable.

I have seen in my lifetime of 64 years the founding, growth and unravelling of Hillsong.

The Hillsong Cult

In 2018, Brian pulled Hillsong out of the Australian and Global Assemblies of God.

Hillsong is now a separate autonomous denomination.

This move out was because Hillsong was getting heavily criticised by international AOG lead pastors, other Pentecostal world leaders and Christian commentators for Hillsong’s gay-tolerant policies, its Prosperity Gospel and for other Hillsong heresies, too many to mention.

At Hillsong London and New York City, the pastors there, Gary Clarke at Hillsong London, and co-lead pastors Carl Lentz and Brian’s eldest son and anointed successor Joel Houston at Hillsong NYC, were welcoming unrepentant gays into their midst in throngs.

There are even gay choir leaders. Josh Canfield, an open gay, first led the choir at Hillsong London then at Hillsong NYC from 2010 to 2019.

Hillsong will remain as its own Christian denomination. A Christian cult of the Houston’s creation, destined for the dust-bin of history. A Pyramid Prosperity Gospel cult created first by Frank Houston, then his son Brian. Dynastic and highly dangerous.

Joel Houston is in line to succeed his father Brian.

The influence of Brian’s lifelong partner Bobbie Houston should not be underestimated. And Joel is a favourite of Bobbie’s. Bobbie adores Joel.

The Houston children Joel, Ben and Laura are spoilt rotten, arrogant like Brian and Bobbie, narcissistic like both parents and very entitled.

Hillsong will be ossified as a cult just like the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Christian Scientists, Christadelphians, and just like the myriad cults that The Devil has created since the Time of Christ.

The Hillsong Cult

Hillsong was founded by a pedophile

Brian’s father, Frank Houston, with young man at early Hillsong sneaking in a little homo hug. Pastor Frank Houston founder of Hillsong was a  personification of evil. Frank Houston was a lifelong secret pedophile and secret homosexual.

Hillsong was founded by a lifelong secret homosexual and pedophile, Frank Houston, Brian’s father.

These are the roots and origin of Hillsong.

Donald Elley of Bellingen:

Geoff Bullock was anointed by God as a worship leader in the early 80s. Geoff wrote a large number of Christian worship songs, mainly in the 1980s to 1990s.

Geoff Bullock. Once famous Christian singer and musician. Former Head Hillsong Worship Leader in the 1980s to 1990s.

I know Geoff. We were at early Hillsong in Darlinghurst, Sydney together with a thousand or more other young people. Brian Houston was there. I knew Brian from 1981 before he was a pastor. Bobbie was there too.

I haven’t seen Geoff since 1995. In 1995, Geoff shared with me about leaving Hillsong, his failed marriage and a new woman, who he married.

I feel empathy for Geoff. He’s openly spoken of his mental health struggles. Geoff is a very sensitive man.

Please pray for Geoff.

Geoff ran into a brick wall with Brian Houston in 1995. Brian is a rude bully at times and treated Geoff poorly.

Brian Houston preaching the Prosperity Gospel 1990s

The Houstons always think they’re in the right.

Brian’s dad Frank was like that. Yes, Frank was a lifelong secret pedophile and homosexual, raping little boys. But Frank was also a bully like Brian. Unlike Brian, Frank was a fairly gentle man in person. I knew him well. I went on a couple pf ministry trips with him and worked in the church for almost two years doing building works. But Frank could turn on people, leaders, whoever, viciously. I never felt Frank’s wrath or Brian’s. I knew how to handle Frank and Brian.

Brian had little power at early Hillsong. Brian gained his power when he did his own thing in Western Sydney in 1983.

Frank Houston with young man at early Hillsong.

Geoff Bullock coined the name “Hillsong”. “Hills” for the Hills District in Western Sydney, comprising Baulkham Hills, Castle Hills and other suburbs in that hilly areas of Western Sydney. The church was located there. The first location was Greystanes Public School. Then Baulkham Hills Public School. Then a converted warehouse in a Baulkham Hills industrial estate and then a big new building in Norwest Estate, where it still is. This was built in the late 90s.

I used to do building works in these areas. I visited these Hillsong sites at times. I saw the big building in construction and the former warehouse being fitted out.

I knew Brian’s building adviser Ted Cheetham. Ted was Building Manager at BAT (British American Tobacco) in Pagewood, near Sydney International Airport. I did BAT’s building works from the late 80s to the 2000s. They sold their large complex to Meriton. Meriton have built lots of high-rise apartments there.

Ted Cheetham is a really humble man. Brian did him over like Geoff. Ted Cheetham gave everything to Brian. Ted got Hillsong’s DAs and advised on all building matters. All voluntarily.

Ted Cheetham was a senior Hillsong home group leader at Hillsong Baulkham Hills in the 1980s to 1990s.

Ted told me that he was concerned that Brian and Hillsong had become too money-focused. That Hillsong was failing in pastoral care and care of its people.

Ted expressed his concerns to Brian.

Brian said, “Well, Ted, you can meet me and the elders and voice your concerns”.

So Ted came before Brian and the assembled Hillsong elders. Ted outlined his heart-felt and loving concerns.

Brian said he felt there was no problem and that Ted had “a critical spirit”. 

The elders each replied in support of Brian.

Brian said to Ted, “All the elders and me think there’s nothing wrong with our love and pastoral care at Hillsong. The problem is with you and your attitude Ted.”

This is typical Houston and Brian-speak.

Look at the way Brian handled the recent Carl Lentz scandal. Brian had been “over” Carl for a long-time. When Carl stumbled, Brian pounced, got rid of him and piled all the blame on Carl. This is the way Brian operates. Brian Houston’s “love” is very selective.

What if it was Brian’s son Joel, co-head pastor of Hillsong New York City, had sinned in his marriage? Would Brian have treated his son Joel like Carl.

Brian forgot the words “restoration” and “love” in dealing with Carl.