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70s British comedy at its best. Funny, sophisticated and stylish.


Phil Pringle pseudo saviour of mankind dressed in holy white and telling the world about his gold laden and diamond-studded jet-seeding highly indulgent rock star Prosperiy Gospel jesus.


The article below was written by me, Donald Elley, and published on this site on 11 September 2016.


Blog article 11 September 2016

This article is the second in a series about “Doctor Phil” Pringle the head pastor of C3 Global Church and other aspects of C3.


C3 Global Church headquarters

C3 Global Church church has its headquarters in the northern Sydney suburb of Oxford Falls about 30 minutes north of Sydney’s Central Business District when there is light traffic, which is not very often these days in Sydney.

It now has over 500 churches world-wide under it’s umbrella.

C3 was founded by Phil Pringle and his wife, Chris, in Sydney, Australia, in 1980.


Attending C3 church

In 1996 I started attending C3 Oxford Falls.

C3 Oxford Falls numbered about 3000 in those days. I’m not up with current numbers but they’ve built a larger main church building since then so I assume the numbers are about 5000.


What was C3 Oxford Falls like in 1996?

The style was quite lay-back then and there was a good Holy Spirit anointing. They had an active home bible study system going meeting in homes throughout northern Sydney on a week-night.

I attended one in Neutral Bay and the leaders were nice people and the congregants friendly.


Prayer meeting

There was a church prayer meeting each Tuesday night from 6-7pm. About thirty people attended. It was an unusual prayer meeting in that there was little corporate prayer and everyone wandered about the auditorium praying alone.


Children’s ministry

There was a busy and happy children’s ministry. My children seemed to like it.


Impressions of Phil Pringle and the pastors in the late 1990s

Phil Pringle has always had a giant-sized ego however he has made some great things happen. I think he was Ok in those days. He had a lot of faith. The leaders around him like Simon McIntyre, Greg French and Mark Kelsey seemed like nice people.

I got to know Simon a bit.

There was a really nice friendly younger pastor there Paul Bucknell. He was very kind to me and was my pastor for a year or so. Then he went to Los Angeles to help out with a C3 church there.



“We’ve got to try to live as brothers…we gotta help each man o be a better man…Yes we can, yew we can can…”


Washington protestors being more sensible.