Prince Andrew: “I have a medical problem and I don’t sweat”.

FBI: “Tell us the truth or you’ll go to a US jail for a long time”.

Prince Andrew: “You’ve got me sweating now”.


Senior Australian ACC pastor John Lewis, who protected founder of Hillsong pedophile Frank Houston from the Australia police.


Pastor John Lewis, Senior Australian ACC/ AOG pastor who protected founder of Hillsong pedophile Frank Houston from the Australian police, has been struck down by cancer and is dying.

I have been writing on this, my personal blog-site, about Brian Houston and his top Hillsong leaders and Australian ACC/ AOG ministerial colleagues protecting Brian’s father Frank from the Australian police since 2014.

In 2014, the Australian Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse examined Hillsong and the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) for their protection of the lifelong secret pedophile pastor Frank Houston.

Frank Houston, a New Zealander by origin, moved to Sydney, Australia and founded Hillsong in 1977.

Frank’s son Brian arrived in Australia from New Zealand two years later in 1979.

I’ve been writing since 2014 that Brian Houston, current Hillsong head pastor, and twelve other ACC and Hillsong top leaders should be charged with pedophile protection crimes. These leaders include John Lewis.

It looks like John Lewis will deprive the boy and teen victims of Frank Houston justice by dying.

Here is a letter from the ACC National Office advising of John Lewis’ health situation.

Pastor John Lewis of Townsville, Queensland. Former ACC Executive member. Wrote the report for the Australian AOG and found Frank Houston was a lifelong pedophile.  John didn’t report Frank to the Australian police. Instead John helped Brian Houston shelter Frank from the Australian police and authorities for five years until Frank died in November 2004. By not reporting Frank to police John Lewis deprived hundreds of boy victims of Frank Houston of justice.


Pastor John Lewis spent a lot of his ministry in Townsville, Queensland. He is a former ACC Executive member.

In 1999, at the time Frank Houston was exposed as a lifelong secret pedophile, Brian Houston was head of the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG). This organisation was renamed and re-incorporated the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) in 2009.

In 2014, the Australian Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse accused Brian Houston of renaming and reincorporating the Australian AOG as the ACC to avoid paying compensation to child sex abuse victims of his father.


Brian Houston renamed and reincorporated the Australian AOG as the ACC to avoid paying compensation to child sex abuse victims of his father.


Brian Houston of Hillsong: “I’d rather Australian police arrest me for pedophile protection crimes at my home in Glenhaven, Sydney than at Sydney Airport or Hillsong headquarters in Baulkham Hills”


In 1999, Brian Houston appointed his close friend and fellow Australian AOG Executive member John Lewis to investigate multiple child molestation allegations against his father Frank.

John Lewis confirmed there are many boy and teen victims of Frank Houston.

After a two year investigation, John Lewis wrote a report and presented it to the Australian AOG Executive.

If anyone has a copy of this report I’d appreciate you sending me a copy. You can contact me by making a comment in the comments section at the bottom of any article on this site. If you do this, I can see your email address.

On receipt of this report on his father Frank, Brian sacked Frank and said he’d never minister again. Brian, John Lewis and the top leaders of Hillsong and the Australian AOG didn’t hand over Frank Houston to the NSW Police. Secretly, Brian and top ACC/AOG leaders allowed Frank to continue preaching and praying for people until his death. Instead of handing Frank over to police, they secreted him away from Sydney and tried to rehabilitate him and restore him to Christian ministry.

John Lewis and other top Hillsong and ACC leaders colluded with Brian to shelter and protect Frank from the Australian police and authorities for five years until Frank died in November 2004.

By doing this they deprived the many boy and teen victims of Frank Houston of justice.


Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong: “Hey if any ACC pastor sins, I as the Pope of Pentecost worldwide have the ability and anointing to forgive them of their sins. This includes pedophilia and pedophile protection. As for John Lewis, I feel very sorry for John Lewis who is dying from cancer. John is my close friend and fellow conspirator in many secret Australian AOG and ACC crimes over many decades. However, being a Money Pentecostal Pope, I have no power to heal John. Instead I’ll pay for his funeral and wake. It’s going to be a ripper. John’s family should dial into Hillsong on 1300MONEY and we’ll put on a massive Hillsong Hallelujah wake party. I don’t understand why so many of my co-conspirators have died or are dying from cancer. These include former Australian AOG Executive members Pastors David Cartledge and Ian Wood. And my dear friends and co-conspirators Danny Guglielmucci and John Lewis are both slowly dying from cancer. I wonder if I. The Great Brian Houston of Hillsong, the greatest pastor on this fair earth, will slowly die from cancer too?”

John Lewis 2

The leaders of Hillsong and The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) movement that should be charged with pedophile protection crimes:

These are the leaders of Hillsong and the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) movement that should be charged with pedophile protection crimes for protecting the pedophile Frank Houston from the Police, a Court case and going to jail.

The relevant NSW Legislation is the CHILDREN AND YOUNG PERSONS (CARE AND PROTECTION) ACT 1998 – SECT 23.

The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) is the new name for the Australian Assemblies of God (AoG) since Brian Houston renamed it in 2007.

The crimes are firstly that Frank Houston was not reported to the Police in 1999, when all the leaders of Hillsong and the Australian Christian Churches movement were made aware of serious pedophile crimes committed over decades by Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong, and secondly that they colluded in sheltering the pedophile Frank Houston from the NSW Police for five years from 1999 to November 2004, when he died.

The following twelve men and one woman Bobbie Houston should all be charged with these crimes under NSW Law.

These leaders who should be charged:

Pastor Brian Houston the current Co-Head Pastor of Hillsong International (with his wife Bobbie).

Pastor Bobbie Houston, the Co-Head Pastor of Hillsong International, with her husband Brian.

George Aghajanian, the long-time Hillsong Business Manager.

Nabi Saleh, former owner of Gloria Jean Coffee and long time Hillsong elder.

Pastor Keith Ainge, the General Secretary of the Assemblies of God (AoG) at the time of the crimes.

Pastor John McMartin, the long-time NSW AoG/ ACC President. On the Australian National AoG Executive.

Pastor John Lewis, an Australian AoG Executive member at the time of these crimes. John Lewis has been very quiet about these matters.

Pastor Wayne Alcorn, an Australian AoG Executive member and long-time Houston supporter.

Pastor Joel A’Bell. Hillsong Australia Head Pastor. Long-time Hillsong pastor since the 1990s.

Dr Gordon Lee, Frank Houston’s personal doctor and a long-standing Hillsong leader. Dr Gordon Lee is currently a Hillsong elder.

Pastor Robert Fergusson, the most long-standing Hillsong pastor after Bobbie and Brian Houston.

Dr Jo Thomas, a long-standing Hillsong leader. Dr Jo Thomas is currently a Hillsong elder.

Pastor Ian Wood, who sheltered Frank Houston at Hawkesbury AoG (known as Hawkesbury Christian Centre) from 2000 for a few years until Frank Houston’s health began to fail.

Ian Wood colluded with Brian Houston and the other AoG and Hillsong leaders in sheltering Frank Houston from the NSW Police in a location far away from the Hillsong limelight, difficult savvy questions and prying questioning Sydney eyes.

How Pastor John Lewis failed to report the pedophile he confirmed existed.

I’m now going to outline specifically why John Lewis, the long-time former Queensland State President, and a former member of the Australian AoG National Executive, should also be charged with pedophile protection crimes.

Pastor John Lewis worked very closely with Brian and Bobbie Houston in investigating whether Brian’s father Frank Houston was guilty of pedophile crimes. John Lewis is a very senior and highly respected Assemblies of God pastor. He was on the Australian National AoG Executive at the time of the pedophile protection offences.

Due to his respect for, and his seniority, Brian Houston appointed John Lewis to investigate allegations of Frank Houston’s pedophilia.

Once John Lewis ascertained that Frank Houston was a pedophile he filed a Report. This Report led to Brian banning his old pedophile dad from ministering. A ban Frank Houston largely ignored.

Despite unearthing and establishing the fact beyond doubt that Frank Houston was a pedophile, John Lewis didn’t report Frank Houston to the Police.

Therefore John Lewis is very culpable for the crime of not reporting and concealing a pedophile.

Nexus Church Everton Park, Brisbane, Queensland

Pastor John Lewis was Head Pastor of Nexus Church in the Brisbane suburb of Everton Park from 1976 to 2006, when he semi-retired. This church was formerly called Northside Christian Church.

John Lewis recently returned to be pastor of Nexus Church, after Murray Averill, the previous pastor, and a close friend of Brian Houston, was sacked.

Nexus Church website:

“Our Story

Nexus Church began as an outreach ministry in the Stafford area in 1952. The Church moved to its present location in 1976 with just 80 people. Pastor John Lewis became the Senior Pastor and led the church with great success until his semi-retirement at the end of 2006”.

Life Church Townsville

After 30 years pastoring at Nexus Church, Brisbane John Lewis moved to base himself at Life Church Townsville.

Life Church Townsville website. An Australian Christian Churches church.

“Pastor John Lewis has been married to his wife Val for 48 years.

They were the Senior Pastors of Northside Christian Church in Brisbane for 31 years, and he is now involved in itinerate ministry.

He has preached in over 38 countries and has planted 10 churches in Australia and many more in foreign countries.

Presently he serves part time in with the Australian Christian Churches (ACC) in the State of Qld. and Northern Territory as “The Pastoral Care Officer” and as a Church Consult in the areas of caring, encouraging and equipping Pastors to go to the next level in their ministry.

He has a number of Mentoring groups of Pastors that come to his home and he is working with the National Executive to assist our Pastors in Transitioning a path to Succession Planning & is now heading up the Pastors Emeritus in honoring those pastors who have given so much for the movement in years gone by”.

Pastor John Lewis relocated to Life Church Townsville. A semi retirement location.

John Lewis is getting older and now is doing a less demanding, more senior, or AOG elder role, mentoring younger pastors and giving advice across the board.

Held in high regard in ACC/AoG circles

John Lewis is held in very high regard in ACC/ AOG circles.

Here is a Life Church Charnwood, ACT, website advertising a visit from John Lewis:

“Next Sunday, 27th July, we are thrilled to welcome Ps. John Lewis from Queensland.

Pastor John has served in full-time ministry for over 45 years, having pastored a large church in Brisbane for over 30 years.

As well as serving as a State President and Executive Member of the AOG for many years, he is a humorous and brilliant communicator with years of experience, wisdom and integrity.

He is one of our nation’s legends and we know you will love him.

Pastor John will be speaking at our Team Life on the Monday night, so don’t miss him”.

I heard John Lewis preach in the 1980s.

I heard John Lewis preach in the early 1980s at Christian Life Centre (CLC), Darlinghurst, the first name for Hillsong.

John was a very funny and yet direct preacher. One of the funniest preachers I’ve ever heard.

John preached at a CLC church camp at Merroo I attended in 1985.

The Merroo Conference Centre is near Windsor. He was there at Frank Houston’s invitation.

John Lewis failed in his duty to report Frank Houston to the Police once he knew for certain he was a pedophile.

John Lewis should be charged with pedophile protection crimes.

Once he conducted the two year investigation in 2000-2001 and established with certainty that Frank Houston was a lifelong pedophile, he should have immediately reported Frank Houston to the NSW Police.

The boy victims

How do the boy victims feel about John Lewis, who deprived them of Justice by not reporting and for sheltering and concealing a pedophile?

Lets put it this way. ANZ1’s brother Aaron felt like slaying Frank Houston after his brother ANZ1 suicided because of Frank Houston’s abuse.

Feelings can run strong about pedophile abuse, and the sheltering of pedophiles.

John Lewis did great wrong

John Lewis should be charged with pedophile protection crimes. How badly the boy victims must feel about being deprived of Justice.

By not reporting the evil criminal pedophile Frank Houston to the Police, John Lewis did great wrong.

John Lewis should be charged by the NSW Police along with the others at Hillsong and the ACC with not reporting and of concealing a pedophile.

John Lewis deserves to be charged. After all he did a two year investigation of Frank Houston’s alleged pedophilia. After what he learnt, John Lewis recommended Frank Houston be banned for life from ever being a pastor again.

John Lewis’ Report has never been made public. If anyone has a copy I’d like to read it.

The is typical of the Australian and New Zealand Assemblies of God. Cover-ups of pedophilia, no transparency with pedophile investigations. Protecting their own. They’re no better than the Church of Rome.

The instant John Lewis was certain Frank Houston was a pedophile he should have reported him to the NSW Police.

Band of brothers

The thing about these Hillsong and Australian Christian Churches (ACC) pastors is that they’re a bad as the Police or Army can be in the way they stick together like a band of brothers. Truth and honesty can become a thing of convenience when one of their own errs or falls.

The Australian Hillsong and AOG/ ACC leaders regard it as their God-given duty to protect each other and protect their organisation, at the expense of honesty, integrity and truth.

By failing to report the evil criminal Frank Houston to the NSW Police, John Lewis betrayed the boy victims, and he betrayed himself and his own integrity as a father, as a member of the Australian community, and most of all, as a Christian pastor.

John Lewis 11

Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong – a lifelong secret child sex abuser – with his son Brian – the current head “pastor” of Hillsong – not a real pastor – both wolf pastors

Pastor Keith Ainge- Frank Houston lover and protected that pedophile Frank Houston founder of Hillsong – now head of child protection at Hillsong Headquarters in Baulkham Hills, Sydney, Australia.

“Wayne Hughes and other executive members indicated that rumours have been circulating in New Zealand for at least three years, in relation to Frank having improper dealings with young boys in excess of 30 years ago. A total of six specific allegations have been investigated by the New Zealand executive relating to improper touching of genitals. The New Zealand Executive believe that the allegations are substantial and they have no reason to doubt them”

Article below

The above-mentioned Wayne Hughes, Superintendent (head) of the New Zealand Assemblies of God (AOG) from 1986 to 2003 was later found out to be a pedophile and forced to resign from AOG ministry.

From 1965 to 2003, three pedophiles led the New Zealand AOG. These were:

  1. The pedophile Frank Houston 1965 to 1977, who sexually abused hundreds of little boys and some male teens, and fled to Australia from the New Zealand police in 1977.
  2. The pedophile Jim Williams 1977 to 1985, who sexually abused Caroline Andrews in Heathcote, Victoria and three friends-all aged 12 in the 1960s. All have suffered greatly from this sexual abuse their whole lives. One was institutionalised.
  3. The pedophile Wayne Hughes 1985 to 2003, who sexually abused a teen and was forced to resign from AOG ministry permanently.

Assemblies of God in New Zealand – Wikipedia extract

8 W F (Frank) Houston Dec 1965 June 1977 10 years
9 S J (Jim) Williams 8 Oct 1977 1985 8 years
10 R W (Wayne) Hughes 1985 Feb 2003 16 years


Report on trip of John Lewis and Keith Ainge to New Zealand and Sydney, 28th 29th November 2000.


“Meeting with New Zealand Executive

John Lewis and Keith Ainge flew to New Zealand at the request of the National Executive of the Assemblies of God in Australia and met with the New Zealand Executive. The purpose of the meeting was to:

  1. Ascertain details of accusations that have been made against Frank Houston
  2. Share the proposed action of the Australian Executive
  3. Determine ways in which the two executives can take a common position,

The New Zealand Executive was very welcoming and obviously appreciated the opportunity to work together.

Wayne Hughes and other executive members indicated that rumours have been circulating in New Zealand for at least three years, in relation to Frank having improper dealings with young boys in excess of 30 years ago. A total of six specific allegations have been investigated by the New Zealand executive relating to improper touching of genitals. The New Zealand Executive believe that the allegations are substantial and they have no reason to doubt them. At this stage, all of the complainants appear to want to avoid publicity and trouble but they do want justice to be done. The New Zealand Executive has already apologised, on it’s own behalf, to a number of the complainants.

Following the report from various New Zealand Executive members, John Lewis outlined the actions of the Australian Executive, both in December 1999 and following the recent allegations. He explained that Frank’s credential has been withdrawn for the last 12 months and that it is the intention of the Australian Executive that his credential never be reissued if any of the current allegations are found to be substantive. He also explained that Frank would never be allowed to minister again. The New Zealand Executive expressed that they considered this action to be appropriate.

There was discussion about the appropriateness of making a public statement in relation to the action of our executive. From discussion around the room it became obvious that at least 50 pastors in New Zealand are aware of the allegations. This includes a group of thirty who were discussing the matter on a recent boat trip. John Lewis stressed that the Australian Executive preferred not to publish a statement unless Frank failed to comply with our requirement to abstain from all ministry or unless rumours became so bad that it was considered in the best interests of all concerned. The New Zealand executive agreed with this approach.

It was agreed that a statement does need to be prepared for sharing individually with people who have heard of the allegations.

John Lewis and Keith Ainge outlined a draft statement that they had prepared and after some discussion and minor changes it was agreed that a joint statement from the Australian and New Zealand Executives would be a positive move. A statement was agreed with the New Zealand executive but they understand that it requires the endorsement of the Australian Executive before it is final. It was agreed that when a statement is finalised, it will not be published, or used in any other way than to answer genuine enquiries, by either executive without first consulting with the other.

Meeting with Frank Houston

On our return to Sydney, John Lewis and Keith Ainge met with Robert Fergusson and Jonathon Wilson, before a meeting with Frank and Hazel Houston. Hazel had requested that their family doctor (an elder of the church) attend the meeting and we requested Robert Fergusson to attend also.

Frank and Hazel were very hospitable and, given the circumstances, the meeting was very amicable. John Lewis outlined details of the accusations and the course of action that has been determined by the executive. Frank was asked to respond to four allegations including two from one family. In the case of the other two allegations, the complainants are not prepared to release their names at this time.”

Robert Fergusson Hillsong Pedophile Protecting Preacher and Teacher. Long-time Hillsong Senior Pastor and Elder.

Jonathan Wilson – now pastoring in California

My comment:

The “family doctor” was Dr Gordon Lee of Hurstville, Sydney, Frank Houston’s long-term doctor, a Hillsong elder and one of his enablers.

Dr Gordon Lee. Hillsong elder and his Bexley Medical Centre staff.

Donald Elley of Bellingen:

The article below was written by me and published on this site on 8 December 2017.

Pastor John Lewis, a senior Assemblies of God (AOG) pastor is now the pastor of Nexus Church in Brisbane, Australia. The AOG is called ACC or Australian Christian Churches in Australia.

John Lewis is a corrupt ACC pastor who colluded with “Pastor” Brian Houston, Hillsong head pastor, to protect Brian’s pedophile father Frank Houston from the police and authorities from 1999 to 2004 – Pastor John Lewis – a pedophile protector of note.

Rev William Francis “Frank” Houston.  Founder of Hillsong Church. Over 400 boy sex abuse victims of Frank Houston. Self-confessed pedophile. Confessed to lifelong secret child sexual abuse of little boys, male preteens and male teenagers. But mainly little boys aged 7 to 11. Frank Houston – The worst Pentecostal pastor since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. A Son of Lucifer. Frank Houston’s eyes are black like Lucifer’s.

“Pastor” John Lewis of Townsville, Queensland. Former ACC Executive member. Wrote the report for the Australian AOG and found Frank Houston was a lifelong pedophile then didn’t report it to the NSW Police and helped shelter him from the Police and Authorities for five years.

“Pastor” John Lewis of Townsville, Queensland. Former ACC Executive member.

John Lewis wrote the report for the Australian AOG and found Frank Houston was a lifelong pedophile. Then he didn’t report this to the NSW Police.

Rather John Lewis helped shelter him from the Police and Authorities for five years.

Brian Houston, John Lewis and there top ACC and top Hillsong leaders deprived the many boy victims of justice.

John Lewis has remained silent and never made a stand against Frank or Brian Houston.

The ACC leaders are a boys club who look after their own – the ACC mafia – totally corrupt.

NSW police are soon to charge a group of these corrupt “men of God” with pedophile protection crimes, which carry a seven year maximum prison sentence.

Brian Houston is likely to be sentenced to at least two years in jail.

John Lewis is likely to get sentenced to some prison time too.


Article from 8 December 2017 on this site:

A reader made this comment on this, my personal blog-site, today.

I know nothing of Murray Averill, his father Lloyd or Nexus Church.

If you can enlighten me and my readers further, please could you provide feedback in the comments box at the bottom of any article on this site

Readers comment of today:

“Here’s a scoop for you Don. Pastor Murray Averill (Nexus Church, Everton Park, Brisbane -formerly Northside Christian Church) has been sacked by the church. Last Sunday was his final service. He was sacked for being a bully, autocratic, and he appears to have upset the wrong people for too long. The church recently offered Murray the role of pastor with no administrative powers, but he refused. He wants the power. He was a bully and tyrant both as the principal of the school (Northside Christian College) and the church. He is “best buddies” with Brian Houston (best men at each others weddings), so naturally Brian stepped in to try to help save the job, to no avail. Murray is the son of the equally power hungry and corrupt Lloyd Averill.
I would prefer my name etc be kept from this, these people are dangerous, I have experienced their corrupt nasty tactics in the past, and have no energy to deal with their campaign to crush “the little people”. But thanks to sites like yours we have a voice.”




POPE BRAIN HOUSTON OF HELL666$$$ONG: “My son Ben is so blessed to have my body.”


Ben Houston



Brian Houston
Ben bringing up Blaze in the way he should go! Ben’s so blessed to have my body too.

3:20 AM · Aug 7, 2020Instagram


“Pastor” Joel Houston and “Pastor” Carl Lentz. Head pastors of Hillsong New York City. Joel Timothy Houston Co-Head Pastor Hillsong New York City: “A very special night in NYC. Thanks to everyone who came out. Happy Father’s Day world.. mainly my dad @BrianCHouston — much love world”

Donald Elley of Bellingen

The article below was written by me in 2015 and published on this site.


Hillsong NYC. Open gays leading the choir

Hillsong New York City. Allows gays in leadership positions. Open gay Josh Canfield leading the choir. Pictured with his former live-in partner Reed. Both American celebrity gays who were in the US ‘Survivor’ TV series and appear in New York broadway productions. Josh Canfield: “Our relationship isn’t yet consummated” – Whatever that means…Thank for sharing that with the world Josh. Josh hosts a Hillsong NYC Bible study group in his New York apartment.

Hillsong's gospel of greed and avarice.

Hillsong’s gospel of greed and avarice. Hillsong and Bobbie and Brian Houston: Shaking under the power of the mighty dollar.


I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the 13th in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.

Today I’m going to take extracts from each of the first five articles in this series, and then make overall comments about them.


Five Extracts:

Part one: ‘Pat Mesiti’s adultery with a young Hillsong worship leader and with prostitutes’.


Pat Mesiti

Pat Mesiti. ‘Reformed’ sex addict famous former youth pastor.


Pat Mesiti confesses: “I am a sex addict”.

Hillsong Insider speaks:

“Pat Mesiti committed adultery with Darlinghurst prostitutes while he was a famous Hillsong Youth Alive pastor preaching to thousands of young people.

Pat Mesiti was caught by paying for the services of prostitutes using a Hillsong Church credit card.

Pat Mesiti had an adulterous affair, while he was married, with a young Hillsong worship leader.

He divorced his wife and married the young Hillsong worship leader who he had the affair with.

The pursuit and even harassment of young attractive women in Hillsong church by older Hillsong men and leaders is common. In fact it is part of the inner culture of Hillsong church”.


Part two: ‘My questions to do with Pat Mesiti’s adultery with a young Hillsong worship leader and with prostitutes’.


My comments on Pat Mesiti’s adulteries with prostitutes and a young worship leader, his current wife no 2:

My questions raised in part two of this series of articles asking various questions about the above information from the Hillsong insider about Pat Mesiti.

“Firstly, why hasn’t Hillsong informed us, the Body of Christ, or even its own members, or even the pastors in the Australian Assemblies of God movement (AoG) or even its own pastors at Hillsong of the facts about what Pat Mesiti did?”

“What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes?”

“What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong church credit card?”

“But when a man is not only a Christian, but is a very prominent Youth Pastor preaching to thousands of innocent believing young people, is going to a brothel on a Church credit card wrong?”

“What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong church credit card when you’re a famous trusted Christian Youth evangelist preaching to thousands of innocent believing young people, including Donald Elley of Bellingen’s older children?”

“So what should have happened to Pat Mesiti when he got caught having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong credit card, and cheated on his wife with a young Hillsong worship leader, at the same time? An unholy mess. And should he have been ‘restored’ by Pastor Phil Pringle, the CEO of C3 international Church, which has it’s headquarters on Sydney’s Northern Beaches?”

“Firstly, what should have happened to Pat Mesiti when he got caught having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong credit card, and also cheating on so wife with a young attractive female worship leader?”

“What does the New Testament in the Holy Bible say about famous pastors who do very public sexual sins like Pat did?”


Part three: ‘The day a lesbian was roughed up by Hillsong pastors and thrown out the Hillsong door’.



Lesbians: Should Hillsong Church Pastors rough up lesbians and toss them out the Hillsong door?


Hillsong Insider speaks:

“In 2005 Hillsong City pastors, Pastor Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren, manhandled and abused a young lady at Hillsong City Church, who was gay. She was told, “your type is not needed here at Hillsong”.

She was sitting on the floor of the Hillsong City Church front foyer, with her back to the wall. This incident took place as the church sermon was going on. Pastor Brian Houston was preaching. It was at the 5pm service.

Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren spoke to her, and in her defence, after being told “a lesbian is gay and not needed here at Hillsong”, they went to grab her and manhandle her to the front door.

The lady at this time was sitting on the floor. As the pastors tried to get hold of her, by extreme rough handling, she said, “Please stop, you are hurting me”.

Pastor Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren were saying, “It’s time to go lady lover”.

She slapped the pastor so hard that the crack was heard inside the auditorium.

The two pastors gave this women no rights of removal under the act, and twisting her limbs behind her back, they pulled her up. She was yelling abuse at the pastors. She was taken outside and then thrown to the ground outside the door. By this stage she was a crying mess and she was bleeding a little. She would have gotten bruising after all this rough handling. I didn’t see her return.

This was one incident where the reports were shredded or never made. This lady was acting in self-defence. Yes the lady was gay, but this was plain bullying and rough handling, whatever you like to call it.

I saw this all happen and did not a thing. I was told by Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren, “It’s not your place, we will handle it”.

The security team can be very rough, and they can be very aggressive, doing pay-back and stuff like that. They can be very aggressive in protecting Hillsong and throwing out dissenters like this poor lesbian who got shown the door. They also spy on people and track them. For example Tanya Levin, the Hillsong watch lady”.


Part four. Extract one. ‘The Hillsong culture: Bullying, intimidation, fear and cult-like activities’.

Pastor Steve McGhie

Pastor Steve McGhie. Great White Hunter. Bully. No Christian heart of compassion. Tough guy. Hates Australian Aborigines and tosses them out the Hillsong door. Also tosses gays out the Hillsong door. I have some more Steve McGhie stories…watch this space.


Hillsong Insider speaks:

“All Hillsong leaders and Hillsong security have photographs of Tanya Levin. Hillsong can’t stand Tanya Levin.

Whenever Hillsong leaders or Hillsong security spot Tanya Levin near a Hillsong event or a Hillsong church, Hillsong security goes into overdrive. Photographs of her and what she is wearing go out to every Hillsong Security staff member and to every Hillsong church leader in Australia.

If Hillsong knows a dissenter is out and about, Hillsong security will send someone to track their every move. They do this to Tanya Levin every time.

They watch what Tanya does, who she speaks to and it all goes into a report. Hillsong pastors go and talk to anyone Tanya has spoken to, to get information on what the conversation was about, and then the Hillsong church member who spoke to Tanya gets a debrief and a warning about her.

Hillsong Security leadership teaches teams of people how to do this and how to pass on sightings and write Hillsong security reports.

The Hillsong Head of Security reports to Pastor Steve McGhie, Pastor Brian Houston’s brother-in-law, who is Brian’s fix-it man and henchman.


Part four. Extract two: Pastor Brian Houston has a bad temper.


Pastor Brian Houston

Pastor Brian Houston. Has a foul temper.


Hillsong Insider speaks:

Pastor Brian Houston has a bad temper. Once he was in a hurry, running late, and the lifts at Hillsong were too slow. Brian lost it and punched a hole in a gyprock wall adjacent the lifts.

In his mind Brian Houston acts and thinks like, “I’m the great Brian Houston”.


Part five: ‘The Marks of the Hillsong Church Culture: mate-ship, money, amorality and poor Christian moral ethics’.


Joel Houston. Spiritually corrupt. Part of a spiritually bankrupt dynasty. The grandson of a lifelong pedophile. The son of a pedophile protector. Up to his gills in Hillsong money scams. Milking the Blessed Body of Christ of every cent they can get their grubby hands on.

Joel Houston. Brian Houston’s son. Frank Houston’s grandson. Spiritually corrupt. Part of a spiritually bankrupt dynasty. The grandson of a lifelong pedophile. The son of a pedophile protector. Up to his gills in Hillsong money scams. Milking the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Body of Christ, of every cent they can get their grubby Houston hands on.


Hillsong Insider speaks:

“Pastor Steve McGhie and his wife Judith (Brian Houston’s sister) are the most corrupt people in the Hillsong church.

Steve McGhie has a hatred towards Aboriginals. He treats them badly and has rough-handled them at times, when they’ve misbehaved inside Hillsong premises at Waterloo. (Hillsong City Campus).

Pastor Joel A’Bell, formerly a Hillsong Youth Pastor, and now head of Hillsong Australia, is a snake. He’ll be nice to you and stab you in the back. Pastor Joel A’Bell has a love of power”.

It’s all ‘jobs for the boys’ at Hillsong. An “if you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” culture, where morality and ethics take a second place.

Mateship and nepotism are the currency of the Hillsong culture. This culture revolves around money and finance. Pastor Joel Houston, Pastor Bobbie and Brian Houston’s eldest son, before he became prominent in the Hillsong Youth Band, and later become co-pastor at Hillsong New York City, had a printing business. He was given all of Hillsong’s printing business which is massive. This is blatant shameless nepotism.
There was a big fallout between Darlene Zschech and Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston before Darlene and her husband Mark left Hillsong to form their own church on the Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney. Darlene didn’t want the high rock and roll Hillsong was getting into under its Hillsong Alive band run by Pastor Joel Houston. Darlene wanted worship to be more worshipful and she wanted to be there for the people. Pastor Brian Houston is led by money not love for people. Pastor Brian Houston, his wife Bobbie and his son Joel wanted the high rock and roll. Now Hillsong has to beg and scrap to Darlene if they want her to sing, because they want to trade on her name still in their promotions by having her sing occasionally for them.

In respect to Bobbie Houston, Pastor Brian Houston’s wife, I don’t know how Brian puts up with her. She’s just a nag. Bobbie is a princess who can do whatever she wants. In fact at one Colour Conference she said, “This is my conference and I’ll do whatever I like”. Who pays for Bobbie’s cosmetic surgery? Hillsong does.

Hillsong is just corporate now. It’s about business, business, business. It’s a job for the full-time staff rather than a Christian ministry of heart-felt service, like the Lord Jesus Christ wanted the Church of Jesus to be.

Joel Houston is a bit of a fool. Joel’s best mate made out he had terminal cancer and achieved fame throughout Australia for it. His name is Michael Guglielmucci. Then he was found out to have lied about it.

Joel is out for fame. I knew Brian’s kids in the pram. All the Houston kids are power-mad. All their spouses married into money.

Joel Houston has an immense sense of entitlement. Joel’s attitude is “I’m in Hillsong. I’m Brian Houston’s son”.

All the young Hillsong City church pastors have homes and apartments in the beach-side Eastern Suburbs of Sydney bought with Hillsong church financial assistance. If they need money to buy an apartment, cash gets put into their account to help them get the loan, and then it is moved out once the loan is approved. All the young pastors at the Hillsong City Church get helped in ways like this. It’s “jobs for the boys”. Hillsong Bible College teaching is all about the Hillsong business and about milking the system.

Brian Houston has a very bad temper. His overall attitude is “I’m the great Brian Houston”. Bobbie and Brian Houston live a life of luxury and excess.

“Hillsong keeps records on members, just like a cult”.

My comments:

These extracts from the first five articles in this series demonstrate that “The spirit that is on Hillsong isn’t the Holy Spirit”.

In the late 1990s I returned to Hillsong City Campus. It was called Christian Life Centre (CLC) Sydney in those days, which is the third name for Hillsong. The first name was Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst, known as CLC Darlinghurst or CLC Darlo for short. Australian’s shorten many words. ‘Darlo’ for Darlinghurst, ‘arvo’ for afternoon, ‘smoko’ for morning tea, ‘see ya’ for “I’ll see you later” or “goodbye”, and so on. ‘Pedo’ for pedophile seems to be an oft used term in relationship to Hillsong these days.

Pastor Frank Houston, the self-confessed life-long “pedo” or pedophile, Brian Houston’s father, founded Hillsong in Sydney’s eastern suburbs in 1977.

Brian and Bobbie Houston joined him soon after as did Ian Carlisle and Maureen, one of Brian’s three sisters and her first husband. Later about 1990, Steve McGhie and Judith, Brian’s youngest sister, migrated to Sydney from New Zealand to join them all.

Brian and Bobbie Houston have three children. Joel, Ben and Laura.

Bobbie and Brian's mansion

Bobbie and Brian’s mansion

Brian Houston house 2 Brian Houston house 3 Brian Houston house 5

Brian and Bobbie Houston's McMansion Palace in Glenhaven, Western Sydney.

Brian and Bobbie Houston’s McMansion Palace in Glenhaven, Western Sydney.


Brian Houston

edit: The Wikipedia article about ‘Brian Houston’ and ‘Hillsong Church’ reads like they were written by Hillsong. In fact, Hillsong has a large and very busy PR, IT and Security department who ensure everything about Hillsong on the internet and social media that Hillsong can control is carefully manipulated and manicured exactly how they want it.

Wikipedia. Brian Houston:

‘Brian and Bobbie Houston’s home is in the suburb of Glenhaven, Sydney.

Houston’s three grown children, Joel, Ben, and Laura. Ben and Laura currently live in Sydney.

Joel is married to Esther, they have a son. Joel is a musician, a songwriter, and Hillsong Church’s creative director. As of 2010, he co-pastors Hillsong New York with Carl Lentz.

Ben is married to Lucille and they are the Lead Pastors of Hillsong Los Angeles. They have three daughters.

Laura married Peter Toganivalu in 2008, and they have one daughter and one son. Laura, along with her husband Peter are pastors of the senior high youth ministry Wildlife. Laura also oversees the youth music/worship ministry known as ‘Young and Free’. Previously she was involved with the church communications team, which included overseeing artwork and design’.

My comments:

So all three Houston children, Joel, Ben, and Laura, are ‘in the ministry’. One might add, ‘in Hillsong ministry’.

The Houstons are very dynastic like a lot of other high profile and extremely wealthy Australian families. Take the Packers or the Murdochs for example. Gretel and James Packer, the two children of Kerry Packer, have recently split their inheritance in two. Lachlan, James and Elizabeth Murdoch, the children of Rupert Murdoch from his first marriage, and his primary heirs, are all working for, and looked after, by Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation.

So it runs with the Houstons. They’re all ‘in the ministry’. They’re all looked after by mummy and daddy. They all have luxury apartments in Bondi, personally owned in tax-free Hillsong church trust accounts to avoid capital gains and other taxes.

The Houstons had better be careful with their clever tax avoidance tricks, or the Australian Taxation Department may do another  audit of them, just as they did recently with the Obeids, another Sydney dynastic family.

What has also been passed on and inherited from momma and papa Houston, as the Hillsong crowd like to affectionately called them, or Bobbie and Brian Houston, as we know them, are their bad habits and personal demons.

Bobbie, a self-proclaimed princess of note, a self-confessed sex addict like Pat Mesiti, except, to my knowledge, she restricts her passions to Brian. Botox queen. “A nag” to Brian, according to the eye-witness observation of the Hillsong Insider. Loves luxury clothes, the jet-set lifestyle, holidays at plush European hotels paid for by Hillsong, botox, breast lifts, nips and tuck- all paid for by Hillsong tithes. Princess mentality. The Hillsong insider says that Bobbie Houston’s ego is out-of-control. That she has mega tickets on herself. That Bobbie is a complete princess who always gets her way around Hillsong Church.


Bobbie Houston. Married into a very corrupt family.

Bobbie Houston. Mrs Brian Houston. Botox Queen. Self-proclaimed princess. In on all the scams of Hillsong Church.