Donald Elley of Bellingen:

If you’d like to feel closer to the Lord, listen to the beautiful, gentle, God-honouring worship songs and hymns I’ve posted today and seek Him.

Sit or lie quietly somewhere, or walk before Him- whatever works for you. And listen to the beautiful, gentle Holy Spirit inspired music.

Please note the contrast between this music and the hollow clamour of Hillsong and other modern “Christian” music that is more like a rock-show or even club music, than beautiful genuine Christian worship. This Hillsong-type music is soul-power, and not Holy Spirit music.

As you seek the Holy Spirit of Jesus in worship and prayer, you’ll find Him.

You can’t expect to find the Lord and His Presence if you’re sinning or living in sin. For example, adultery.

But if you genuinely want to escape from sinning or living in sin, no matter the gravity of the situation, you can go to Him in prayer and get answers to resolve the situation and get out of it. You have to be desperate to get the answers.

And to be so sick of sin and its darkness that it is your priority to get out of it.

Most modern Pentecostal churches tolerate and excuse sin in a way that wasn’t the case decades ago and before. Rather than look to these compromised churches and their heretical pastors and teachers, we ought look to the New Testament, and the teachings of Christ and the Apostles.

Peace be with you, the Holy Spirit’s peace, as you seek the Father through His Son Jesus for yourself.