The lifelong evil criminal pedophile Frank Houston who sexually abuse possible over four hundred little boys in his lifetime. Brian said he knows of sic victims now, He's lying because he knows there are far more. I've evidence of 13 so far and counting.

The lifelong extremely evil criminal child rapist Frank Houston who sexually abused possibly over four hundred little boys in his lifetime. One young teen victim- victim ANZ1- suicided because of Frank Houston’s sexual abuse of him.


The Australian serial killer Ivan Milat who murdered seven young innocent happy backpackers

The Australian serial killer Ivan Milat who murdered seven young innocent happy backpackers in 1989 to 1992 at the Belanglo State Forest south west of Sydney Australia


In this series I’m examining aspects of Pastor Brian Houston’s father Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Church who during his 82 years on earth was an evil pedophile and I’m comparing him to Ivan Milat the Australian serial killer of seven backpackers in the early 1990s.


hillsong vs1


This article is the second in a series of articles examining the similarities between the Australian psychopath serial killer Ivan Milat and the New Zealander psychopath child rapist Frank Houston who came to Australian from Lower Hutt, New Zealand aged 58 and wrecked havoc on hundreds of little boys during his lifetime.


Hillsong Church. Part Two. The evil offspring of two extremely evil criminal psychopaths Ivan Milat and Frank Houston. Ivan Milat the Australian serial killer compared to the pedophile Frank Houston the founder of the Hillsong mega-church.


The evil seed of the evil criminal psychopath serial killer Ivan Milat- Matthew Milat- and the evil seed of the evil criminal psychopath child rapist Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Church’s son Pastor Brian Houston the current head of Hillsong Church.


The evil seed of the evil criminal psychopath serial killer Ivan Milat – Matthew Milat


David Milat- Ivan Milat's nephew

Matthew Milat- Ivan Milat’s nephew


A copy-cat murder

David Milat, the Australian serial killer Ivan Milat’s great nephew, committed a copy-cat murder to his uncle Ivan Milat on 20 November 2010.

The murder of his friend was carried out in Belanglo State Forest- the same place that his uncle Ivan Milat murdered seven young backpackers twenty years earlier.

David Milat murdered ‘a friend’ while two other mates watched on. The details and sadism were gruesome.


Ivan Milat a14


Murderpedia on line

Matthew Milat

Classification: Homicide
Characteristics: Juvenile (17) – Great nephew of serial killer Ivan Milat
Number of victims: 1
Date of murder: November 20, 2010
Date of arrest: 2 days after
Date of birth: December 1992
Victim profile: David Auchterlonie, 17
Method of murder: Striking with a medieval double bladed axe
Location: Belanglo State Forest, New South Wales, Australia
Status: Sentenced to 43 years in prison with a 30-year non-parole period on June 7, 2012


Ivan Milat a15


Matthew Milat sentenced to 30 years jail for ‘cold blooded’ murder

• Matthew Milat jailed for maximum 43 years
• Milat’s accomplice gets maximum 32 years
• Judge says Milat took life in “cruel, brutal” manner

By Amy Dale Court Reporter – The Daily Telegraph

June 08, 2012

THE teenage relative of serial killer Ivan Milat will spend the next 30 years behind bars for the “cold blooded killing” of his childhood friend.

In handing down the sentence to Matthew Milat and Cohen Klein in the Supreme Court this morning, Acting Justice Jane Mathews said the “deliberate and premeditated” crime was done for personal enjoyment and that David Auchterlonie’s final 10 minutes alive were filled with “horror” and “unimaginable torment”.

Justice Mathews sentenced Milat to a maximum of 43 years, Klein to a total of 32 years.

Klein, who the court heard was “strongly influenced” by Milat, will spend 22 years behind bars.

Milat and Klein murdered David using a double bladed axe in the Belanglo State Forest in November 2010 – the same bushland Ivan Milat slaughtered seven backpackers in the 1990s.

The pair, who were aged 17 and 18 at the time, pleaded guilty to murder last year.

Justice Mathews didn’t give any discount for Milat’s guilty plea, and noted he still is a “serious potential danger” to the community.

Dressed in suits, and separated by a prison officer, neither showed any emotion as the sentence was handed down.

“It is impossible to describe the horror (of the killing) … when he was subject to unimaginable torment by Milat,” she said.

“It clearly falls in the worst category for the case of murder.”

The court heard Milat “gloated” about the killing the next day, and said “you know me, you know my family. You know the last name Milat, I did what they do”.

Justice Mathews said Milat didn’t appear to have “expressions of genuine remorse … or regret’ for the crime.

The court heard the location of the murder was “significant’ as it is where his great uncle “lured a number of people and murdered them”.

The murder, and the 15 minutes leading up to it, was hauntingly captured on an audio recording from Klein’s mobile phone.

In it Milat can be heard saying to David “tell people my f****** business and you wind up hurt”.

Justice Mathews said that to describe the recording as “chilling…is an understatement”.

“It is extremely distressing material,” she said.

“The sound of (David) crying out in agony is chilling in the extreme.

“(David) was being entirely submissive during the whole of the episode (and) desperately tried to placate Milat.”

A sentencing hearing last month revealed Milat has written several poems during his time in custody, including one titled ‘Killer looks and on evil side” where he writes “shelter you will need to seek, so terrifed you can hardly speak”.

Another poem includes the verse “I am not fazed by blood or screams, nothing I do will haunt my dreams”.

Justice Mathews said the “very chilling” poetry appears to “recount the murder”.

“It is quite the opposite (of remorse), he appears to be reveling in the memory of this terrible event,” she said.

The court was packed with David’s family, as well as members of the Milat family who came to hear the sentence.

The DPP Lloyd Babb told the court during submissions last month that it was a murder based on “torment and torture” with a motive based only on “a thrill to kill”.

He said the pair’s guilty plea was based not on remorse but on a “recognition of the inevitable” because police had seized the audio recording.

Taking into account time spent in custody, Milat and Klein will be eligible for parole in 2040 and 2032 respectively.

In sentencing, Acting Justice Jane Mathews read out this “particularly chilling” poem Matthew Milat wrote more than nine months after the murder.


One of Matthew Milat’s poems

‘your last day’

hear that,
stopping in the, middle of the track,
Are you Getting Nervous in the back,
Should be C— your getting wAcked,
talk s— here, talk s— there,
No-one’z really gunna care,
but talk s— with every breath,
You just signed away your health,
I can see you start to sweat,
Wanderin what your gunna get,
hopin 4-1 in the head,
C— ILL Put it in Your Leg,
tell me, ARE YA HAVIN FUN,
get up C—, And start to run,
how fAr are ya gunna get,
Your Match C— you have just Met,
stumblin all OVA the place,
Hear the crunch of leaves and feet,
feel your heart, skip a beat,
Are ya gunna get away,
No hope kid this is your day,
The day that you wont be found,
Six feet under Neath the ground.


Brian Houston the Head Pastor of Hillsong Church is the evil seed of the pedophile Frank Houston 


Brian Houston. The leader of the Chosen Seven.

Pastor Brian Houston the Head Pastor of Hillsong Church. Highly corrupt like his pedophile father Frank Houston the founder of the mega-church Hillsong


Although there is no evidence of pedophilia or homosexuality in Brian’s life, Brian Houston is very corrupt in many other ways.

Brian Houston’s faults include extreme arrogance, extreme narcissism, pathological lying, bullying, manipulation, lusts for money, theft from the people of God through Prosperity Gospel and Christian music secret commission scams, graft, use of MK (mind control) techniques, devilish cunning and pedophile protection.

These faults are outlined and explained in numerous articles on this site.

I know Brian Houston well having been at the first Hillsong Church- Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst from 1981 to 1990.

I was there again at current location of Hillsong City Church in Danks Street, Waterloo, six kilometres south of the Sydney CBD

I was the most successful lay leader at Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst with ten home fellowships in my care in Sydney’s challenging Inner City.

I worked for Frank Houston as a builder for two years at Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst church premise and the bible college when the church was expanding and cashed-up in the early 1980s.

I travelled overseas for a week with Frank Houston in 1990 and for a weekend to Brisbane.

I built Brian Houston’s first office in Baulkham Hills in 1983.

I know and understand both Brian and Frank Houston very well.

I always got along well with both of them and didn’t realise it was true Frank was a lifelong pedophile although the allegations were well-known in Assemblies of God leadership circles in both Australia and New Zealand by the late 1970s.

Frank Houston always vehemently denied the accusations of him being a pedophile and was very convincing.

Frank Houston viciously attacked his accusers such as the church-watch pastor Philip Powell.



Pastor Philip Powell, who died last year, resigned from the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG) executive in the 1980s protesting about the acceptance of Frank Houston who he knew from evidence was long-time covert pedophile back in New Zealand for decades and other AOG corruption.

Frank Houston led a secret life of child sexual abuse, silencing and intimidating his victims and accusers for many decades at a time of little consciousness or savvy about pedophilia and pedophiles in 1950s to 1980s Australia and New Zealand.


child abuse r5


The modus operandi of the serial killer Ivan Milat and the child rapist Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong Church are very similar


Ivan Milat a6

Frank Houston being weird with a knife on his 661st birthday

Frank Houston being weird with a knife at the bible college lunch-room on his 61st birthday in 1983

Ivan Milat a3


Ivan Milat picked up backpackers who were hitch-hiking

Ivan Milat picked up mainly foreign backpackers who were hitch-hiking on the Hume Highway between Sydney and Canberra.

Young men and women visiting Australia from the UK and Europe who were happy, innocent, having a great Aussie holidays, and unaware of the great dangers of hitch-hiking in Australia.


An Ivan Milat victim

An Ivan Milat victim


Scores of young people and children simply disappear every year all over Australia.

A visit to a local Australian Police Station and a look at the bulletin board showing missing people will put names and faces to what I’m saying.

In many cases young people choose to disappear from their families and friends for personal reasons but many meet foul play.


Both Ivan Milat and Frank Houston were highly predatory


Pastor Frank Houston, the greatest evangelist in Australia and New Zealand. Young males turned him on. He couldn't help himself. A true life-long pedophile and homosexual.

“Pastor” Frank Houston, “the greatest evangelist in Australia and New Zealand”. A secret homosexual and pedophile. Little boys and young males turned him on. He abused hundreds of little boys. Frank Houston was a life-long pedophile and homosexual psychopath.


Ivan Milat

Ivan Milat psychopath


Thrill kills

Ivan Milat was highly predatory, crafty, cunning, brazen and determined in his pursuit of young hitch-hikers for the purpose of thrill kills.


The victims of Ivan Milat. Innocent happy young people, care-free and having the holiday of a lifetime.

The victims of Ivan Milat. Mainly from Europe and the UK. Innocent happy young people. Care-free and having the holiday of a lifetime in Australia. Their whole lives taken in horrific circumstances by a delusional psychopath.


Ivan Milat 18


Similarly Frank Houston was highly predatory, crafty, cunning, brazen and determined in his pursuit of little boys and young teens for the purpose of sex encounters and child rapes.

One teen suicided directly as result of Frank Houston’s sexual abuse of him.


Pastor Frank Houston. Total deviate and con-artist.

“Pastor” Frank Houston. Secret psychopath child rapist. Got away with it from the age of about 20 when he first adopted the disguise of a Christian pastor. In the disguise of a Christian pastor he horrifically sexually assaulted little boys and young male teens until he was 77 years old when he confessed to a lifetime of child sexual abuse.


Who is worse- the psychopath serial killer Ivan Milat who had seven known victims or the psychopath child rapist Frank Houston who murdered hundreds of little boys souls?


Pastor Frank Houston as an old man. Evil life-long pedophile.

Pastor Frank Houston as an old man. Evil life-long pedophile.


Ivan Milat

Ivan Milat


Who is worse- the serial thrill kill murderer Ivan Milat or the serial devourer of little boys innocence, bodies, hearts and souls- Frank Houston- at whose hand at least one young victim suicided directly because of the sexual abuse?


Frank Houston strongly contributed to teen victim ANZ1’s suicide


child abuse

child abuse


Teen sexual abuse victim ANZ1 was abused in Auckland, New Zealand.

Frank Houston lured him to an Auckland hotel room after he preached at a Christian meeting on the premise of praying for his depression.


Pastor Frank Houston. Satanic. Gave 911 experiences.

“Pastor” Frank Houston. Satanic emissary. 


Instead of praying for his depression Frank Houston seriously sexually assaulted the lad.

The young man suicided some years later.

His brother commented on this site that Frank Houston’s sexual abuse tipped his brother over the edge.

After ANZ1’s suicide, ANZ1’s brother was contemplating flying to Sydney in the 1980s and taking out Frank Houston.

I’m glad he didn’t because it’s a far better result for all of Frank Houston’s corrupt and evil life to be exposed to the world.


Pastor Frank Houston. Founder of Hillsong Church, with his long-suffering wife Hazel.

“Pastor” Frank Houston. Founder of Hillsong Church, with his long-suffering wife Hazel. Please note the pressure his left hand is applying to his wife’s arm. The pedophile Frank Houston used Christian ministry, his wife Hazel who I knew well, his dopey son Brian, the other entitled siblings of Brian, and a web of ‘friends’ and supporters as a disguise so he could sexually abuse little boys and young teens undetected. When young children  and teens weren’t available he had homosexual affairs with young males in their 20s like his worship leader Peter Laughton. I believe he went to gay brothels in Darlinghurst in the 1980s because he used to come into the church premises on Saturdays dressed in a smart suit and tie saying he was there to pray and prepare his Sunday sermon. Instead he’d go out on the streets of Darlinghurst alone for a few hours. Frank Houston’s children have said publicly that the discovery by his wife Hazel that he was a lifelong secret pedophile hastened her death when she found out in 1999 when he confessed his lifelong pedophilia to his only church-going son Brian. Graeme Houston refuses to attend church to this day. I believe its highly likely both Frank Houston’s sons Brian and Graeme Houston were sexually abused by their out-of-control pedophile father Frank Houston in the 1960s when they were young boys.

"Pastor " Kong Hee

“Pastor ” Kong Hee


"Doctor Phil" Pringle- another crook who is to blame for "Pastor" Kong Hee going to Changi Prison. Empowering the errant "Pastor" Kong Hee of Harvest Church Singapore who has been sentenced to eight years in prison for breaking Singapore Church Trust laws and for fraud and for deceiving and ripping off his congregants of $30 million USD

“Doctor Phil” Pringle- another crook who is to blame for “Pastor” Kong Hee going to Changi Prison. Empowering the errant “Pastor” Kong Hee of Harvest Church Singapore who has been sentenced to eight years in prison for breaking Singapore Church Trust laws and for fraud and for deceiving and ripping off his congregants of $30 million USD


“It will be too late or pointless to think, worry, stress yourself once you are lockup in prison. You need to put aside your emotion while serving your sentence and and you will make your life in prison to be easier and better!”

(Extract of Chinese Changi prisoners account in part 3 below)


“Pastor” Kong Hee. Head pastor of Harvest Church in Singapore. Changi Prison. Part three. What will “Pastor” Kong Hee’s first complete day in Changi Prison be like?

Changi Prison is notorious as a World War II hell hole where the Japanese locked up Allied prisoners during WWII after occupying Singapore. Changi Prison was already a hell-hole before the Japanese took it to a new inhumane level.

“Pastor” Kong Hee has been sentenced to eight years in Changi Prison for breaching Singapore Church Trust laws by secretly siphoning over USD $30 million from the Harvest Church building fund and using it to finance and promote his wife Ho Yeouw Sun’s pop-star career. She is also known as Sun Ho and her pop-star name is “Geisha”. Asians particularly men have this fantasy about Japanese Geishas.

“Pastor” Kong Hee is also convicted of fraud charges because him and the five other Harvest Church leaders concealed information from and lied to the Singapore investigators.

Since the mid-1990s “Doctor Phil” Pringle has been “Pastor” Kong Hee’s mentor.


phil pringle a12

Phil Pringle. CEO of C3 International. Now a doctor. Regarded the pedophile Frank Houston as his spiritual father.


Throughout the pop-star career of Sun Ho, “Doctor Phil” Pringle was encouraging, empowering and prophesying over “Pastor” Kong Hee and Sun Ho and saying God was with them in everything to do with her pop-star career and that it will be “a great witness for Jesus” and stuff like that.

By any assessment “Doctor Phil” Pringle is responsible for the next dark passage in “Pastor” Kong Hee’s life.


"Pastor " Kong Hee

“Pastor ” Kong Hee


I looked on-line for a prisoner’s description of life in Changi Prison and found the following account of a young Singaporean who spent two months there.

Below is the third episode of this prisoner’s story- a diarised type account of the first full day in lock-up.

Please note there can be up to four prisoners in a small cell with no windows and no air-conditioning in sub-tropical Singapore in the initial “lock-up” phase which last three days. It sounds like they put the prisoners in lock-up for three days initially to break them and soften them up for prison life.

“A cell-room at B2 contains a maximum of 4 inmates (Prisoners are addressed as “inmates”). There is 1 “doorless” toilet and shower tap in every cellroom, Room size about 120 sqf. No fans nor aircon provided. No windows but only small tiny holes through the wall that only enable you to see whether if it’s day or night time.”

One doorless toilet and a shower. So all four inmates see the other three going to the toilet and showering.

This is what “Doctor Phil” Pringle of C3 mega-church has done to “Pastor” Kong Hee.

I have corrected misspellings and added edits as required.

English is spoken in Singapore as the official language but as a second language by Chinese Singaporeans whose main language is Mandarin.


Chapter 2.3: My 1 day lock-up at Cluster B2

“Note: As watches and clocks are not allowed in CPC (my edit: Changi Prison Complex), the times mentioned are estimates. House rules and timing for each events are briefed by the officers during our in-process.

The lights are switched on at 5am. No alarms are needed to wake the inmates up. We wake up automatically thanks to the sudden brightness from our ceiling. We wake up, wash up and get ourselves ready before muster check about 7am (there will be 5 x bell ring sounds to inform us to get ready for the muster check). We must arrange our items in standard layout and are to sit down in 1 straight line next to each other, facing our cell door and greet the officer when he/ she arrives.

Breakfast is served to us by the cooks after the mustercheck. We are to eat in our cell room and not in canteen which you normally see in movies and dramas. Our food is passed to us through a small rectangle hole at the bottom of the metallic cell door and we are to pass our drinking mug to the cooks through that hole for them to pour in the hot drink into our drinking mug.

Breakfast in prison are standard. We are served with 4pcs of breads which are applied with either butter cream or strawberry jam and side hot drinks of either coffee/ milk tea on alternate days. Inmates whom have health problem in taking sugar will only be entitled breads with butter cream and teh-o (plain tea) daily.

After we are done on our meal, we will walk 1 end to another, left to right then right to left repeatedly in our small cell room for digestion. Another muster check are made at 9am and 12pm. What do we normally do to pass time in our cell room while waiting for the time to pass slowly is mainly exercise without being caught, shower, sing, joke, chat, encourage and share personal views and problems to each other.

Lunch are served to us after the muster check at 12pm. My 1st lunch in CPC are served in a green colour regular plastic plate with plain rice, 1 full-boiled egg, and stir-fry cabbage. It is standardize in CPC, all races are being served with the same dishes.

Colour plate Info: Green = Normal, Blue = Off sugar, Yellow = Off beans, Red = Veg only

We sat and ate our every meal on the same floor where we slept everyday, which makes us to clean the floor area using our soap and towel everytime after our meal. We (all the room mates) eat, sleep, clean and do everything together, inspite the difference of our ages and backgrounds!
Muster check is done at 3pm again and our dinner are served to us at 5pm. My dinner for that day was served with plain rice, a oven baked drumstick, side mixed veg and side gravy (I can say the drumstick taste good.) Cleaning of the floor done again after meal, we walk around for digestion in our cell room, relaxing while waiting for our next muster check at 7pm. We will then shower and settle down before lights off at 9pm. (This is how I spent my 2nd day in B2)
Basically what inmates (whom are not cookies or on programs) will do daily are eat, shower, sleep in their cell room, suffering and undergoing mental torture day by day!
“It will be too late or pointless to think, worry, stress yourself once you are lockup in prison. You need to put aside your emotion while serving your sentence and and you will make your life in prison to be easier and better!” “