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Pastor Frank Houston. Founder of hillsong. Extremely corrupt life-long pedophile.

Pastor Frank Houston. Founder of Hillsong. Extremely corrupt life-long pedophile, many of them little boys aged 7 to 12 years old.


Here is an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) on 4 August 2007. 


The writer David Marr is a gay man who writes for the SMH and who is interested in subjects like religion and organisations like Hillsong.

The first part of the article is about Tanya Levin’s book. Tanya is an ex-Hillsong lady who is now an atheist and a Hillsong watch type person.

Information about Peter Laughton, Frank Houston’s former young worship leader is in the second part of the article.

Peter Laughton was staying as a boarder with Frank Houston and his wife Hazel when the abuse occurred.

Although Peter was in his 20s he feels Frank Houston, who was 60, took advantage of him and abused him.


David Marr’s article in the SMH: Hillsong – the church with no answers


Tanya Levins

Tanya Levins


August 4, 2007

When a former member of the Hillsong congregation started asking hard questions, she was thrown out,

By the miracle of YouTube, we can take a helicopter ride over Sydney any time we like with Pastor Brian Houston as he lays out Hillsong’s Vision 2007. In a voice that has coaxed fortunes from the faithful, he talks prosperity, vision, growth and God’s strategy as the helicopter swoops down on the “beautiful piece of property” Hillsong bought last year in inner-city Rosebery for $28 million.

“I think the finances are where we’re going to have to have the greatest faith.”

His confidence is absolute that the mortgage will soon be paid. To a sceptical outsider, Houston looks oddly like Spike Milligan with cans on his ears and a microphone to his mouth as he looks down on the suburbs where Hillsong’s “state-of-the-art worship centres” are booming already or will soon be delivering the goods for Christ. He shrugs off ridicule. The nation’s most triumphant preacher lives in a world without doubt and without dissent.

“Jesus said a house divided against itself cannot stand,” Houston reminds the thousands who have viewed this film clip and left adoring messages behind. (“Please come to Sweden! We need ‘fire’ here!!!!!!!!!”) Authority is a big deal at Hillsong. You don’t mess with Brian or his wife, Bobbie. “The great strength of our church has always been our unity. A single vision is critical to where we’re going.”

So Tanya Levin is a problem. She asks questions. She wants explanations. She challenges the vision of Hillsong’s leadership. In short, she’s trouble.

Two years into writing People in Glass Houses, her insider’s account of Hillsong, she was finally – and literally – shown the door. “There is no debate within Hillsong,” she says. “That’s fundamentalism. It’s not open to free thought and question, not at all.”

The church wasn’t answering her emails about the book. Houston had ignored her calls. She defied orders not to turn up at the Castle Hill “campus”, until the night came when two security guards carried her from the church and “a very tall, handsome Maori man of about 24” called Dion walked her to her car.

“I cried at Dion,” she writes. “I told him about my dad, and faithfulness and loyalty … whatever kind of Hollywood angel he was dressed as that night, there would come a time when he would outlive the usefulness to the Firm. And then he would lose that simple genuine look he stared at me with. I told him to go home and read his Bible and go ask the preachers why it doesn’t match what they say. He listened like one does to the ravings of a lunatic and I made him listen because that’s his job.”

It was the end of a long affair that began when Levin was 14, the daughter of a banker and his Jewish wife who were brought to God by Billy Graham back in South Africa. The family turned up in the early days of what was to become the behemoth of Hillsong.

“My impressions in September of 1985 were of a bunch of nice people,” Levin writes. They waved their hands and spoke in tongues. Houston preached. “Even today,” she confesses, “when I hear Brian Houston’s voice I feel better.”

People in Glass Houses is a naked account of the joys of religious infatuation and the messy business of re-entering the real world as an adult five years down the track.

Levin fitted the Hillsong pattern perfectly: “There is a 50 per cent turnover every five years. Hillsong is renowned for having a very big back door.” The churning of people through the church is not something they talk about. “Or they say people don’t have the faith to hang on; they’re unable to take it through the tough times. It’s always the fault of the person. It’s never the fault of Hillsong.”

But the ties were deep. University and then a child took her away from the Hills for a decade. She returned as a single mother with a job as a social worker in a Salvation Army women’s refuge and something more than curiosity about the fate of her old church and the friends she still had there. “I’d go sporadically just to have a look.”

Rumours of scandal sharpened her interest. After one hugely popular pastor was expelled in 2001, Levin began asking questions about Brian Houston’s father, Frank – a preacher so powerful he was thought to be able to raise the dead – who was being accused on the internet of pedophilia. But Hillsong was in the dark.

Brian and Bobbie won a standing ovation from the congregation when they finally broke the news that old Frank had an unwavering love of God and deeply repented his moral failings. His crimes were not named that day. Levin was furious: “I had a near-irresistible urge to yell out like the boys used to do in the old days, ‘What did he DO, Brian?’ ”

Levin was asking questions again, this time to write this book. Frank was not her target. She set herself the task of explaining the inner workings of the most successful religious operation in Australia: the joy and despair of faith; the mass hypnosis of worship; the Jesus-centric remedies offered in Hillsong’s outreach programs for drug addiction, domestic violence, unemployment and homosexuality; the ideological submission of women; and the bleeding of money from the faithful.

Levin’s family is among the financial casualties of Hillsong. They’re out of the church now after more than 20 years and her mother’s sardonic joke is that People in Glass Houses might earn a little of their money back. Hillsong’s 19,000 members are expected to tithe – give a 10th of their income to the church – and make big donations on top of that. Levin wrote the book as a warning: “The intention was to tell people, ‘Hey, by the way, they’re taking your money.’ ”

A couple of years ago, Brian Houston boasted on ABC television that Hillsong’s income for the financial year 2004-2005 was $50 million. It’s tax-free, of course. Accounts are never published. Year after year, Hillsong’s music arm has albums high in the charts. When All of the Above faded after many months this year, Saviour King took its place. The earnings are enormous but the begging bowl is always out.

“It’s a corporate organisation being run by corporately trained people to achieve economic outcomes,” Levin says. “Economic outcomes are the new measure of spiritual success and sign of blessing. The fact that Brian Houston is driving a Harley is a sign that God is looking upon him favourably.”

For Levin, the core lie of Hillsong is the claim that God will repay everything you give. And the longer you have to wait, the greater the return. “How do you actually stand in front of people and say if you give me your money God will give it back to you – and actually sleep at night when you’re taking old people’s money? It’s obviously the more desperate people who want to make an investment decision like that. Very vulnerable people.”

Four or five years ago Levin typed “ex born again Christian” into Google and found that “from Sweden to Nevada and back again there were people with the same story”. They are welcomed into a small, warm, friendly congregation with one or two charismatic preachers. But a few years later they’re out the door: “Kicked out and told they are the work of the devil.”

That early friendliness is part of the big sell. “They don’t preach against much. There’s a new movement that’s come through America called Seeker Sensitive – in other words we want people who come into our church to feel comfortable. And we want to be sensitive to their needs. So we won’t say anything too outrageous and we’ll tone the whole thing down.”

But tough rules – often about sex – are waiting to be enforced. “Painted into a corner, they’re explicitly homophobic, but up to that point they don’t want to be seen as an unfriendly, judgmental place. They want to be seen as warm, inclusive, loving, embracing. But they’re not. They are of their own kind: if you’re in the system and you behave accordingly, the system will reward you.”

Levin thought that with so many casualties of the system around, writing the book would be easy. “What I found – and what other media have found – is that it’s almost impossible to get other people to come forward and talk about this. People will write things on websites, they will send emails: ‘I’ve been through this, I’ve done this, I can help you, I know these things, I am the voice of expertise.’ Then they disappear again because it’s too painful and it’s too confrontational.”

Hillsong won’t comment on the result.

“We have no control over what people decide to say and write,” Brian Houston says. “We keep our focus on helping people with hope in Jesus Christ.”

But Levin has a fair idea what they’re thinking out in the Hills. “Bobbie Houston announced at the Colour Your World conference in 2005 that there the only three types of media about Hillsong. They are the positive, the neutral and the anti-Christ.”

Levin doesn’t fit that picture. She doesn’t hate. Something in her seems to yearn for those exhilarating years fighting the good fight against the devil in all his disguises right down to the voodoo beat of rock’n’roll. “We were told you can’t have it because it’s incantation and you’re going to raise all these demons.” How different things are now. Levin begins to sing some Hillsong Christian trance music: “Doof, doof, doof. Christ is the future. Doof doof doof …”

Is she entirely free of the place? If Houston rang today and asked her to dinner, would she go?

“Yes, very much so. My main aim is to keep the dialogue open. To encourage questions. To encourage debate. And when somebody or a group of people make you feel like family for a number of years, it’s difficult to shake that feeling even when reality tells you something different, and when relationships break down. Go do dinner with Brian?” She laughs. “It would be nice.”


A fallen leader of faith

FRANK HOUSTON was a charismatic preacher and a sick man. He won famous souls for Hillsong – jockey Darren Beadman was one of his scalps – and sexually abused young men.

He was about 60 when he undertook to cure 23-year-old Peter Laughton’s homosexuality. “My counselling sessions by the senior minister were nothing more than sexual abuse disguised in the form of the need of a father’s love and discipline,” Laughton says. “Through my naivety, I endured the naked beatings, the eternal bum caresses and masturbating into bottles, among other things.”

Laughton was training to be a pastor. He says the abuse continued for about four years until 1984. “I look at it now and think, ‘God, I was really naive to fall for that.’ ” And believing himself cured, he married.

Laughton’s faith went first. He tells the Herald that before leaving the church in the early 1990s he gave an account to another pastor of the abusive therapy he’d received. But as far as Laughton is aware, no action was taken against the old man until he was forced into retirement by his son Brian after an allegation of pedophilia emerged in about 2000.

Houston denies categorically knowing of any claims of sexual abuse by his father before this time. He initiated a church investigation, which saw the old preacher’s credentials permanently removed. “I was completely devastated by the realisation that my father had hurt people in this way, and I believed it related to events more than 30 years before when he was a New Zealand credentialled pastor. Until recently I knew nothing of Peter’s claims.”

Laughton took a long time to come to grips with his sexuality. He’s now a university lecturer in his early 50s who finds it in himself to forgive Frank Houston. “Despite all his downfallings I think he was genuinely a good person. It is an important part but it still is only one aspect of a person’s life. I’ve come through the other side and appreciated how this man was trapped like many of us were in a system and in a place where you couldn’t really even talk about what you were struggling with.”

Burying his father in 2004, Houston declared him a man who made mistakes but a preacher “in a class of his own”.

David Marr

People in Glass Houses (Black Inc, $29.95) by Tanya Levin was published this week. edit: 4 August 2007.

David Marr has also published with Black Inc.


My comments:

From 1981 to 1990 I was involved at Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst, which is now called Hillsong Church.

Frank Houston was the head pastor and the founder of Hillsong Church in 1977.

He came over from New Zealand, in the guise of church planting, but he was really a crafty old pedophile who felt the noose tightening on his pedophilia activities which he’d been doing for decades in New Zealand, while at the same time being a very prominent AOG pastor.

Frank Houston is a devil, a son of lucifer of old, who preyed on and molested little boys, teens and older men all his life.


On this site you’ll find over 100 articles on Frank Houston, his pedophilia, his very corrupt son Brian Houston, Hillsong Church, the Australian Christian Churches which was until 2009 called the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG), the New Zealand Assemblies of God and errant Pentecostal pastors in Australia and New Zealand.

For a summary of Frank Houston’s pedophile history please read my article on this site, ‘Pastor Frank Houston, Part one. Frank Houston’s pedophile activities’, published on 9 September 2012.


Peter Laughton was the young Worship Pastor at Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst in the early 1980s.

There is no way possible anyone at Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst could have known what Frank Houston and Peter Laughton were up to. I’d heard allegations of Frank Houston’s pedophilia back in New Zealand and I always had a half-eye on him in this respect but you’d never have picked it

Trevor King was the Music Director.

In 1981 Brian Houston wasn’t a pastor. He was extremely ambitious and very pushy. He wanted to go places and make it big. Its a pity he didn’t get born again properly, receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, deal with his lust for money and power, get deliverance and get a godly foundation in his life of truth, honesty and good morals before he set out to conquer the world for his Jesus.


Brian Houston’s Jesus is no closer to the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament than some statue of the black Jesus in Southern Italy with its holy red heart open to mankind.


black Jesus 11 black Jesus 10 black Jesus 9 black Jesus 8 black Jesus 7 black Jesus 6 black Jesus 5 black Jesus 4 black Jesus 3 black Jesus 2 black Jesus


Let’s hear from the great man himself


Thank you Donald Elley of Bellingen, my old builder pal from Darlinghurst days and now my greatest holy heretic.

Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Welcome to my blog site again Your Most Holy Parsonage”. Saint Copulator II: “Thank you Donald Elley of Bellingen, my old holy comrade from Darlinghurst days and now my greatest most holy heretic”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Your Eminence, have you read my article about Peter Laughton and the eternal bum caresses?” Saint Copulator II: “’re cracking me up Donald Elley of Bellingen..haha..hell-ova-holy hyisssssteriacal half bred hares…hahaah”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “What’s so funny? Share the joke”. Saint Copulator II: “Hahaha…holy haha..I just can’t believe Peter Laughton fell for dad’s old tricks”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Do you mean you knew your father holy saint Francis was like that?” Saint Copulator: “Eternal bum caresses. How did Peter Laughton think that was going to heal him and make him feel like he had a dad..haha..holy haha”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “But this is a serious subject. Peter Laughton felt abused”. Saint Copulator II: “Bobby Bobby fair eternal virgin of the night. Where is my black Jesus that I bought in Positano?”. Bobby: “In your private chapel along with the pictures of your blessed father saint francis, your mother Hazel dear and the myriad golden candles burning 24/7″. Saint Copulator II: “How’d you feel about trying what Peter Laughton and dad were doing”. Bobby: “Bugger off Brian…I’ve had enough of your black Jesuses, your golden candlesticks and your kinky fetishes”.

Rev William Francis

Rev William Francis “Frank” Houston. Cranky Franky. Kiddly fiddly. Along came a spider, who sat down beside Beverly Houston…


Of all the Houston family, the Adams Family or Osbourne family or Kardashian family of Pentecost, Beverly Houston is my favourite reality TV character.


drunk lady 5

Beverly Houston, Brian Houston’s sister: “Donald (who ever you are) give me a call”


The following remarkable and highly insightful comments by Beverly Houston, Pastor Brian Houston, the current head pastor of Hillsong Global’s, sister, were made on 16 December 2014.


Blog article of 17.12.2014.

Beverly Houston got angry last night about me and my articles about her dad Pastor Frank Houston, self-confessed pedophile and her brother, Pastor Brian Houston, pedophile shelterer and protector, and rejector of his father’s numerous boy victims.

I think Beverly might have been on the house-wife’s sweet remedy (again).

Last time Beverly got angry she let fly with another batch of comments.

The Houston sisters can get quite fiery.

This time Beverly wrote numerous comments on my blog site.


Here they all are published unedited:

Beverly Houston’s comment about my article written on 7 October 2012, “Pastor Frank Houston. Part 2. Pedophile. Frank’s Jackyl and Hyde persona”.

Hope you are all enjoying your witch hunt of Brian Houston, it is not going to help victims of my father. Get real you grow up to think your father is an awesome person and then you find out all this, it takes years to comprehend it. I don’t believe in God but if I did I think you would be all condemned to hell. Think somewhere in the bible it talks about the log in your eye!! You can condemn Brian all you like but I guess at the end of the day he has been a victim of his father too and as sad as I feel for AHA, attacking Brian is not really going to help him heal. I think maybe he should be looking at his mothers position on this!! Very sad.

I don’t have much to say about Peter Lawton, except very different situation, he was a consenting adult!!


Hope you are all enjoying your witch hunt of Brian Houston

Hope you are all enjoying your witch hunt of Brian Houston


Beverly Houston’s comment about my article written on 20 September 2014, “Hillsong. Brian Houston. Part one. Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse. Hillsong and Pastor Brian Houston’s spin and cover up over his father Pastor Frank Houston’s eleven or more pedophile and homosexuality victims over four plus decades”.

Hey Donald (who ever you are) just want you to know you are an awesome fuck wit. Are you getting some notoriety out of this, can’t see how in any way this is of help to victims of my father. I do not believe in God, but if I did I would see you as the biggest hypocrite out. You should do some research in to Stan Carter, I have childhood memories!!! Condeming/jailing Brian is not going to help victims, and yes as a family member we are victims too!! Can you imagine the father you looked up to did this, it takes a long time to believe and accept it and yes we feel very sad for AHA but unfortunately his misplaced anger at Brian is not going to help him heal, should have done it before my father had dimensia and made him face up to his own sins, sorry it’s a witch hunt, they weren’t Brian’s sins!!! Just want to say your a hero!!


The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Beverly: "Hey Donald (who ever you are) just want you to know you are an awesome fuck wit."

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Beverly Houston: “Hey Donald (who ever you are) just want you to know you are an awesome fuck wit.”


Beverly Houston’s 1st comment about my article written on 18 November 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 52. Lower Hutt Assemblies of God. New facts reported to me in an email”.

Hey Donald I’m so impressed for your heart for God!! your amazing, you even know my sisters break up business funnily you have better recollections than she does. You are amazing, soooo helpful to victims of my father. Guess by making my family all look bad some how consuls you and everyone else, but really my father did what he did, we were children and still find it hard to believe. As I’ve said before your a total wanker and I guess your godly outlook makes you amazingly awesome. Go for it mate we unfortunately are victims too, including Brian!!


Hey Donald I’m so impressed for your heart for God!! your amazing

Hey Donald I’m so impressed for your heart for God!! your amazing


Beverly Houston’s 2nd comment about my article written on 18 November 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 52. Lower Hutt Assemblies of God. New facts reported to me in an email”.

Maybe you should be scrutinising your emails for truth more than what you do!!



Maybe you should be scrutinising your emails for truth more than what you do!!

Maybe you should be scrutinising your emails for truth more than what you do!!


Beverly Houston’s 3rd comment about my article written on 18 November 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 52. Lower Hutt Assemblies of God. New facts reported to me in an email”.

Hey Donald, and another thought is, don’t you think ‘Rose has a lot to answer for, because I’m god dam sure if my kids said they were molested by someone I would check it out!! I feel very sorry for AHA, I remember him, but he hasn’t tried to track any of us, unfortunately I go by the name of Houston and I’ve never heard from him, if I did I (like Brian) would do any thing to try and help him, I don’t have any money but would try in other ways!! Hate the way you are trying to make my family pay for the sins of our father, Brian included and yes we have all suffered post traumatic syndrome, not that you would understand that cause you are HELPING down trodden people, your awesome!!


Brian included and yes we have all suffered post traumatic syndrome

Brian included and yes we have all suffered post traumatic syndrome


Beverly Houston’s 4th comment about my article written on 18 November 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 52. Lower Hutt Assemblies of God. New facts reported to me in an email”.


Donald another thought, hein sight is an amazing thing, you obviously knew all about this long before you did or said anything, maybe if you had spoken up earlier it would have protected someone, just saying!!


Hey Donald another thought, hein sight is an amazing thing, you obviously knew all about this long before you did or said anything, maybe if you had spoken up earlier it would have protected someone, just saying!!

Donald another thought, hein sight is an amazing thing, you obviously knew all about this long before you did or said anything, maybe if you had spoken up earlier it would have protected someone, just saying!!


Beverly Houston’s 1st comment about my article written on 9 December 2014, “Pastor Frank Houston part 11: should Pastor Frank Houston be honoured in any way”?

Love the way you are all are so virtuous!! Yes apparently my father was a pedophile and for that I feel very sad, but you know what, we were children (including Brian) and yes it has taken us some time to realise these accusations are true because we loved and adored him, but when I read these messages, even though I don’t believe in God I find it amazing the witch hunt on Brian and just want to say you are all amazing christians and I think this is an amazing witch hunt and why is it that this Donald (who ever he may be ) never reported it sooner and maybe could have protected someone, just saying!!! Moron!


just saying!!! Moron!

just saying!!! Moron!


Beverly Houston’s 2nd comment about my article written on 9 December 2014, “Pastor Frank Houston part 11: should Pastor Frank Houston be honoured in any way”?

and now he is such a caring person of the victims, really?? have to question that!! I’m sure god will shine on you because your awesome, destroying my family is really going to help the victims with what my father has done!! you are an amazing christian and I so never what to be like you wanker!!


you are an amazing christian and I so never what to be like you wanker!!

you are an amazing christian and I so never what to be like you wanker!!


Beverly Houston’s comment no 1 about my article written on 30 October 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 33. Honouring victim SA1 the first South Australian boy victim of Pastor Frank Houston’s abuse”.

Hey Donald (who ever you are) you are a wanker, destroying my family is not going to help any victims of my father, but maybe will score you brownie points when you go to heaven hehe. Your awesome you found out about my father and just wondering how long it took you to do anything about it?? your a moron you think by bad mouthing my sisters divorce makes my father look worse, nothing to do with it, your a total wanker, give me a call Beverley Houston (edit: Beverley shares her mobile number) if you have the guts, or are you just trying to make us pay for the sins of our father!!



your a total wanker, give me a call Beverley Houston

your a total wanker, give me a call Beverley Houston


Beverly Houston’s comment no 2 about my article written on 30 October 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 33. Honouring victim SA1 the first South Australian boy victim of Pastor Frank Houston’s abuse”.


Donald (who ever you are) give me a call because as far as I know there are six victims and now suddenly you are reporting 200!! Don’t you think that minimises the victims claim, interested to know if you can give me 200 names, call me I think your a bit like the media and 1 becomes 100, call me I’m interested and no I have no interest in the church, think the whole god thing is a total fast!! but yes I think your after notoriety, and people are sucked in by you, call me!


Donald (who ever you are) give me a call

Donald (who ever you are) give me a call


Beverly Houston’s comment no 3 about my article written on 30 October 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 33. Honouring victim SA1 the first South Australian boy victim of Pastor Frank Houston’s abuse”.

And don’t fucking say to me Brian won’t pay etc etc. Did he commit these crimes, no he didn’t and he is like the rest of my family trying to come to terms with it it. Get a life as much as I feel sorry for AHA we are suffering to, ask him has he tortured his mother over her disgusting response, put that in the media,absolutely disgusting!! So over this!


And don’t fucking say to me Brian won’t pay etc etc

And don’t fucking say to me Brian won’t pay etc etc


Beverly Houston’s comment no 4 about my article written on 30 October 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 33. Honouring victim SA1 the first South Australian boy victim of Pastor Frank Houston’s abuse”.

Brian didn’t try to hide anything, he actually didn’t know, just like all my family and amazingly other people knew (NZ AOG) but you know it’s the usual witch hunt, but you are all amazing christians and when you go to heaven I’m sure you will score brownie points for this. and do you really think AHA will be healed by demonising Brian, I don’t think so, he wasn’t the perpetrator and AHA was 7-12yrs old and Brian has a very different memory of it believe it or not, but he like the rest of my family have no desire to protect our father from the terrible things he did. I am so over this shit Donald that you are portraying Brian as not wanting to pay victims (even though they weren’t his victims), the royal commission is nothing to do with compensation, another one of your attention seeking tactics. Just want to remind everyone that you knew about it before we did and let it go on and now you are trying to make my family look bad, god bless you your awesome I’m sure you will score a very high seat in heaven for being a wanker!! Call me.


I’m sure you will score a very high seat in heaven for being a wanker!! Call me.

I’m sure you will score a very high seat in heaven for being a wanker!! Call me.


My comments:

Beverly supplied me with her mobile phone number. I’ll bear it in mind. If I ever feel like calling someone to be abused.

It’s always a pleasure to have Beverly Houston as a guest on my blog site. Her comments became less coherent, but more passionate as the sauce bit in. But that’s OK. Anytime Beverly. It was nice to hear from you again.

I’d now like to have Beverly’s virtuous brother Brian on this blog-site.

oops wrong photo

Oops wrong photo. 

St Peter

St Pete of Hillsong New York, the Great Financial Babylon which lieth on the Hudson River. “My name is no longer boring old Brian. I’m St Super-Pete. The Anything Is Possible, Amazing Vision Super-Modern Pope, late of Baulkham Hills, but now the World and the great Cosmos. Close to Mother Mary, St Carl Lentz and all the young sanctified hipster preachers of the globe. Bobby Bobby, my celestial princess of the heavens, my love, my fair lady of the night. Beverly my holy sis just slam-dunked that scoundrel heretic Donald Elley of Bellingen. Sweet hip holy hallelujahs to that. Bobby listen to this. Beverly’s called him a fuck-wit. Holy hilarious hyenas. Hyisssssterical. Hahah holy mary hah haas to that. And “Brian didn’t hide anything, he actually didn’t know”. Bless her. Beverly, she’s such a drip believing my holy spin and sanctimonious holy bull-shit. And Beverly wrote, “And don’t you fucking say to me Brian won’t pay…” Oh Beverly. Ha hah Holy hissy-fit Hah hah hahs.  Holy Hysterical Hybrid Hyenas. Bobby, please get daddy on the phone, I’ve got to share this with him. Bobby, what dad’s dead? Well, then get mummy dear on the phone. Bobby, what? She’s dead too. Bobby, I’m hearing those dark voices again. Get me those PTSD pills again. What I’ve just swallowed the whole bottle. Bobby, I’m feeling sleepy. Bobby, fair lady of the night. Come. Read me what Beverly wrote again. Bobby reading, “Hey Donald, whoever you are, you’re a wanker…”


Hillsong NYC. Open gays leading the choir

Hillsong New York City. Allows gays in leadership positions. Open gay Josh Canfield (left) leading the choir. Pictured with his former live-in partner Reed. They split up in March this year after many years together. They were engaged to be married at Hillsong NYC and head pastors Carl Lentz and Joel Houston supported their relationship. Josh: “Our relationship isn’t yet consummated”. Whatever that means…Thank for sharing that with the world Josh. Josh and Reed also hosted a Hillsong NYC Bible study group in their apartment. They were planning to marry at Hillsong NYC this year. Head pastor of Hillsong Global Brian Houston told the media this year, “Gay marriage at Hillsong is inevitable in the near future”.

Hillsong's gospel of greed and avarice.

Hillsong’s gospel of greed and avarice. Hillsong and Bobbie and Brian Houston: “Shaking under the power of the mighty dollar.”


I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the 13th in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.

Today I’m going to take extracts from each of the first five articles in this series, and then make overall comments about them.


Five Extracts:

Part one: ‘Pat Mesiti’s adultery with a young Hillsong worship leader and with prostitutes’.


pat mesiti1114b_pro


Pat Mesiti confesses: “I was a sex addict”.


Hillsong Insider speaks:

“Pat Mesiti committed adultery with Darlinghurst prostitutes while he was a famous Hillsong Youth Alive pastor preaching to thousands of young people.

Pat Mesiti was caught by paying for the services of prostitutes using a Hillsong Church credit card.

Pat Mesiti had an adulterous affair, while he was married, with a young Hillsong worship leader.

He divorced his wife and married the young Hillsong worship leader who he had the affair with.

The pursuit and even harassment of young attractive women in Hillsong church by older Hillsong men and leaders is common. In fact it is part of the inner culture of Hillsong church”.


"Pastor" Pat Mesiti convicted wife basher going to court a couple of weeks ago. Convicted of common assault. Due in Parramatta Court Sydney on 23 March for sentencing.

“Pastor” Pat Mesiti of Hillsong Global Church and C3 Global,Church. Close friends of head pastors Brian Houston and Phil Pringle the head pastors of these two Australian-based mega-churches. Convicted wife basher going to court earlier this year. Convicted of common assault. His second wife Andrea divorced Pat this year for seeing other women behind her back including prostitiutes. Pat’s excuse is always, “I’m a sex addict” This has been going on for 16 years but Brian Houston and Phil Pringle keep pardoning Pat and letting him back in as a pastor. the damage Pat has caused to women all over Australia is incredible but Brian Houston and Phil Pringle don’t think of that. Instead they look after their own.



Part two: ‘My questions to do with Pat Mesiti’s adultery with a young Hillsong worship leader and with prostitutes’.

My comments on Pat Mesiti’s adulteries with prostitutes and a young worship leader, his current wife no 2:

My questions raised in part two of this series of articles asking various questions about the above information from the Hillsong insider about Pat Mesiti.

“Firstly, why hasn’t Hillsong informed us, the Body of Christ, or even its own members, or even the pastors in the Australian Assemblies of God movement (AoG) or even its own pastors at Hillsong of the facts about what Pat Mesiti did?”

“What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes?”

“What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong church credit card?”

“But when a man is not only a Christian, but is a very prominent Youth Pastor preaching to thousands of innocent believing young people, is going to a brothel on a Church credit card wrong?”

“What’s wrong with having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong church credit card when you’re a famous trusted Christian Youth evangelist preaching to thousands of innocent believing young people, including Donald Elley of Bellingen’s older children?”

“So what should have happened to Pat Mesiti when he got caught having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong credit card, and cheated on his wife with a young Hillsong worship leader, at the same time? An unholy mess. And should he have been ‘restored’ by Pastor Phil Pringle, the CEO of C3 international Church, which has it’s headquarters on Sydney’s Northern Beaches?”

“Firstly, what should have happened to Pat Mesiti when he got caught having sex with prostitutes on a Hillsong credit card, and also cheating on so wife with a young attractive female worship leader?”

“What does the New Testament in the Holy Bible say about famous pastors who do very public sexual sins like Pat did?”


Part three: ‘The day a lesbian was roughed up by Hillsong pastors and thrown out the Hillsong door’.



Lesbians: Should Hillsong Church Pastors rough up lesbians and toss them out the Hillsong door?


Hillsong Insider speaks:

“In 2005 Hillsong City pastors, Pastor Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren, manhandled and abused a young lady at Hillsong City Church, who was gay. She was told, “your type is not needed here at Hillsong”.

She was sitting on the floor of the Hillsong City Church front foyer, with her back to the wall. This incident took place as the church sermon was going on. Pastor Brian Houston was preaching. It was at the 5pm service.

Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren spoke to her, and in her defence, after being told “a lesbian is gay and not needed here at Hillsong”, they went to grab her and manhandle her to the front door.

The lady at this time was sitting on the floor. As the pastors tried to get hold of her, by extreme rough handling, she said, “Please stop, you are hurting me”.

Pastor Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren were saying, “It’s time to go lady lover”.

She slapped the pastor so hard that the crack was heard inside the auditorium.

The two pastors gave this women no rights of removal under the act, and twisting her limbs behind her back, they pulled her up. She was yelling abuse at the pastors. She was taken outside and then thrown to the ground outside the door. By this stage she was a crying mess and she was bleeding a little. She would have gotten bruising after all this rough handling. I didn’t see her return.

This was one incident where the reports were shredded or never made. This lady was acting in self-defence. Yes the lady was gay, but this was plain bullying and rough handling, whatever you like to call it.

I saw this all happen and did not a thing. I was told by Steve McGhie and Pastor Darren, “It’s not your place, we will handle it”.

The security team can be very rough, and they can be very aggressive, doing pay-back and stuff like that. They can be very aggressive in protecting Hillsong and throwing out dissenters like this poor lesbian who got shown the door. They also spy on people and track them. For example Tanya Levin, the Hillsong watch lady”.


Part four. Extract one. ‘The Hillsong culture: Bullying, intimidation, fear and cult-like activities’.

Pastor Steve McGhie

Pastor Steve McGhie. Great White Hunter. Bully. No Christian heart of compassion. Tough guy. Hates Australian Aborigines and tosses them out the Hillsong door. Also tosses gays out the Hillsong door. I have some more Steve McGhie stories…watch this space.


Hillsong Insider speaks:

“All Hillsong leaders and Hillsong security have photographs of Tanya Levin. Hillsong can’t stand Tanya Levin.

Whenever Hillsong leaders or Hillsong security spot Tanya Levin near a Hillsong event or a Hillsong church, Hillsong security goes into overdrive. Photographs of her and what she is wearing go out to every Hillsong Security staff member and to every Hillsong church leader in Australia.

If Hillsong knows a dissenter is out and about, Hillsong security will send someone to track their every move. They do this to Tanya Levin every time.

They watch what Tanya does, who she speaks to and it all goes into a report. Hillsong pastors go and talk to anyone Tanya has spoken to, to get information on what the conversation was about, and then the Hillsong church member who spoke to Tanya gets a debrief and a warning about her.

Hillsong Security leadership teaches teams of people how to do this and how to pass on sightings and write Hillsong security reports.

The Hillsong Head of Security reports to Pastor Steve McGhie, Pastor Brian Houston’s brother-in-law, who is Brian’s fix-it man and henchman.


Part four. Extract two: Pastor Brian Houston has a bad temper.


Pastor Brian Houston

Pastor Brian Houston. Has a foul temper.


Hillsong Insider speaks:

Pastor Brian Houston has a bad temper. Once he was in a hurry, running late, and the lifts at Hillsong were too slow. Brian lost it and punched a hole in a gyprock wall adjacent the lifts.

In his mind Brian Houston acts and thinks like, “I’m the great Brian Houston”.


Part five: ‘The Marks of the Hillsong Church Culture: mate-ship, money, amorality and poor Christian moral ethics’.


Joel Houston. Spiritually corrupt. Part of a spiritually bankrupt dynasty. The grandson of a lifelong pedophile. The son of a pedophile protector. Up to his gills in Hillsong money scams. Milking the Blessed Body of Christ of every cent they can get their grubby hands on.

Joel Houston. Brian Houston’s son. Frank Houston’s grandson. Spiritually corrupt. Part of a spiritually bankrupt dynasty. The grandson of a lifelong pedophile. The son of a pedophile protector. Up to his gills in Hillsong money scams. Milking the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Blessed Body of Christ, of every cent they can get their grubby Houston hands on.


Hillsong Insider speaks:

“Pastor Steve McGhie and his wife Judith (Brian Houston’s sister) are the most corrupt people in the Hillsong church.

Steve McGhie has a hatred towards Aboriginals. He treats them badly and has rough-handled them at times, when they’ve misbehaved inside Hillsong premises at Waterloo. (Hillsong City Campus).

Pastor Joel A’Bell, formerly a Hillsong Youth Pastor, and now head of Hillsong Australia, is a snake. He’ll be nice to you and stab you in the back. Pastor Joel A’Bell has a love of power”.

It’s all ‘jobs for the boys’ at Hillsong. An “if you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” culture, where morality and ethics take a second place.

Mateship and nepotism are the currency of the Hillsong culture. This culture revolves around money and finance. Pastor Joel Houston, Pastor Bobbie and Brian Houston’s eldest son, before he became prominent in the Hillsong Youth Band, and later become co-pastor at Hillsong New York City, had a printing business. He was given all of Hillsong’s printing business which is massive. This is blatant shameless nepotism.
There was a big fallout between Darlene Zschech and Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston before Darlene and her husband Mark left Hillsong to form their own church on the Central Coast, an hour north of Sydney. Darlene didn’t want the high rock and roll Hillsong was getting into under its Hillsong Alive band run by Pastor Joel Houston. Darlene wanted worship to be more worshipful and she wanted to be there for the people. Pastor Brian Houston is led by money not love for people. Pastor Brian Houston, his wife Bobbie and his son Joel wanted the high rock and roll. Now Hillsong has to beg and scrap to Darlene if they want her to sing, because they want to trade on her name still in their promotions by having her sing occasionally for them.

In respect to Bobbie Houston, Pastor Brian Houston’s wife, I don’t know how Brian puts up with her. She’s just a nag. Bobbie is a princess who can do whatever she wants. In fact at one Colour Conference she said, “This is my conference and I’ll do whatever I like”. Who pays for Bobbie’s cosmetic surgery? Hillsong does.

Hillsong is just corporate now. It’s about business, business, business. It’s a job for the full-time staff rather than a Christian ministry of heart-felt service, like the Lord Jesus Christ wanted the Church of Jesus to be.

Joel Houston is a bit of a fool. Joel’s best mate made out he had terminal cancer and achieved fame throughout Australia for it. His name is Michael Guglielmucci. Then he was found out to have lied about it.

Joel is out for fame. I knew Brian’s kids in the pram. All the Houston kids are power-mad. All their spouses married into money.

Joel Houston has an immense sense of entitlement. Joel’s attitude is “I’m in Hillsong. I’m Brian Houston’s son”.

All the young Hillsong City church pastors have homes and apartments in the beach-side Eastern Suburbs of Sydney bought with Hillsong church financial assistance. If they need money to buy an apartment, cash gets put into their account to help them get the loan, and then it is moved out once the loan is approved. All the young pastors at the Hillsong City Church get helped in ways like this. It’s “jobs for the boys”. Hillsong Bible College teaching is all about the Hillsong business and about milking the system.

Brian Houston has a very bad temper. His overall attitude is “I’m the great Brian Houston”. Bobbie and Brian Houston live a life of luxury and excess.

“Hillsong keeps records on members, just like a cult”.


My comments:

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen


These extracts from the first five articles in this series demonstrate that “The spirit that is on Hillsong isn’t the Holy Spirit”.

In the late 1990s I returned to Hillsong City Campus. It was called Christian Life Centre (CLC) Sydney in those days, which is the third name for Hillsong. The first name was Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst, known as CLC Darlinghurst or CLC Darlo for short. Australian’s shorten many words. ‘Darlo’ for Darlinghurst, ‘arvo’ for afternoon, ‘smoko’ for morning tea, ‘see ya’ for “I’ll see you later” or “goodbye”, and so on. ‘Pedo’ for pedophile seems to be an oft used term in relationship to Hillsong these days.

Pastor Frank Houston, the self-confessed life-long “pedo” or pedophile, Brian Houston’s father, founded Hillsong in Sydney’s eastern suburbs in 1977.

Brian and Bobbie Houston joined him soon after as did Ian Carlisle and Maureen, one of Brian’s three sisters and her first husband. Later about 1990, Steve McGhie and Judith, Brian’s youngest sister, migrated to Sydney from New Zealand to join them all.

Brian and Bobbie Houston have three children. Joel, Ben and Laura.


Bobbie and Brian's mansion

Bobbie and Brian’s mansion

Brian Houston house 2 Brian Houston house 3 Brian Houston house 5

Brian and Bobbie Houston's McMansion Palace in Glenhaven, Western Sydney.

Brian and Bobbie Houston’s McMansion Palace in Glenhaven, Western Sydney.



Brian Houston

edit: The Wikipedia article about ‘Brian Houston’ and ‘Hillsong Church’ reads like they were written by Hillsong. In fact, Hillsong has a large and very busy PR, IT and Security department who ensure everything about Hillsong on the internet and social media that Hillsong can control is carefully manipulated and manicured exactly how they want it.


Wikipedia. Brian Houston:

‘Brian and Bobbie Houston’s home is in the suburb of Glenhaven, Sydney.

Houston’s three grown children, Joel, Ben, and Laura. Ben and Laura currently live in Sydney.

Joel is married to Esther, they have a son. Joel is a musician, a songwriter, and Hillsong Church’s creative director. As of 2010, he co-pastors Hillsong New York with Carl Lentz.

Ben is married to Lucille and they are the Lead Pastors of Hillsong Los Angeles. They have three daughters.

Laura married Peter Toganivalu in 2008, and they have one daughter and one son. Laura, along with her husband Peter are pastors of the senior high youth ministry Wildlife. Laura also oversees the youth music/worship ministry known as ‘Young and Free’. Previously she was involved with the church communications team, which included overseeing artwork and design’.


My comments:

So all three Houston children, Joel, Ben, and Laura, are ‘in the ministry’. One might add, ‘in Hillsong ministry’.

The Houstons are very dynastic like a lot of other high profile and extremely wealthy Australian families. Take the Packers or the Murdochs for example. Gretel and James Packer, the two children of Kerry Packer, have recently split their inheritance in two. Lachlan, James and Elizabeth Murdoch, the children of Rupert Murdoch from his first marriage, and his primary heirs, are all working for, and looked after, by Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation.

So it runs with the Houstons. They’re all ‘in the ministry’. They’re all looked after by mummy and daddy. They all have luxury apartments in Bondi, personally owned in tax-free Hillsong church trust accounts to avoid capital gains and other taxes.

The Houstons had better be careful with their clever tax avoidance tricks, or the Australian Taxation Department may do another  audit of them, just as they did recently with the Obeids, another Sydney dynastic family.

What has also been passed on and inherited from momma and papa Houston, as the Hillsong crowd like to affectionately called them, or Bobbie and Brian Houston, as we know them, are their bad habits and personal demons.

Bobbie, a self-proclaimed princess of note, a self-confessed sex addict like Pat Mesiti, except, to my knowledge, she restricts her passions to Brian. Botox queen. “A nag” to Brian, according to the eye-witness observation of the Hillsong Insider. Loves luxury clothes, the jet-set lifestyle, holidays at plush European hotels paid for by Hillsong, botox, breast lifts, nips and tuck- all paid for by Hillsong tithes. Princess mentality. The Hillsong insider says that Bobbie Houston’s ego is out-of-control. That she has mega tickets on herself. That Bobbie is a complete princess who always gets her way around Hillsong Church.


Bobbie Houston. Married into a very corrupt family.

Bobbie Houston. Mrs Brian Houston. Botox Queen. Self-proclaimed princess. In on all the scams of Hillsong Church.


Brian, the King or Pope of Hillsong, who rules with an iron fist but he can’t control his physical and spiritual children. What wealthy man can control his children when they become free-wheeling wealthy adults? It’s a recipe for disaster: wealth, entitlement and freedom and no Holy Spirit to help keep things Biblical and in order.


Saint Copulator II, otherwise known as Saint Petropoulos of Hillsong Baulkham Hills or Pope Pete for short. Never call him Brian or he won't answer.

Brian. The Pope of Hillsong.


Take this comment on this site by a man Rob on 13 March 2013:

“All of Frank Houston’s children think they’re royalty. They all covet wealth, lavish lifestyles, and fame. Strange, you’d think they would realise the scriptures speak against all of those things, but they think they’re above the rules that apply to the peasants, after all, they’re the “special ones”. Short sighted, when you consider eternity…..”

In the late 1990s I returned to Hillsong City Campus. It was called CLC Sydney in those days. One Wednesday night I went to a worship service at Hillsong Baulkham Hills, in their current premise. I felt what I thought was a very strong anointing but it was dark and it didn’t feel right.

Friends, what I was sensing wasn’t the Holy Spirit.

At Hillsong there is a very strong anointing, but it’s not the Blessed Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus. It’s something else.

The spirit over Hillsong churches world-wide is earthly sensual and devilish. It’s from below. it’s from the pit of hell. It was conceived in the womb of satan, injected supernaturally into the founder of Hillsong, Frank Houston, at an early age. He was born in 1922 the same year as the greatest Holy Spirit Revival in Wellington, New Zealand led by one of the greatest healing evangelist of all time, Smith Wigglesworth.


A History of the Charismatic Movements in New Zealand, by James E. Worsfold p112-114

NEW ZEALAND May-June 1922


Smith-Wigglesworth. One of the greats who has gone before us

Smith-Wigglesworth. One of the greats who has gone before us.


My comments:

Smith Wigglesworth was at the prime of his ministry at the time. The heavens opened and the Holy Spirit came down. The meetings ended up in the Wellington Town Hall and there were amazing miracles night after night. The whole city was set alight.

After this mighty revival four men were born who would wreck the fruits of Smith Wigglesworth’s Holy Spirit Revival in New Zealand.

These were Frank Houston, Neville Johnson, Ian Bilby and Jim Williams.


Frank Houston. Born April 22, 1922, New Zealand.

Note: 1922 was the year of this Holy Spirit Revival brought to New Zealand by Smith Wigglesworth.

In other words, Lucifer of old counter-sowed the Wellington, New Zealand Revival with the birth of Frank Houston, followed by the birth of a collection of other deviates who were destined to lead the new Zealand and later Australian Assemblies of God movements.

Smith Wigglesworth was known as God’s Apostle of Faith. He ministered in the Elim and Assemblies of God denominations, but he remained independent of any denomination.

These are the errant corrupt men who the devil used to counter-sow the New Zealand Revival in Wellington.


Pastor Frank houston, Brian's dad. Lifelong secret pedophile. Eyes as black as Hades.

Pastor Frank Houston. Founder of Hillsong. Brian Houston’s dad. Lifelong secret pedophile. Eyes as black as Hades.


Frank Houston. Life-long secret pedophile and homosexual.

Head of the New Zealand AoG and later the Australian AoG for decades.

Only exposed as a lifelong secret pedophile and banned when he was 77 in 1998/ 1999.

Died in November 2004.

The pedophile Frank Houston, who used the Christian ministry as a foil and disguise, sexually abused 200 to 400 boys and some teens over his whole lifetime from when he was a teen.

Preferred victims: young innocent boys aged 7 to 12.

Frank Houston never got jail time because his son, Pastor Brian Houston, current CEO of Hillsong International, didn’t report him to the police and sheltered him for five years until his death.

These are criminal offences under New South Wales and Australian laws.

Brian is waiting to see if he will be criminally charged with these offences. If convicted he could be sent to jail. In fact this is likely.


Simeon Beckett, the barrister for Hillsong’s time at the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse has recommended to the NSW Attorney General’s Department that Brian Houston be criminally charged with these offences.


Pastor Jim Williams with his long-suffering wife

Pastor Jim Williams with his long-suffering wife Betty. Jim Williams. Pedophile. Adulterer. A Fraud. Possible part of a pedophile ring with Frank Houston. They definitely helped each other and protected each other. They must have known the other was a deviate.


Jim Williams. Serial adulterer and secret pedophile.

Born 11 September 1935, New Zealand. Serial adulterer and secret pedophile.

Caroline Andrews commented on this site recently that Jim Williams, who died in June this year, was a pedophile who sexual abused her when she was an innocent trusting tender 12 years old.

Jim Williams sexually abused her for three years when she was only 12 and he was 25. At the time he was an AoG Youth pastor in Heathmont, Victoria, Australia,  Jim Williams sexually abused her close friend and two other girls too.

In 1977 Jim Williams succeeded Frank Houston as Superintendent of the New Zealand Assemblies of God.

When Jim Williams moved to Australia Brian Houston when Head of the Australian Assemblies of God, publicly welcomed him.

Jim Williams was banned from ever ministering again by both the Australian and New Zealand Assemblies of God for serial adultery offences.

Undeterred he founded House of Praise, Springwood, Queensland, Australia and continued ministering until his death in June this year.


Neville Johnson. Liked oral sex with church secretaries.

Neville Johnson. Liked oral sex with church secretaries.

Pastor Neville Johnson. Serial adulterer. Still operating as a false prophet today.

Born in the 1940s in Sutherland England.

Serial adulterer with a succession of three church secretaries in the 1970s to early 1980s.

By his adulterous actions, cover-ups and lies, and his absence of remorse, he destroyed the largest Pentecostal church in Australia and New Zealand at the time. That is, Queen Street Assemblies of God in Auckland, New Zealand.

Neville Johnson’s current ministry is the Academy of Light based in Perth, Western Australia. Avoid and shun this man at all costs.


Ian Bilby. Serial adulterer. 10-20 affairs while married and a prominent Elim church pastor in New Zealand.

Ian Bilby. Serial adulterer. 10-20 affairs while married and the most prominent Elim church pastor in New Zealand.

Pastor Ian Bilby. Serial adlterer with 10-20 women while Head of the Elim Church in New Zealand.

Born in the 1940s. Head of Elim Church New Zealand for over twenty years.

Serial adulterer with 10-20 women in 20 years of top-level ministry.


Leaders at Springwood House of Praise Church in Springwood, Queensland, which Jim Williams founded.

Leaders at Springwood House of Praise Church in Springwood, Queensland, which Jim Williams founded. Used the Christian Church to access kids for his sexual pleasures and fondle women not his wife.

Jim Williams sexual abuse of a 12 year old girl, Caroline Andrews:

Here is a comment by an Australian lady Caroline Andrews on this site 14 October 2014. Her name prior to marriage was Caroline Orr.

This comment is published on this site with Caroline’s permission and she wants her name published.

Caroline Andrews:

“I was a member of the AOG church in Heathmont when Jim Williams was in charge of our young peoples group.I had given my heart to the Lord at the age of 10 and just after my 12th birthday in 1960, Jim williams started to mollest me and this went on for over 3 years. He taught me to be secretive and when I was questioned at the age of thirteen, I only admitted to him kissing me as I was embarrassed in front of my mother. Years later at the age of 33 I found out that he had abused my twin sister and two other young girls at the time. This abuse has had a profound affect on my life. As he took away my childhood, and affected my education as all I could think about was him. I regret that I was never interested in my school life. I am still very secretive, and I have issues that I am only good for one thing in life and that is to please a man. I have no self-esteem. My marriage collapsed when my husband found out about the sexual abuse as I had never told him. Also my love of God is non-existant and I do not believe in a loving God any more. It took me half my life to realise the affects of his abuse on my life. He should have gone to jail as he was in simple terms a paedophile of the worst kind. About twenty years ago, he was made to sign a letter of apology to my sister and myself, but when it was delivered to us, we were not allowed to read it until we promised that it would be burnt straight away. This letter was not signed, neither was it a proper apology as all he said was that he would pray for our healing. What a joke. My sister has spent half her life in the care of psychiatrists and I have been on anti-depressants for half of mine. I will never get over what he did to me and it is a life sentence for me. That is all I have to say. Caroline Andrews nee Orr”.


My comments:

Heathmont is in Victoria, Australia.

Hillsong is an organisation which was birthed by satanic forces as a counter-sowing to the greatest New Zealand Revival by Smith Wigglesworth in Wellington, New Zealand in 1922. The satanic vessel for this false organisation was the life-long secret pedophile Frank Houston.


The Lion of Judah

The Lion of Judah

The Holy Spirit comes.

The Holy Spirit comes.

Holy Spirit 11Holy Spirit 8


Christian Assemblies International website:

By an Eyewitness – Pastor Harry V. Roberts (Summary)

Smith Wigglesworth.


New Zealand’s greatest revival started in China, where a missionary, Mr. J. Fullerton, was shown by the Holy Spirit that God was about to pour out his Holy Spirit on New Zealand. Mr. Fullerton took a trip to his own country, Denmark, where he met Smith Wigglesworth. Mr. Fullerton told Smith Wigglesworth of what God had showed him. Smith Wigglesworth prayed about it and God showed that he should visit New Zealand.

Smith Wigglesworth’s first address, “The Enduement of Power and The Gifts of the Spirit” was delivered in the Sunday school hall of the Vivian Street Baptist Church, Wellington. The address showed that the Holy Spirit is a real person and is promised to all believers. We have the right to ask the Holy Spirit to live within us and have no victory over sin without it. The numbers at these morning meetings increased very rapidly and the meetings had to be moved to the main church, which was also too small! It was at one of these meetings that the phenomenon of Tongues was heard. It was peculiar how many people were immediately against tongues without knowing anything about it. These prejudices disappeared as soon as the interpretations came forth. The interpretations were awe-inspiring and soundly scriptural.

Miraculous healings took place, as deformed and diseased children were prayed for. One gaunt consumptive man, who had been entirely given up on as a hopeless case, was carried in. He was in a coma, but after prayer, he arose full of vigor and walked with his head up, out of the church, healed!

Evening meetings were held in the Wellington town hall. The crowds grew from 800, to 1600, to 3000 on the third night. From then onwards, people had to be turned away each night. At least 1000 could not gain admittance on one of the nights. Smith Wigglesworth preached mainly on Divine healing, his keywords were “ONLY BELIEVE”.

Wellington Town Hall was where evangelist Smith Wigglesworth was used to heal scores of people and lead them to salvation in 1922

The capital city’s morning newspaper, The Dominion, dated 31/5/1922 reports:


To heal the sick by Divine influence is no new claim, although to actually witness the process of cure being carried out in this work-a-day world has attracted big audiences to the Town Hall this week, a very large gathering being present at last night’s demonstration.

The Yorkshire evangelist, Mr Smith-Wigglesworth, is conducting the proceedings, and, except that he anoints with oil the real process of healing is carried out by faith itself. The evening commences with a religious service, including prayers and hymns, after which the demonstration of healing is given.

Last night about two hundred persons of both sexes presented themselves for treatment, but the evangelist was only able to deal with fifty of them, the other cases being postponed till to-night.

Those in search of relief comprised cripples (many of whom were able to throw away their crutches and sticks immediately); others, with goitre, rheumatism, partial blindness, deafness, and various forms of affliction. Quite a large percentage claimed that they were cured or relieved by the Divine faith poured into them by the evangelist. To particularise: A woman of middle age, who was crippled with rheumatism, demonstrated her cure by walking across the flood; stutterers were almost instantly made to repeat the Lord’s Prayer without stuttering; young women with necks swollen with goitre professed to be cured, and certainly the swellings in some cases disappeared or were reduced in size; an old man of 80 years, partially blind, said his sight had been improved; and numbers afflicted with pains of one sort and another declared that they were freed from their sufferings. There were failure, of course, due, perhaps, to lack of faith, or possibly the sufferers were incurable.

Some of the people healed described their experience in sworn affidavits. These affidavits were sworn before Mr. C.A. Baker, JP. The author did not have authority to publish names, the names have therefore been omitted.

Mr. ____, of Wellington, dairyman, declared that for three years he suffered from chronic gastritis and paralysis of both legs from hip downwards and could only drag along with crutches, caused by some spinal misery and drudgery. “On Sunday, the 4th June,” he proceeds, “I attended the Town Hall on crutches; I saw others being healed and believed that God would heal me. I went forward, Mr. Wigglesworth laid his hands on me, one of the workers anointed me with oil, Mr. Wigglesworth told me to walk. I handed him my crutches and walked home. I felt as the healing came as if a tight pair of stockings was being removed from my legs. I have been improving in health ever since the 4th June. For 14 years I have had a cyst on the back of my neck and have often spoken to the doctors about removing it. They did not seem anxious to cut it. The cyst increased in size till it was as large as an ordinary hen’s egg. The next morning, after my healing, when I awoke, I found that the cyst had completely disappeared.” “Declared at Wellington this 20th day of June, 1922”.

Mrs. ____ declares that over three years ago the varicose veins in her leg broke. “I was twice in the hospital”. She adds. “The rest in the hospital did the leg good, but when I came out and used the leg the veins burst open. The last time at the hospital the doctor cut the veins out of the inside of the leg; an ulcer formed on the outside of the left leg. I had to walk with a stick and could only limp. The pain was intense. I went to the Town Hall. Mr. Smith-Wigglesworth prayed over me, I had the faith that Jesus would heal me.

The pain ceased and has not returned. I was able to drop my stick and I ran up to tell my mother I was healed and again able to catch the car.

Now my leg is sound and well and the ulcer is daily healing and I praise God for his goodness to me. Now I am able to wash and do my own housework.

Before, I had always to have help with the housework.” “Declared at Wellington this day 23rd June, 1922”.

Mrs. ____ of Wellington, declares that her son Ronald (Aged 11 years) broke his arm about 5 years ago. It was badly set and was a trifle shorter than the other, and he could not bend his arm back. She took the boy to the Town Hall and now her boy’s arms are both the same length and the arm that was broken will now bend right back, and can touch his shoulder. Previous to this she had his arm massaged for fully twelve months without any benefit. This lady declares that her daughter Mavis, who suffered from adenoids, was also completely healed and has no trouble with her breathing since.
This declaration was made on June 20.

Miss. ____ declares that for fourteen years she suffered with her eyes – the right eye was turned right in and she always wore glasses to correct the sight. Dr. ____ said she would always require to wear them: “I went to the Town Hall”, she adds, “The second Sunday of the Mission, the 4th June. I had been several times previously to carefully note the proceedings. I have been a Christian since I was 9 years old and was sure that Christ would heal my sight. Mr. Wigglesworth placed his hands on my eyes and at once the right eye was straight. I did not again put on my glasses and each day the sight became stronger and now my eyes are both strong and my sight is splendid”.
“Declared at Wellington, this 21st day of June”.

The healing results of the Campaign were very remarkable; and taking the scores of written testimonies, it would not be an exaggeration to say that at least seventy-five per cent of those who came forward were definitely healed’.


My comments:

“New Zealand’s greatest revival started in China, where a missionary, Mr. J. Fullerton, was shown by the Holy Spirit that God was about to pour out his Holy Spirit on New Zealand”.

Satanic forces counter-sowed all the good work of this great New Zealand Revival, as they always do.

One of the satanic seeds that was sown at exactly the same time, in the same year, 1922, as this great New Zealand Revival was in the soul of the founder Frank Houston. Frank Houston was born in 1922.

Satan has birthed second and third generations of Houstons, including Frank Houston’s grandson Joel Houston, co-pastor of the very errant Hillsong New York City, Frank Houston’s grandson Ben Houston, the pastor of Hillsong Los Angeles and Brian Houston, Frank Houston’s second son.

Frank Houston’s first son Graeme has always refused to go to church. I believe Frank Houston, the out-of-control pedophile, especially in the 1960s to 1970s, sexually abused both his sons, Graeme and Brian, and maybe his many grandsons too.

Brian Houston married Bobbie Houston, who is a spiritual child of Pastor Neville Johnson, the highly corrupt former pastor of Queen Street Assemblies of God, Auckland, New Zealand in the 1970s and early 1980s.

Neville Johnson is still ministering today, especially in Perth Western Australian, and also in Great Britain, where he was born.

Be warned that man Pastor Neville Johnson is a false prophet. Don’t believe a single word he says. Shun him and avoid him at all costs like the plague. Two men have also written on this site that Neville Johnson has defrauded and cheated them in the past decade, of large sums of money in Ponzi schemes.

So here we have it. A sordid messy trail of destruction wrecked across the New Zealand and Australian Pentecostal scenes by a series of very corrupt Heads of the Assemblies of God and Elim denominations, culminating in the ongoing work and destruction of Christendom by the extremely errant Hillsong organisation.

hillsong Church 1Hillsong revival 1Hillsong revival 16

The gospel of noise, lasers shows and amazing light shows. So far from New Testament Christianity. Jesus weeps.

The gospel of noise, lasers shows and amazing light shows. So far from New Testament Christianity. Jesus weeps.

Hillsong 3

Hillsong service

Hillsong service. The gullible masses.

Oops wrong photo. That's San Pieter Cathedral, Baulkham Hills.


Rev William Francis “Frank” Houston.  Over 400 boy victims of Frank Houston’s pedophilia. Self-confessed pedophile. Confessed to lifelong secret child sexual abuse of young little boys, preteens and teenagers. But mainly young boys aged 7 to 11. The worst Pentecostal pastor since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. Son of Lucifer. Frank Houston’s eyes are black like Lucifer’s.

Note of 6 September 2016

Pastor Brian Houston the current head pastor of Hillsong mega-church is to face pedophile protection charges soon.

I have edited the article below reflecting current up to date information.


This article outlines the history of Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong’s secret sexual abuse of hundreds of little boys, pre-teens and teens over five or more decades, possibly for 70 years if you include his grandchildren and ‘rent boys’ (underage male prostitutes). 

This site is the most authoritative and comprehensive site on Hillsong corruption, Houston corruption and Hillsong pedophilia.


This article and its updates

This article was first published on this site on 9 September 2012 prior to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

It has been updated since as more facts have come to light and more events have unfolded.


Note written on Friday 27 May 2016

I have come to the conclusion from the evidence I’ve compiled over many years and from my experience from 1981 to 2000 as an attender of Hillsong, in the 1980s as a senior lay pastor, and especially since hearing boy victim AHA’s testimony, that the Frank Houston was a lifelong secret pedophile who used the Christian ministry to access little boys and young teens.

In 2000 the pedophile Frank Houston age 60 embarked on a four year homosexual affair with his young 20 year old worship leader Peter Laughton.

Involvement with a 20 year old male was an exception although there is evidence of countless masked homosexual encounters over Frank Houston’s whole lifetime with males over the age of homosexual consent which is 18 in most Western countries.


Brian Houston. The leader of the Chosen Seven.

Brian Houston. Has been recommended by the Australian Royal Commission to be charged with pedophile protection crimes.


Pastor Brian Houston the current head of Hillsong Church has been recommended for prosecution for pedophile protection crimes

In October 2015 the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in its Findings recommended Pastor Brian Houston the current head of Hillsong Church be charged with pedophile protection crimes.

Pastor Brian Houston and his Hillsong and Australian Christian Churches leadership mates conspired to shelter Brian’s father, the lifelong pedophile Frank Houston, from the NSW Police.


Note written on 19 October 2014:

In early October 2014, The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse examined the Australian Assemblies of God (which has a new name of Australian Christian Churches), Hillsong and Pastors Frank and Brian Houston. 

If you are interested in down-loading the Royal Commission transcripts, testimonies of victims and other relevant documents go to

To read a series of my blog articles on the Royal Commission on this site, they start on 20 September 2014 with “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part One. Royal Commission…”

You can then scroll a few articles further into October 2014 and you’ll see all the articles sequentially in chronological order on “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston…” and Royal Commission stuff.

If you know of any pedophile cases involving Pastor Frank Houston at any time anywhere in the world then please send me a message and I’ll email you back so we can confidentially talk about your case by email. No information will be published without your consent.

The following blog article on Pastor Frank Houston’s pedophile activities was written on 13 September 2012 and it has been updated regularly as new information becomes available.


Blog article of 13 September 2012 (updated 6 September 2016)


The pedophile Frank Houston was the founder of Hillsong

Pastor Frank Houston was the founder of Hillsong Church in Australia. Hillsong is by far Australia’s largest church numbering 15,000 in Australia. Its headquarters are in Baulkham Hills in Western Sydney.

It has Churches throughout the world in twenty locations. Hillsong claims 30,000 in its network world-wide.


Brian Houston 20


Pastor Frank Houston was for decades the Head of, firstly the New Zealand, and later a prominent leader in the Australian AOG (Assemblies of God) denominations. By the time he confessed to secret pedophile crimes at age 79 he was revered across the Australian and New Zealand Assemblies of God movements. The truth is he was a rotten pedophile all that time- for many decades- probably since he teens.


The Assemblies of God (AOG)

The Assemblies of God (AOG) is a Protestant denomination which started in the early 20th century in America and has spread across the planet. Its emphasis is on the Holy Spirit and the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, like faith, healing and speaking in tongues.


The Protestants

A Protestant denomination is a denomination (international church organisation) whose origins are in “Protesting” against the Church of Rome.

Protesting, often at the greatest risk to their lives, against the Roman Catholic Church’s errant doctrines, its power, its Popes, its Bishops, its mercenary Jesuits of old- and its domination and blood-letting and martyrdom of true believers throughout the world- for over 1700 years until modern times.

If you think I’m exaggerating then google “The Waldenses” who were Protestants the Church of Rome genocided in parts of France in the 16th century or “The Covenanters” who the Church of Rome hunted and wiped out in 17th century Scotland.

The Jesuit mercenaries and Papist rulers of England desecrated their bodies after death and threw their corpses on rubbish tips as a warning to a fearful populace.

These were brave men who gave their lives for the cause of Christ.

Unlike Frank Houston, who was a secret life-long pedophile and covert homosexual, whose coal-black dark secrets which weren’t exposed until the last years of his life.


Pastor Frank Houston. Unclean hands

Pastor Frank Houston. Unclean hands


Frank Houston’s confession to being a lifelong secret pedophile

A two-year investigation of pedophile allegations going back to the 1960s, ordered by his own son, Pastor Brian Houston, and conducted by a prominent Australian AOG clergy, Pastor John Lewis, found that the allegations were true. Frank Houston was banned for life from ever ministering in the AOG in Australia and New Zealand in December 1999 aged 77.

Frank Houston’s life ended in shame in November 2004. He spent his last days contemplating his place in Eternity. The burdens of his dark secrets were troubling his mind until the end. How would God treat him in the Hereafter? These were among many questions which plagued his dark and long-time fully corrupt mind as he faced death’s days. For from the evidence Frank Houston had been a pedophile since his early teens- a period of seventy years.


child abuse 21


I knew Frank Houston personally

This blog article is the first in a series of articles in which I will recall information, reflections and personal feelings on this gifted, strange and very tortured man, who I knew very well for two decades. Or at least I thought I did.

I worked closely with Frank through the decade of the 1980s as a builder doing building fit-out and renovations for Christian Life Centre (CLC), Darlinghurst, as Hillsong was known in the early days.

I was also a prominent and successful lay leader with ten home fellowship groups under my care, which I pioneered in the challenging Inner City of Sydney. I attended CLC again for a few years in the mid to late 1990s. I was there when Pastor Frank Houston got stood down and the whole organisation changed its name from Christian Life Centre to Hillsong in 2000.

I should add that I was a strong Christian prior to first attending Hillsong in 1981. This may have kept me safe from allowing Frank Houston to do stuff like lay hands on me in prayer. A highly dangerous event in hindsight for anyone.


Pastor Brian Houston, and others like Pastor Jonathan Wilson, who is now pastoring in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, have tried to sanitise and re-invent Pastor Frank Houston’s life and legacy


with second wife

with second wife in California

Jonathan Wilson

Pastor Jonathan Wilson. An ignorant and highly narcissistic man. Fits in well and Hillsong.


Pastor Brian Houston, and others like Pastor Jonathan Wilson, who is now pastoring in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, but has strong links with Brian still, have tried to sanitise and re-invent Pastor Frank Houston’s life and legacy.

The reality is that no amount of spin and re-invention can remove the dark black stains of the seven decades long trail of pedophile, masked homosexual, homosexual and homo-erotic activity that so-called “Pastor” Frank Houston, a complete fallen evil deviate, engaged in.


Pastor Brian Houston

Pastor Brian Houston. Growing fat while while he hangs out the victims of his dad’s abuse to dry. “Sorry victims of dad’s abuse, I’m a leading Christian pastor, but you’re on your own. Have a good life. Sorry again”.


The fourteen boy and young teen known victims

In all I have counted fourteen or more victims of Pastor Frank Houston’s pedophile homosexual desires and actions.

Everyone closely associated with this matter senses there are a lot more victims out there.

From the evidence there are over 400 boy, pre-teen and teen victims. Many will not remember the incidents due to psychological defence mechanisms because of the trauma of the sexual abuse event(s).

Plus there would be, from the evidence, over 1000 victims of masked homosexual and pedophile abuse.


Frank Houston: “I was very active as a pedophile in the 1960s and 1970s.”

Pastor Frank Houston, from his own mouth near his death, said to his own son, Pastor Brian Houston, “I was very active as a pedophile at that time”. He was referring to the period from 1960 to 1975, when he was in his 40s to 50s when all the known 12 boy and 2 teen victims were sexually abused by him.


Pastor Frank Houston was doing pedophile activities all his life

I believe Pastor Frank Houston was doing pedophile activities all his life from his early teens.

He got kicked out of the New Zealand Salvation Army in the 1950s. He was a Captain. I believe it was for pedophilia.

Does anyone have any evidence on this? Can anyone talk to the New Zealand Salvation Army?

Frank Houston was a Salvation Army Captain in Auckland, New Zealand.

It was so long ago and I doubt if Salvation Army records about his dismissal accurately reflected what transpired, if they still exist, which is unlikely. What organisation except Hillsong would still love its founder? Only a very corrupt one and I know of no other church organisation as corrupt as Hillsong from head to basement where dead boys bones line the walls and are scattered on the ground (metaphorically speaking for the benefit of Hillsong lawyers who read this blog-site in addition to Hillsong hackers- the Hillsong IT techs who hack and harass for their Prosperity gospel fake Jesus).


Pastor Frank Houston was a criminal pedophile who used the Christian pastor’s ministry as a foil, disguise and camouflage in order to gain the confidence and trust of innocent believing Christian families so he could access their children undetected for the purposes of sexually abusing them


the lifelong secret Frank Houston founder of Hillsong with his wife Hazel, in his early disguise posing as a Salvation Army Captain in the 1940s.

The lifelong secret pedophile Frank Houston founder of Hillsong with his enabling wife Hazel who knew of his abuse of boys for many decades, in his early disguise posing as a Salvation Army Captain in the 1940s


Pastor Frank Houston was a criminal pedophile who used the Christian pastor’s ministry as a foil, disguise and camouflage in order to gain the confidence and trust of innocent believing Christian families so he could access their children undetected for the purposes of sexually abusing them.

Pastor Frank Houston was never genuine in anything he did. He mocked us all. How could a man be a genuine Christian pastor when he was secretly a life-long hardened criminal pedophile? Its not possible.


Boy victim AHA

The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on 7 October 2014 at a Hearing in Sydney revealed a witness AHA, who was abused in the Sydney suburb of Coogee when he was an innocent little boy aged 7 to 12 years old, in the late 1960s and 1970s.

Boy victim AHA was brave enough to testify anonymously in person.

It made me cry.

It was real bad stuff indeed.

It made me very angry, particularly since Pastor Brian Houston, the son of Pastor Frank Houston, like Pilate in the Bible who washed his hands of responsibility for Jesus prior to his death, has washed his hands of responsibility to help and care for the boy and teen victims of his dad’s abuse, who are now in their 50s and early 60s.

If you go to my blog articles starting on Tuesday 7 October 2014, you’ll find all the horrific details of Pastor Frank Houston’s abuse of victim AHA including genitalia fondling, digital anal penetration, masturbation of the victim as he reached early puberty, and Frank Houston using and getting the victim to pleasure him over a period of five years.

My source is AHA’s testimony on Day One of the Royal Commission’s examination of Hillsong, where AHA spoke for most of the day.

Its tragic, graphic, sordid, horrific and completely culpable by Hillsong, the Australian AOG and Pastor Brian Houston.


Pastor Brian Houston has tried for 14 years to bury it, sanitise it, but like a Frankenstein monster it has jumped from the grave and is now attacking and tormenting Pastor Brian Houston, his supporters and the whole Houston clan of three generations.


“What we didn’t do is report it to police.” Brian Houston, son of Hillsong founder Frank Houston, is surrounded by media following his 2014 appearance at a Royal Commission into child abuse. Picture: David Moir

Dah…“What we didn’t do is report it to police.” Brian Houston, son of Hillsong founder Frank Houston, is surrounded by media following his 2014 appearance at a Royal Commission into child abuse. Picture: David Moir


Pastor Brian Houston has tried for 14 years to bury it, sanitise it, but like a Frankenstein monster it has jumped from the grave and is now attacking and tormenting Pastor Brian Houston, his supporters and the whole Houston clan of three generations.

Frank Houston has long departed but the corruption lives on in the errant and corrupt behaviour of his offspring, particularly in the life and deeds of Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, the current Head of Hillsong mega-church.


Rev William Frank...enstein Hosuton, molester of little boys. The most corrupt Pentecostal priest since the day of Pentecost.

Rev William Frank…enstein Houston. Molester of little boys. The most corrupt Pentecostal priest since the day of Pentecost.


The Fourteen Known Boy and Young Teen Victims

The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse also mentioned six other little boy victims of Pastor Frank Houston in New Zealand in the 1960s. But there are many more.

I have been writing since September 2012 that there were six 10 year old boy victims of Frank Houston in Lower Hutt, New Zealand in the 1960s.

Here is my head count of child sex abuse victims of Frank Houston:

I have evidence of 14 or more mainly boy victims.

I have evidence of two teen victims, Peter Fowler, who went public in the 1970s with the encouragement of the now deceased prophet Pastor Philip Powell and teen victim ANZ1 (my code-name) who suicided as a direct result of Frank Houston’s sexual abuse.

From the testimony of the boy victims and the circumstantial evidence, I believe there were over four hundred victims of Frank Houston’s abuse. He confessed to Brian Houston, his son, in circa 1999, that he was very active as a pedophile, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s.

Here are the boy victims aged 7 to 12, and one teenager aged 15 years old:

1. Six 10 year old boys Pastor Frank Houston molested while Head Pastor of Lower Hutt Assemblies of God (AOG), Wellington, New Zealand in the 1960s, while at the same time, General Superintendent of the New Zealand AOG (from 1965 to 1977).

2. Sydney boy victim AHA, as above revealed on Day One of Hillsong’s time at the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on 7 October 2014.

This is a particularly sordid case of repeated child sexual abuse of a little 7 year old boy by Pastor Frank Houston which continued for 5 years.  I have covered this case in detail in my blogs on the Royal Commission starting on the 7 October 2014.

3. One 15 year old boy, Peter Fowler, in the Lower Hutt AOG, New Zealand. The Lower Hutt AOG paid out Peter, but it wasn’t much money.

4. At least 4 boy victims at Assemblies of God Church camps in South Australia in the early 1970s. See my blogs on victim SA1 (my code name for him) dated 16 and 17 October 2014. SA1 was aged 11 years old at the tie of the abuse.

5. One young man in Auckland, New Zealand, ANZ1 (my code-name) who suicided as a result of the abuse. He was in his late teens.

I sense there are a lot more New Zealand boy, pre-teen and teen male victims.

7. One boy aged 8 years old, in a suburb near Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand. My code name for him is WNZ1. The abuse was very similar to the Royal Commission victim AHA.

WNZ1 believes there were more boy abuse victims in his suburb. See my blogs date 18 and 19 October 2014.

TOTAL: 14 and many more victims. 400 plus boy and teen victims based on the evidence.


The First Hillsong

Christian Life Centre was the name of Hillsong and other Hillsong branches in the late 1970s and 1980s.


Boy victim SA1 from Adelaide South Australia

One of the victims of Pastor Frank Houston’s child sexual abuse at Kleimzeg Assemblies of God camps in South Australia in the early 1970s, SA1, contacted me after reading articles about Pastor Frank Houston on this blog site. He shared there were several other victims of Pastor Frank Houston’s pedophile abuse at these camps.

The epicentre of Frank Houston’s pedophile activities at these South Australian camps was the boy’s toilet block.  

The abuse involved the fondling of little boys genitalia and masturbation in the toilet block and bunk room. Pastor Frank Houston was very confident, blazen, perverse and tactile.

Yes Pastor Frank Houston. The greatest and most prominent AOG Pastor in Australia and New Zealand from 1970s to 1998, when the truth of his duality emerged.

Frank Houston was a secretive, manipulative, sordid, dishonest and heartless criminal pedophile for 70 years from the 1930s until his death in 2004. 


Pastor Brian Houston’s lies about the number of victims continues to this day

The official line of Hillsong Church and Pastor Brian Houston was that his father, Pastor William Francis “Frank” Houston only abused one boy in New Zealand 40 years ago.

This is the line that they held from the late 1990s to the Royal Commission in October 2014.

This is the view that was on their web-site for over a decade. When I was researching articles I wrote about Frank Houston and his pedophile activities in 2012, Hillsong’s website and all the accounts by Pastor Brian Houston and Hillsong media reflected this great lie.

This is the view they have told the Sydney Morning Herald and other newspapers.

This view is totally inaccurate and a blatant lie by Brian Houston.

It emerged at the Royal Commission that Pastor Brian Houston has known that this official view was untrue and a lie all this time.

Folks we’ve been all been deceived.

What is still lacking from Frank’s son, Pastor Brian Houston and the Hillsong Movement, which Brian controls, is any real degree of honesty and openness about Frank Houston.

For example, why won’t Brian and the AOG release the official AOG report on Frank Houston’s pedophile activities?

Why didn’t Brian admit his father did numerous pedophile and homosexual acts, and not just one, like Brian portrayed for 14 years, until the Royal Commission exposed his lies? Why do Brian lie to us all? How can Brian lie like this and be a prominent Christian pastor?

Why is Brian Houston still lying about the number of victims telling Sydney’s channel nine reporter Leila McKinnon earlier this year when she asked how many victims Brian believes there are now, Brian hesitantly replied “six”. This is despite Brian knowing about at least 8 victims in 1999 and at least 9 victims in 2004. Why lie Brian? Who is the Father of Lies?


Was Brian Houston sexually abused by his rampant pedophile father Frank?

And the question lingers, was Pastor Brian Houston himself, or his brother Graeme, sexually abused by their father Frank?

Maybe that’s too personal for Brian to admit, if anything occurred.

Or maybe he can’t remember.

These dark memories are normally suppressed and buried by the defence mechanisms of the human psyche.

Brian’s brother Graeme has refused to attend church since his teens. Why?

Further, were Brian and Graeme aware of the accusations against his father while he was a lad?

The pre-adolescent little boys Pastor Frank Houston sexually abused in Lower Hutt were Brian and Graeme’s age at the time.

Brian even stayed with his dad at AHA’s family home in Coogee, while his father lay on top of victim AHA all night and abused him for the week of their stay on one of the many visits. One can see why pedophile Frank Houston liked to go to Sydney and stay at AHA’s parent’s house. Disgusting.

The pedophile Frank Houston’s overseas “evangelistic” trips overseas were really sex holidays away from his wife and people who he was accountable to.


Details of boy victim AHA’s sexual abuse

While Pastor Frank Houston lay on top of little 7 year old AHA, who is now 52, the skinny spider-like Pastor Frank Houston sexually molested him. He fondled his genitals, he fondled his little thighs and bottom, and he digitally penetrated him. AHA shared on Tuesday 7 October 2014 at the Royal Commission that he froze with fear.

Boy victim AHA wondered, why was this hero of the faith, a godly man who my mum and dad loved, doing this to me?

Victim AHA lay frozen with fear as Frank Houston, the pariah, lay on top of him all night. The cats howled, the night birds cackled as the do in Australia, the dogs barked down the street and the garbos rattled their bins, and all this time through those long chill hours, Pastor Frank Houston lay on top of AHA doing awful creepy very perverse things to AHA.

If you think I’m being too graphic, this is what AHA said at the Royal Commission. These are the facts the Royal Commission’s lawyer, Simeon Beckett, read out. These are the facts that AHA read out from his witness statement on Tuesday 7 October 2014 at the Royal Commission into Child Abuse in Sydney.

You can read AHA’s testimony at the Commission on


Pastor Brian Houston accused victim AHA of tempting his dad and being the cause of all the trouble for his dad

It is interesting to note that victim AHA, who spoke anonymously at the Royal Commission, stated that Pastor Brian Houston accused victim AHA of tempting his dad and being the cause of all the trouble for his dad.

Pastor Brian Houston has denied this. I believe victim AHA because he sounded very honest and very coherent. Pastor Brian Houston hasn’t been honest about all this stuff for over 14 years.

The Royal Commission has also revealed how Hillsong, the AOG and Pastor Brian Houston have been heartless towards child abuse victims of Pastor Frank Houston and other AOG Pastor and leader pedophiles.

If you read my blogs on 7 to 10 October you’ll get drift.


Pastor Brian Houston the head pastor of Hillsong mega-church, a very wealthy “church” organisation, has refused to help the boy and young teen victims in any way


Pastor Brian Houston. Living in the shadow alf his father who he adored. I wonder how he feels about his dad now the tsunami of his dad's pedophilia has hit the fan?

Pastor Brian Houston. Living in the shadow of his father Frank who he adored. I wonder how he feels about his dad now the tsunami of his dad’s pedophilia has hit the fan?


Brian at the Royal Commission

At the Royal Commission on 9 October, when Pastor Brian Houston was the star witness, he wiggled and swirmed in the hot seat of the witness box. Then he straight out said they won’t help the victims in any way. The reasons are outlined in my blog articles on this site of 9 and 10 October 2104.


Pastor Frank Houston. Self-confessed pedophile.

Pastor Frank Houston. Creepy. Self-confessed pedophile.


Peter Laughton’s homosexual affair with Frank Houston

Since Peter Laughton, Pastor Frank Houston’s young worship leader, went public in 2007 about Frank’s abuse of him in the early 1980s, the Houston family have taken the line that Peter Laughton was a consenting male with their father Frank. In his early 20s at the time of his abuse in the early 1980s, Peter was over the age of consent which is 18 in Australia for consenting homosexual acts.

But is it ok before God for the most prominent AOG clergy in Australia and New Zealand, aged 58, to indulge in numerous sordid homosexual acts with his young worship leader?

At the time the homosexual liaison started Pastor Frank Houston was 58 and Peter was 20.

I fail to see how the Houston’s can dismiss this series of incidents with Peter Lawton so readily.


Pastor Frank Houston was attracted to boys, adolescent boys and men in their 20s. His sexual orientation was young and male


Pastor Frank Houston. Total deviate and con-artist.

Pastor Frank Houston. Total deviate and con-artist.


Pastor Frank Houston was attracted to boys, adolescent boys and men in their 20s. His sexual orientation was young and male.

Pastor Frank Houston was an active secret pedophile and homosexual particularly from the 1960s to the 1980s.

By 1990 he was 68 and his homosexual and pedophile libido seemed to have dropped off. I haven’t found any pedophile dirty old man Houston victims.

A reader of this site commented recently that he knew Frank Houston in the 1950s at Ellerslie AOG in Auckland, New Zealand. He wrote in a comment on this site that Pastor Frank Houston had fixation about male swimmers. There were some NZ Olympic swimmers training. A young Pastor Frank Houston used to go down to the local swimming pool to watch them training and perve on them.

If you knew Pastor Frank Houston at this time and you know of pedophile incidents could you please contact me. I suspect his pedophile activities started earlier than Lower Hutt AOG.


Frank Houston was sexually abused by his father

At the Royal Commission, Pastor Brian Houston told the Commission that his dad had been abused by his father. In fact this is no secret because Pastor Frank use to share about this from the pulpit at Christian Life Centre in the 1980s.

Pastor Frank Houston openly shared how his dad was very mean to him and his mum. That his dad had an affair with the woman next door and other bad stuff. The ABC of Psychology says that people who were sexually abused as children often go on to sexually abuse children when they are older/ become adults. That’s a big subject.


Peter Laughton spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald

If you google “Frank Houston” or “Frank Houston abuse” you’ll find plenty of transcript of detailed sordid accounts of Frank Houston’s sexual activities with Peter Laughton.

Peter has given interviews to the Sydney Morning Herald.

In these interviews Peter speaks honestly and candidly about the homo-erotic activities Frank Houston led him to do. It’s interesting yet very sad reading.

Please bear in mind that Frank Houston was aged 58, and the most prominent AOG clergy at the time, and he was abusing a vulnerable and needy young man aged 20 who was his Church worship leader. Heavy stuff indeed.


The investigation and being caught

The release of the official AOG Report on Frank Houston’s pedophile activities is a document which would be helpful to the victims of Frank Houston’s pedophile activities. What is more important? Protecting Frank Houston’s legacy and reputation, the Houston name and Hillsong’s reputation, or allowing some healing and closure, not only to Frank’s numerous pedophile victims, but also to the countless others who were part of Christian Life Centre and Hillsong in the early days and who were deeply hurt and shattered by revelations of Frank’s secret activities.

Frank’s pedophile activities were not destined to remain a secret to his grave. By the late 90s the chorus of complaints was to become deafening. The AOG, and in particular, the then National Chief Executive Pastor Brian Houston, his son, were forced to investigate and do something about it.


Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst the second name for Hillsong

I personally knew Peter Laughton at Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst.

Peter was very talented singer, song-writer and composer. A nice guy. Sensitive. Artistic.

No one had any idea that Frank Houston aged 58 and a revered pastor and his worship leader Peter Laughton age 20 were involved in a four year homosexual affair from 1980 to 1984.


Extraordinary talent

In those days Frank had gathered together some extraordinary musical talent.

Frank had recruited Pastor David Johnston from Los Angeles to found international Institute of Creative Ministries (IICM), a music, singing and dance Ministries School. David worked at Wesley College for decades since these times. David is a very talented pastor, violinist, composer and worship leader.

Trevor King was also there. Trevor now lives in Auckland,  New Zealand. Trevor is very talented on the piano and led the band and was the Music Pastor.

Geoff Bullock is another muso who owes his success to the Houstons. Unfortunately Geoff’s personal life became a train-wreck when his marriage fell over and his ministry has never recovered to the heights of his success under the Houstons. Particularly under Pastor Brian Houston.

Pastor Brian Houston is truly a king-maker. So much talent. So many scandals.


Pastor Frank Houston with Hazel, his faithful and supportive wife

Pastor Frank Houston with Hazel, his faithful and supportive wife


Peter- looking for father love

Peter Laughton is a really nice guy.

Outgoing, talented and sensitive.

In Frank, Peter has said that he was looking for father love. The kind of love Frank gave him was secretive, self-gratifying and impure.


The pedophile is secretive and motivated by deep impure needs and impulses 

The pedophile is secretive and motivated by deep impure needs and impulses that they find impossible to control. Their victims are really just objects of their desire. There is no care or love towards their victims. For the pedophile it is “all about me”.

I wrote another 13 articles, which are on this blog-site, on this subject of Pastor Frank Houston from 13 September 2012.

My memories of the man and what I experienced during the 1980s and 1990s while attending Hillsong Church.

I have written over 200 other articles on Hillsong and the Royal Commission.


Frank Houston is the worst Pentecostal Pastor in the history of the planet.

I have come to the conclusion that Pastor Frank Houston is the worst Pentecostal Pastor in the history of the planet.

To do what Frank Houston did to little boys and teens all his lifetime, while maintaining the front of a holy man of God is the very gravest of sins known to mortal man.

Since I wrote this article in September 2012, and since the Royal Commission examined the Houstons and Hillsong, Simeon Beckett, the Royal Commission barrister, publicly recommended in December 2014 that Pastor Brian Houston be criminally charged by the NSW Police for not reporting and for sheltering a pedophile, his old life-long pedophile father, Pastor Frank Houston, the  founder of the Hillsong organisation.

In October 2015 the Royal Commission recommended Brian Houston for prosecution in its Findings.


Pastor Brian Houston, Pastor Frank's son and successor.Brian:should compensate and help victims of his dad's abuse

Pastor Brian Houston, Pastor Frank’s son and successor. Facing imminent pedophile protection charges.

Holy Spirit 11

Queen Bobbie


I’ve been contacted by a high up Hillsong insider who believes that Hillsong has gone off the rails and wants to tell their story.

This article is the 22nd in a series of articles publishing the eye-witness testimonies of this Hillsong insider.




27 October 2015

Dear Donald

“Bobbie’s treatment of Brian is like a god.

But I did hear an account of a fight between Bobbie and Brian from a Hillsong driver. He told me that one night on the way from the Hills Campus to the City Hillsong Church Campus Bobbie and Brian had a barney.

Please note that Hillsong now calls the various Hillsong Churches “Campuses”. Now the word “Church” looks to be faded out. That’s cultural cult stuff right there.

On the way from Hills Church to the Hillsong City Church, Bobbie and Brian got into a barney. They were fighting about the Colour Conferences. About all the gifts and money payments and they got very heated.

This driver is not at the Hillsong Church now. I know him from my time at Bible College at Hillsong.

Bobbie treats people like a stuck up pastor’s wife, with her head up in the air, and she acts like she thinks in her mind, ” I am beautifully made. I am woman. Hear me roar! I am amazing!”

I heard from a mate’s wife about Bobbie saying at a Woman’s Hillsong Colour Conference: “This is my woman’s conference. I do what I like and no one can stop me”.

I’ve never seen Bobbie showing any heart for the poor and the needy. I don’t think she gets her hands dirty doing real work for God.

Bobbie knows a lot about Brian’s dad and past.

The only humility for Bobbie and Brian is the day Brian confirmed about his dad being a child abuser and the day Pat Mesiti was caught playing at adultery.

And the day that Brian’s mate’s son was faking cancer and got caught out. Michael Guglielmucci, son of Edge Church founder Danny Guglielmucci, the big faker.

Getting up on stage and on television saying he had cancer. This was properly swept under the carpet and shut down quickly and the Church forgot about it by the Hillsong leaders saying that he had a mental problem.

I meet the man and he was a scammer and a liar”.


My comments:

The Hillsong Insider says about Bobbie: “She treats people like a stuck up pastor’s wife with her head up in the air and acts like she thinks in her mind, ” I am beautifully made. I am woman. Hear me roar! I am amazing!””

This is nothing new. Bobbie Houston has always had huge tickets on herself.

That’s why Brian and Bobbie get on so well. It’s the marriage of two extreme pathological narcissists. A symbiotic relationship where they’re joined at the hip and entangled like two vines on a trunk of narcissicism.


“Hear me roar”.

This seems to be a sub-anthem of Bobbie’s, borrowed from the 1960s and 1970s Feminist Movement.

Bobbie Houston is the anti-thesis of all the Feminist Movement stands for. Bobbie is the anti-intellectual mutated Prosperity Gospel sub-species version of Feminism.

Germaine Greer would puke if she heard Bobbie lather on with her home-spun Houston/ Hillsong Feminist views.


Bobbie and Hillsong’s Feminism is all roar and tokenism, with no reality of the emancipation of women in Hillsong.

Brian is happy for Bobbie to run her thing with Hillsong women and ACC women, her Colour Conferences, the Sisterhood and all her other inane lifeless attempts at rescuing women from her idea of bondages and slavery, but where the rubber hits the road there’s not one woman in sight at Hillsong.

I’m referring to the real power and real decision-making at the Hillsong Eldership and Board level.

A brief scan down the list of Hillsong Elders on the website comes up with no women. Quite remarkable really in this day and age.


The Hillsong Elders. All men.

Hillsong Elders:

Brian Houston – Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church

Nabi Saleh is Executive Chairman of Gloria Jean’s Coffees worldwide and Chairman of Praise International USA which operates It’s A Grind coffee houses. His drive, passion and belief in people coupled with his strong business acumen and godly wisdom have enabled him to sit on several boards for large, non-profit organisations.

George Aghajanian is General Manager and a director of Hillsong Church Australia and its international entities. Upon leaving university he entered the private sector where he gained extensive experience in management, customer service, sales and marketing. George possesses a wealth of senior management experience working with both Australian and international organisations, and brings a strong balance of faith and practical business application to his role. George is married to Margaret and they have four children.

Joel A’Bell is the Lead Pastor of Hillsong Australia alongside Senior Pastors Brian & Bobbie Houston. Joel is an innovative thinker, leader and communicator. He is passionate about building and growing the local church. His fresh leadership ideas and style have helped shape Hillsong’s flourishing multi-campus church. Joel is a team-focused leader dedicated to seeing all involved reach their full potential. He has been married to his best friend Julia for 20 years and is a dedicated father to Harmony & Eli.

Dr. Gordon Lee is a highly respected General Practitioner, and operates successful medical practices in Sydney. He also pastors the Hillsong Chinese Extension Services.

Robert Fergusson is a Senior Associate Pastor at Hillsong Church. Originally from the UK, Robert Fergusson is one of the key team at Hillsong Church where he has been on staff for twenty years. He is passionate about imparting practical life principles from the Bible and his primary responsibilities involve pastoral oversight, preaching and teaching. Robert is married to Amanda and they have three married children and currently four beautiful grandchildren.

Gary Clarke and his wife, Cathy, are Lead Pastors at Hillsong London and oversee its fast-growing extension services in the UK and Europe. Originally from Hillsong Sydney, Gary works closely with the lead pastors of our international Hillsong Churches to facilitate Hillsong’s growth and ministry globally.

Steve Dixon is married to Joyce and they have two children. Steve and Joyce are the Campus Pastors of Hillsong Brisbane. Originally from the UK, Steve spent nine years in Spain as a church planter and founding president of the ‘El Faro’ charity rehabilitating substance abusers, followed by 13 years in the UK as a leader in the Kingsnet network; founder of Heathrow Gateway Church, Bible school lecturer and mission director. Steve ministered in such diverse places as China, Estonia, Spain, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Steve holds a Masters Degree in Missiology from the University of Wales.

Craig Coles and his wife, Amy, have been active members of Hillsong Church since 1992 and are both graduates from Hillsong International Leadership College. Craig is National Product Manager for a logistics equipment manufacturer and has an equal passion for the house of God as he does business. Craig and Amy currently have two children.

Dr Jo Thomas (MBBS, FRACGP) and his wife, Leanne, have been part of Hillsong Church since the mid-eighties. They have two children. He and his wife are volunteer Service Pastors at one of the City Campus services, in Sydney. Jo works as a general practitioner and runs several practices within the Sydney region.

Andrew Denton is an Executive Director of Hillscorp and director of a number of other companies involved in property development. He was a licensed plumber and worked for a multinational building company before moving into developing over ten years ago. In over 30 years of working, Andrew gained considerable experience in senior project management, joint venture and client relationships. Andrew and his wife Susan and their three children have been active members of Hillsong Church since 1991.

My comments:


The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Wondering why Bobbie’s roar hasn’t produced any lionesses amongst the Hillsong Elders and Board.


Sure the men are mentioned on the Elders list as wives, but they’re not allowed any real power.

The Hillsong Elders and the Hillsong Board, which are the same thing, are 100% void of women.

It seems that at Hillsong the woman’s side of things is still in the Dark Ages and the real politics and power in Hillsong is a male bastion.


The attitude of Australian men to women.

The overall attitude of men on the planet to women is poor.

In Australia its not as bad as say Saudi Arabia, where the women are banned by Law to drive, and if they have sex outside marriage they get buried to the neck in the blanche sands of Arabia and have dry desert rocks tossed at their head, and are spat on, until they die.


Bobbie uses Hillsong cash to pay for boob jobs so she looks good.

Bobbie uses Hillsong cash to pay for botox, boob jobs and other “nip and tuck” cosmetic surgeries so she looks good “for the ministry”. Bobbie: “This is my woman’s conference. I do what I like and no one can stop me”. (Except God)


Does Bobbie’s penchant for material things and the material world make her a great icon for Christian women?

Yes if you’re an unenlightened painted-up bogan.

Any sophisticated woman or discerning man, sees through Bobbie in an instant.


Bobbie Houston. Trendy. Hip. Funky. Wowing it for Jesus.

Bobbie Houston. Trendy. Hip. Funky. Wowing it for Jesus. Drunk?


Bobbie really doesn’t do anything to help people’s perceptions of her.

Every time she opens her mouth she utters inane nonsense that doesn’t help her cause. Does she ever open her Holy Bible? Does she ever read it? If she reads it does she understand it?

Does Bobbie ever read passages like, “Do not love the world nor the things in the world”.

In context:

“15 Do not love the world nor the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. 16 For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes and the boastful pride of life, is not from the Father, but is from the world.…

1 John 2:15-16


Bobbie’s Books

Brian has written 14 books.

I’ve spent $37 of my precious money to buy his latest “Live, Love, Lead”, meaning to review it.

I don’t recommend buying it. On the cover of this book Brian looks more like a satanic master sitting in darkness than a loving Christian pastor.

That alone is a reason not to buy the book.


"Live, Love, Lead". The folly of Brian. To choose a title the opposite of what he does. This is pure Brian Houston from the life of Brian.

“Live, Love, Lead”. The folly of Brian. To choose a title the opposite of what he does. This is pure Brian Houston from the life of Brian.



Brian’s new hair transplant, paid for with Hillsong tithes, really does look fake in this close up. Surely they could have air-brushed it up so it doesn’t look so fake, like Shane Warne’s hair transplants.


Shane Warne. Australian cricket legend. Text king. Hair transplant salesman. Pants man.

Shane Warne. Australian cricket legend. Text king. Hair transplant salesman. Pants man.

shane warne 4shane warne 3shane warne 2shane warne 6shane warne 7shane warne 8shane warne 9 shane warne 11


I’m quite sure that my review of Brian’s book, when I find the time to read it, is not going to be favourable.

The Houstons have a habit of writing books that are for the deaf and dumb.

Take Bobbie’s books, “Kingdom women love sex” and “I’m having what she’s having”, which is a borrow from the Meg Ryan and Billie Crystal movie, “When Harry met Sally”.


Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in the cafeteria scene in "When Harry mets Sally".

Meg Ryan faking an orgasm in the cafeteria scene in “When Harry mets Sally”.

Bobbie Houston c Bobbie Houston d


Bobby houston: "Revival has made me horny"

Bobbie Houston: “Revival has made me horny”

darlene; "We're it...I love Brian cos he made me rich".

Darlene: “I love Brian cos he made me rich”.

Bobby Houston: "Get over it. Of course Josh and Reed are welcome at Hillsong Church. Bring it on. We love gayness and gays".

Bobbie Houston. Likes sexy books.

Bobby Houston

Bobbie Houston


Bobbie’s book “I’ll have what she’s having” must be the sluttiest book a Christian female pastor has ever written.

Under the book title, “I’ll have what she’s having”, Bobbie has written the words “The ultimate compliment for any woman daring to change the world”.

Sometimes, in fact, almost always, when I see or hear Bobbie putting it out there to the world, I wonder why there is a disconnect in her head, as a female Christian pastor, between the Biblical view of a woman leader, as a strong emancipated warrior for God, and Bobbie’s view of a Christian woman as an emancipated vamp.

Madonna and Bobbie have more in common than the Holy Bible and Bobbie.



Madonna. The consequence of botox, plastic surgery and debauchery.

madonna 2 madonna 3 madonna 4


The Feminist Movement

The Feminist Movement didn’t start in the 1960s, and it certainly hasn’t been enhanced by Bobbie Houston.

The Feminist Movement started in the 19th century. These early feminists took on the male-dominated society at the time and fought for woman’s rights, and in particular the right to vote.

The first country to give women the vote was New Zealand in 1893. The Electoral Act 1893 gave all women in New Zealand the right to vote.

The second was Victoria in Australia followed by NSW. These regions weren’t officially “Australia” at the time in a governmental sense. It was pre-Federation times.


The Feminist Movement in New Zealand

Bobbie Houston comes from Auckland, New Zealand. My father also comes from there and my mother’s side from Wellington, the capital. Auckland is by far the largest city.

New Zealand has always led the world in woman’s rights.

Bobbie Houston’s philosophies of women take Christian women’s causes back at least 125 years, possibly even to the Medieval Dark Ages of the 5th to the 15th centuries AD.


Women’s suffrage in New Zealand

From Wikipedia, the free Encyclopedia



Kate Sheppard. The most prominent member of New Zealand’s Women’s Suffrage. What a beautiful looking woman.


“Women’s suffrage in New Zealand was an important political issue in the late 19th century. In early colonial New Zealand, as in other European societies, women were excluded from any involvement in politics. Public opinion began to change in the latter half of the 19th century, however, and after years of effort by suffrage campaigners, led by Kate Sheppard, New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections.

The Electoral Bill granting women the franchise was given Royal Assent by Governor Lord Glasgow on 19 September 1893. Women voted for the first time in the election held on 28 November 1893 (elections for the Māori electorates were held on 20 December). In 1893, Elizabeth Yates also became Mayor of Onehunga, the first time such a post had been held by a female anywhere in the British Empire.



Portrait of an unknown New Zealand suffragette. At Charles Hemus Studio. Circa 1880. The sitter wears a white camellia and has cut off her hair, both symbolic of support for advancing woman’s rights.


Women’s suffrage was granted after about two decades of campaigning by women throughout New Zealand, including Kate Sheppard and Mary Ann Müller. The New Zealand branch of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union led by Anne Ward was particularly instrumental in the campaign. Influenced by the American branch of the Women’s Christian Temperance Movement, and the philosophy of thinkers like Harriet Taylor Mill and John Stuart Mill, the movement argued that women could bring morality into democratic politics. Opponents argued instead that politics was outside women’s ‘natural sphere’ of the home and family. Suffrage advocates countered that allowing women to vote would encourage policies which protected and nurtured families.

WCTU campaigners and suffragettes organised and delivered a series of petitions to Parliament: over 9000 signatures were delivered in 1891, followed by a petition of almost 20,000 signatures in 1892, and finally in 1893 nearly 32,000 signatures were presented – almost a quarter of the adult European female population of New Zealand.

From 1887, various attempts were made to pass bills enabling female suffrage, the first of which was authored by Julius Vogel, the 8th Premier of New Zealand. Each bill came close to passing. Several electoral bills that would have given adult women the right to vote were passed in the House of Representatives but defeated in the upper Legislative Council.

In 1891 Walter Carncross moved an amendment that was intended to make a new bill fail in the Legislative Council. His amendment was for women to become eligible to be voted into the House of Representatives and in this way Carncross ensured that the conservative Upper House would reject the bill. This tactic infuriated the suffragette Catherine Fulton, who organised a protest at the 1893 election. An 1892 Electoral Bill, introduced by John Ballance, provided for the enfranchisement of all women, but controversy over an impractical postal vote amendment caused its abandonment.

By 1893 there was considerable popular support for women’s suffrage. The 1893 Women’s Suffrage Petition was presented to Parliament and a new Electoral Bill passed through the Lower House with a large majority. During debate, there was majority support for the enfranchisement of Māori as well as Pākehā women. Lobbyists for the liquor industry, concerned that women would force the prohibition of alcohol, petitioned the Upper House to reject the bill. Suffragists responded with mass rallies and telegrams to Members of Parliament. They gave their supporters in Parliament white camellias to wear in their buttonholes. The Upper House was divided on the issue, and Premier Richard Seddon hoped to stop the bill.

Seddon needed one more vote to defeat the measure in the Upper House. A new Liberal Party councillor, Thomas Kelly, had decided to vote in favour of the measure, but Seddon obtained his consent by wire to change his vote. Seddon’s manipulation incensed two other councillors William Hunter Reynolds and Edward Cephas John Stevens, so they changed sides and voted for the bill, allowing it to pass by 20 votes to 18 on 8 September 1893. The two opposition councillors had been opposed to woman’s suffrage without the ‘electoral rights’ safeguard of postal voting; seen as necessary to allow all women in isolated rural areas to vote, although seen by the Liberals as making the vote open to manipulation by husbands or employers.

Eighteen legislative councillors petitioned the new governor, Lord Glasgow, to withhold his consent in enacting the law, but on 18 September 1893 the governor consented and The Electoral Act 1893 gave all women in New Zealand the right to vote.

Both the Liberal government and the opposition subsequently claimed credit for the enfranchisement of women, and sought women’s newly acquired votes on these grounds.

Further advances in women’s political rights

In 1893, Elizabeth Yates became the first woman in the British Empire to become mayor, though she held the post in Onehunga, a city now part of Auckland, only for about a year.

Women were not eligible to be elected to the House of Representatives until 1919 though, when three women, including Ellen Melville stood. Elizabeth McCombs was the first woman to win an election (to the Lyttelton seat held by her late husband, via widow’s succession) in the 1933 by-election, followed by Catherine Stewart (1938), Mary Dreaver (1941), Mary Grigg (1942) and Mabel Howard (1943). Melville stood for the Reform Party and Grigg for the National Party, while Stewart, Dreaver and Howard were all Labour Party. The first Maori woman MP was Iriaka Ratana in 1949; she also succeeded to the seat held by her late husband.

Women were not eligible to be appointed to the New Zealand Legislative Council (the Upper House of Parliament) until 1941. The first two women (Mary Dreaver and Mary Anderson) were appointed in 1946 by the Labour Government. In 1950 the “suicide squad” appointed by the National Government to abolish the Legislative Council included three women: Mrs Cora Louisa Burrell of Christchurch, Mrs Ethel Marion Gould of Auckland and Mrs Agnes Louisa Weston of Wellington.

In 1989 Helen Clark became the first female Deputy Prime Minister. In 1997, the then-current Prime Minister Jim Bolger lost the support of the National Party and was replaced by Jenny Shipley, making her the first female Prime Minister of New Zealand. In 1999, Clark became the second female Prime Minister of New Zealand, and the first woman to gain the position at an election.

The New Zealand Suffrage Centennial Medal 1993 was authorised by the Queen by Royal Warrant dated 1 July 1993, and was awarded to 546 selected persons in recognition of their contribution to the rights of women in New Zealand or to women’s issues in New Zealand or both”.


My comments:

My country of birth, New Zealand, has always led the world in women’s rights, and Christian women in New Zealand have never been under the thumb in my lifetime.

The exception are those women who either willing or ignorantly choose to believe and adhere to erroneous submission doctrines, which are normally propagated by ignorant religious men.

My father, Reuben Donald Elley, a Christian pastor, and my mother Valerie Jean Elley, always taught that women are equal with men.

Ideas of women being subservient to men, as propagated by antiquated institutions like the NSW Anglican Church, are not biblical, and are not to be listened to, in any way.

I can’t believe that modern NSW Anglican women would allow themselves to be treated in this way, or even listen to the doctrines of bondage, as propagated by Rev Philip Jensen and his brother Rev Peter Jensen, and many of their NSW Anglican colleagues. Unenlightened men for sure.

Overall, I can’t see why modern Christian women would take any notice of Bobbie Houston either.

It pains me deeply to read that Bobbie Houston’s Colour movement has now taken over all the Australian Christian Churches ACC) movement, which number of 1000 churches all over Australia.

The ACC’s woman’s movement is now called the Colour movement.


ACC website:

“Australian Christian Women

The women of Colour Conference
The heartbeat of Australian Christian Women – to place value upon the individual and to present womanhood as God intended.

The vision of Australian Christian Women – to see men, women and children rise to their stature across the landscape of the Church.

The mandate of Australian Christian Women – to facilitate the above through partnership and in association with national & state AOG leadership

You can capture the heartbeat, vision & mandate of the ACW at our annual conference.

The Leadership of Australian Christian Women

Bobbie Houston
National Director
& New South Wales Director
(02) 8846 4603

Australian Christian Women

The women of Colour Conference
The heartbeat of Australian Christian Women – to place value upon the individual and to present womanhood as God intended.

The vision of Australian Christian Women – to see men, women and children rise to their stature across the landscape of the Church.

The mandate of Australian Christian Women – to facilitate the above through partnership and in association with national & state AOG leadership

You can capture the heartbeat, vision & mandate of the ACW at our annual conference.

Australian Christian Women exists to serve and bless the local churches within our State.

We don’t exist to intrude or do the work of the “local church”, but rather to come alongside and assist wherever possible.

Bobbie passionately believes in the potential of all people and is devoted to the Cause of Christ. Her desire to see value placed on womanhood will greatly inspire you and give you a fresh perspective on the magnificence of God and His Church.

Read Bobbie’s blog on Hillsong Collected

Copyright 2012
Australian Christian Women

The Colour Sisterhood
Privacy Statement
Terms of Use”


My comments:

The ACC Woman’s movement is clearly dominated by Bobbie Houston and her Colour movement.

I’ll review Bobbie’s books, of which I have copies of the two mentioned in this article, at a later stage.

The influence of Bobbie Houston on Pentecostal Churches in Australia and New Zealand and beyond is extremely concerning.



Brian and Bobbie Houston at the exclusive Catalina Restaurant Rose Bay, Sydney.

Brian and Bobbie Houston at the exclusive Catalina Restaurant Rose Bay, Sydney. Living the high life on Hillsong tithes. Chauffeurs. Luxury holidays in five star hotels in the Mediterranean and America. Top restaurants. Luxury Bondi beach-side apartments for them and their kin, worth over $2 million each. Property personally held in tax-free church trusts, to avoid paying any tax.

bobbie t2

Hillsong worship leader Josh Canfield and his partner Reed

Hillsong worship leader Josh Canfield and his partner Reed

Hillsong m6B and B 04Brian gay02-1

Hillsong. Taking woman's rights back to the Dark Ages.

Hillsong: Taking woman’s rights and men’s views about women back to the Dark Ages.

Bobbie Houston

Bobbie Houston


The leaders of Hillsong and The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) movement that should be charged with pedophile protection crimes.

These are the leaders of Hillsong and The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) movement that should be charged with pedophile protection crimes.

The relevant NSW Legislation is the CHILDREN AND YOUNG PERSONS (CARE AND PROTECTION) ACT 1998 – SECT 23.

The Australian Christian Churches (ACC) is the new name for the Australian Assemblies of God (AoG) since Brian Houston renamed it in 2007.

The crimes are firstly that Frank Houston was not reported to the Police in 1999, when all the leaders of Hillsong and The Australian Christian Churches movement were made aware of serious pedophile crimes committed over decades by Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong, and secondly that they colluded in sheltering the pedophile Frank Houston from the NSW Police for five years from 1999 to November 2004, when he died.

The following men and one woman, Bobbie Houston, should all be charged with these crimes under NSW Law.

These leaders who should be charged include:

Pastor Brian Houston the current Co-Head Pastor of Hillsong International (with his wife Bobbie).

Pastor Bobbie Houston, the Co-Head Pastor of Hillsong International, with her husband Brian.

George Aghajanian, the long-time Hillsong Business Manager.

Pastor Keith Ainge, the General Secretary of the Assemblies of God (AoG) at the time of the crimes.

Pastor John McMartin, the long-time NSW AoG/ ACC President.

Pastor John Lewis, an Australian AoG Executive member at the time of these crimes. John Lewis has been very quiet about these matters.

Pastor Wayne Alcorn, an Australian AoG Executive member and long-time Houston supporter.

Pastor Joel A’Bell. Hillsong Australia Head Pastor. Long-time Hillsong pastor since the 1990s.

Dr Gordon Lee, Frank Houston’s personal doctor and a long-standing Hillsong leader. Dr Gordon Lee is currently a Hillsong elder.

Pastor Robert Fergusson, the most long-standing Hillsong pastor after Bobbie and Brian Houston.

Dr Jo Thomas, a long-standing Hillsong leader. Dr Jo Thomas is currently a Hillsong elder.

Pastor Ian Wood, who sheltered Frank Houston at Hawkesbury AoG (known as Hawkesbury Christian Centre) from 2000 for a few years until Frank Houston’s health began to fail.

Ian Wood colluded with Brian Houston and the other AoG and Hillsong leaders in sheltering Frank Houston from the NSW Police in a location far away from the Hillsong limelight, difficult savvy questions and prying questioning Sydney eyes.

I’m now going to outline how each of these men, and one woman Bobbie Houston, committed these crimes and why they should be prosecuted under NSW Law.

I explained why Brian Houston should be charged with pedophile protection crimes in the last article on this site.

Today I’m going to explain why Bobbie Houston should be charged with the same offences as her husband Brian.


Brian and Bobbie Houston at the exclusive Catalina Restaurant Rose Bay, Sydney.

Brian and Bobbie Houston at the exclusive Catalina Restaurant Rose Bay, Sydney.


Bobbie Houston

On the Hillsong official website, Brian and Bobbie Houston as described as follows:

“Brian and Bobbie
Senior Pastors of Hillsong Church

Brian Houston

As a leader, Pastor Brian Houston is highly regarded for his boldness, innovation and vision. As a church pastor, he is well-respected for his passion for the cause of Christ and the local church, and for preaching messages that change mindsets and ministries. But at HOME – Hillsong Church – Pastor Brian is most loved for being the ‘dad of the house’ – a pastor who loves God and people, and a speaker of life who declares, ‘The best is yet to come’.

Bobbie Houston

Pastor Bobbie Houston is passionate about seeing all people find Jesus as their Saviour, gain a revelation of their value in Him and rise up to make a stand for justice on the earth. She is a beloved Pastor with a prophetic teaching gift, and she has redefined the face of ‘women’s ministry,’ raising up a strong and capable company of women through a local Hillsong Sisterhood, global Colour Sisterhood and flourishing annual Colour Conferences that take place across four nations”.


My comments:

“Brian and Bobbie
Senior Pastors of Hillsong Church”.

bobbie c2bobbie t2bobbie v3bobbie 7bobbie 6brian o1brian b7josh canfield b18Brian Houston v11brian houston v12


Its been a journey for Bobbie and Brian. Quite a journey.

But should Bobbie Houston, the feminine side of the Houston power couple, be charged with criminal offences in relation to her father-in-law’s sexual abuse of little children?

Is Bobbie Houston criminally liable for the offences of her husband Brian for not reporting and sheltering a pedophile- his old evil corrupt child rapist dad Frank.


The criminal pedophile Frank Houston, Liked surrounding himself with young males and boys.

Frank Houston. Evil child rapist.


In its Findings released on Monday, the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse didn’t mention Bobbie Houston at all.

Somehow Bobbie has managed to stay off the Royal Commission’s radar.

The same thing happened to Harvest Church Singapore’s head pastor Kong Hee’s wife,Ho Yeow Sun.


Ho Yeow Sun

Ho Yeow Sun


While her husband is going to jail for eight years starting in January, Ho Yeow Sun has got off scot-free.

Maybe its an Asian-thing. They don’t like to hang women.

In Indonesia they don’t mind hanging women. The only dispensation is if a woman is pregnant. Then they hang or shoot the felon after she’s given birth.

There’s something very distasteful about hanging, executing a woman by firing squad, or imprisoning a woman. It just doesn’t seem right. The fairer sex and prison don’t seem to mix in mind of society.

The Saudis and Taliban bury a woman adulterer in the unforgiving soil of Arabia or Afghanistan and then gather around and throw rocks at her head until she dies.

But here in Singapore and Australia we seem reluctant to punish a woman, even for white-collar crimes.

Bobbie Houston is an outspoken self-confessed champion of Christian woman’s emancipation and empowerment. Bobbie has even branded the Hillsong and ACC Christian ladies movements “sisterhoods”, a term widely used by secular feminists all over the planet.

“Women’s suffrage in Australia was one of the earliest objectives of the movement for gender equality in Australia. It began to be socially and politically accepted and legislated during the late 19th century, beginning with South Australia in 1895 and Western Australia in 1899. In 1902, the newly established Australian Parliament passed the Commonwealth Franchise Act 1902, which set a uniform law enabling women to vote at federal elections and to stand for the federal Parliament. This removed gender discrimination in relation to electoral rights for federal elections in Australia. By 1911, the remaining Australian states had legislated for women’s suffrage for state elections”.


New Zealand was the first country in the world to give woman the vote. In New Zealand, my country of birth and upbringing, we don’t need to use the term “sisterhood”. Women have been treated better than most countries. There is still a lot of work to do, but is Bobbie Houston, the Botox and Extravagance Queen of Pentecost the right woman to do it?

In Western Law until the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, women didn’t have the vote and had few legal rights. Historically women were regarded in British Law as chattels (possessions) of the husband, in much the same way as a house, land, a business or possessions.

Whether Bobbie, with her penchant for the material world, has helped Christian women in their search for equality and empowerment is unlikely. Bobbie is more of an embarrassment to truly godly woman, than a role model.

Botox Bobbie, Bold Bobbie, Bolshie Bobbie, Blunder-bust Bobbie, Boasting Bobbie, Boob-job Bobbie, bourgeoise Bobbie.

Has Bobbie helped the cause of Christian women. This is unlikely.


Bobbie Houston: "I'm so glad Josh Canfield and his man Rees are being able to stay at Hillsong NYC. Hillsong is really leading the way in Christian relationships in the new millennia".

Bobbie Houston: “I’m so glad Josh Canfield and his man Rees are being able to stay at Hillsong NYC. Hillsong is really leading the way in Christian relationships in the new millennia”.

Hi. I'm Bobbie Houston. Darlings, can't talk now. My ride is waiting. Going down to Double Bay to see my hairdresser and pop in to my Cosmetic Surgeon for a little touch-up.

Hi. I’m Bobbie Houston. Darlings, can’t talk now. My ride is waiting. Going down to Double Bay to see my hairdresser and pop in to my Cosmetic Surgeon for a little touch-up.


Bobbie is the senior co-pastor of Hillsong International and has been closely involved day-to-day in everything that has gone on at Hillsong in relation to not reporting her father-in-law, the evil criminal child abuser Frank Houston to the NSW Police and sheltering and even honouring him for five long years until Frank Houston died.

Bobbie is just as culpable as anyone including Brian.

The NSW Police should charge her for exactly the same offences as they’re going to charge Brian with shortly.


Andrew Scipione

Andrew Scipione. The NSW Police Commissioner. Even though Andrew is a personal friend of Bobbie and Brian Houston, and visits their house sometimes, according to the Hillsong Insider, he should be professional and put aside his friendship and charge Bobbie and Brian Houston with the criminal offences of not reporting and protecting and sheltering a pedophile. If Andrew Scipione tries to protect Bobbie and Brian Houston, then he will be committing criminal offences himself. If he is caught and proven doing this, in any way, Andrew Scipione’s career will end in shame, like Bobbie and Brian Houston’s careers are destined to.

The dark black eyes of Frank Houston. If through God's amazing grace, Frank Hosyton makes it to heaven, these other men will be in a seat of great honour and Frank Houston will be scrubbing the toilets.

The dark black serpent-like eyes of the criminal pedophile Frank Houston. Calculating. Insincere. Corpse-like. If you look at his eyes and his teeth simultaneously, you can see the snake-like prince demon within Frank Houston staring out on the physical world.

The heat is on

By 1977, in New Zealand, and especially in Lower Hutt, where he was Head Pastor of Lower Hutt Assemblies of God, the heat was really coming on the criminal pedophile Frank Houston.

This was especially the case in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, where he was Head Pastor of Lower Hutt Assemblies of God

In the 1960s and 1970s, the criminal pedophile Frank Houston had embarked on an out of control pedophile spree in New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the world such as Chile in South America, where he did evangelistic and healing crusades. No one ever got healed but the access to little boys and young male victims was readily available.

In the 1960s and 1970s he abused countless little boys and young teen males. Maybe over 400.

In Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, the pedophile Frank Houston abused six known little boy victims aged about ten.

In another suburb of Wellington, Frank Houston abused WNZ1 who was an innocent 11 years old, at a Bible study led by Frank Houston, in his parent’s home..

Other children were abused at that Bible Study, according to WNZ1.

In South Australia he abused at least three little boys aged about 11, including SA1, who was 11. probably many more, according to boy victim SA1.

In Sydney he abused Royal Commission boy victim AHA for over 5 years in the late 60s and early 1970s. AHA was only 7 years old when the abuse started. How could a person do this to a mere kid? Only if you’re a sick criminal pedophile pathological pervert like Frank Houston was for his whole teen and adult life. Imagine the demons he let into his life.

The dichotomy of Frank Houston and Hillsong compared to Protestantism, Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movement.

In the 1960s and 1970s the pedophile Frank Houston abused scores of little boys and young males.

At the same time he was a famous evangelist and healer.

I became a Pentecostal Christian in 1975 through the Charismatic Movement.

I know there are Church-Watch sites on-line that continually bag the Charismatic Movement, and there are Church-Watch sites that bag the Pentecostal and Assemblies of God Church Movements, but it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

What the Charismatic Movement did was to revolutionise all the Protestant Denominations. All the Protestant Denominations, except the Anglican Church, were started in Great Reformations or Great Holy Spirit Revivals, which are in many ways the same thing.

Martin Luther founded Lutheranism and restored the Biblical Truth of Salvation by Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and The Priesthood of All Believers.

The Baptists restored the very important truth of the second baptism, The Baptism in Water.

John Knox and the Covenanters in Scotland restored the Ecclesia of the Elders and the doctrine of The Priesthood of All Believers.

That is, they fought against Papism and the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church such as the authority of the Pope and the Priesthood, and they re-established Doctrine of the Priesthood of All Believers and leadership by an Ecclesia of elders who were submitted to one another in love. Accountable. Humble, and foremost godly.

The Presbyterian Church in Scotland evolved from these Great Reforms.

Methodism was born out of Great Holy Spirit Revivals under leaders like John and Charles Wesley and George Whitfield.

Quakerism was born out of Holy Spirit Revival.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women spilled their blood or were martyred so we could freely and democratically have personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So we could believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and read our Bibles freely and openly, gather together to worship God in a relaxed manner, without Papist priests telling us what to do, and have freedom of religion, and especially of the practice of Christianity, in the way we choose to.

Pentecostalism, the Four Square Gospel Church and the Assemblies of God all trace their roots to the Welsh Revival and the Asuza Street Revivals between 1904 and 1906. The flames of the Welsh Revival leapt across the Atlantic to Los Angeles, California, The City of Angels, and the Asuza Street Revival began. It was remarkably led, in an age of great racism, by William Seymour, an African American. God’s answer to racism.

The Assemblies of God was founded within a decade of Azusa Street by men and women who’d witnessed that Revival and similar Awakenings of the Holy Spirit. It now numbers 68 million members world-wide.

Amy Semple Macpherson founded the Four Square Gospel Church in Los Angeles in the 1920s. It currently has 8 million members.

The Charismatic Movement swept through Protestant denominations in the 1960s and 1970s. By 1980 it had died out everywhere.

The current movements of Bethel, the Latter Day Rain and other off-beat movements are not the Charismatic Movement but a satanic over-sowing of the Charismatic Movement.

The Anti-Charismatic Sites on-line are a misnomer and normally run by anti-Pentecostals. Anti-Pentecostals are normally Dispensationalists who believe that the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in other tongues and the gifts of the Holy Spirit died out at the end of the first century AD when all the Apostles had died. The NSW Anglican Church in Australia is Dispensationalist in this way.

Hillsong Church doesn’t fit into any of the above categories of Great Protestant Christian Movements.

The Hillsong Church is a blend of disparate heresies. The heresy of “The Jesus Only Gospel”. The heresy of “The Prosperity Gospel”. The heresy of “A Form of Pentecostal Dispensationalism”, where the gifts of the Holy Spirit aren’t outright denied, but they’re not used and they’re put in a secret dusty Hillsong broom-cupboard never to be seen at all. And definitely not to be seen anywhere near a Hillsong service. The heresy of “The Personality Cult”. The heresy of “Spiritual and Religious Control of it’s members”, like the Jehovah’s Witness cult, the Scientology cult, the Moonie Cult and every other cult. Hillsong is just another errant cult.

Hillsong also never mentions the Holy Spirit. This is because the Lamp-stand of the Holy Spirit was removed from Hillsong by the Lord Jesus long ago. It is improbable, given the founder of Hillsong Frank Houston was a life-long secret criminal pedophile, that the Holy Spirit has ever been within 10 kilometres of a Hillsong Church anywhere in the world.

The Chasers

As a result of multiple pedophile offences, a  group rose up against Frank Houston at Lower Hutt Assemblies of God (AoG) in the late 1960s to early 1970s. Among these good and very godly folk were Stan and Sheila Carter, who I was friends with in 1979 at Kapiti Christian Centre on the Kapiti Coast, north of Wellington, New Zealand, about seven years after they fell out with Frank Houston.

Stan was on the Board of the Lower Hutt Assemblies of God Church in the 1960s. Stan was a tradesman like so many other Assemblies of God folk throughout the world. Pentecostalism has historically had its roots and following amongst the working classes.

This is the way of Christ and the way of the gospel. Christ came for the poor and the needy, not for the rich and those already well-contented with world goods. He was born in a stable. Raised in Nazareth in humble circumstances. The Lord of Glory showing where God’s heart is and how the Christian lifestyle should be lived. This is the anti-thesis of the Hillsong Church.

This group of upset and angry godly people at Lower Hutt AoG, according to Stan and Sheila Carter and other sources of mine, had a massive argument and fall-out with Frank Houston over accusations of multiple acts of pedophila on little boys by Frank Houston.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston attacked his accusers and forced them out.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston said they were trouble-makers and should leave.

This is typical Houston-speak. A creed which Brian and Bobbie Houston and the Hillsong pastors follow to this day. Any dissenters such as Tanya Levin, the Hillsong-watch crusader, are shown the Hillsong door and they’re threatened with AVOs if they ever come near Hillsong again.

Hillsong are very insecure about criticism. All their modus operandi are synonymous with cults all over Christendom and all over the world.

The most aggressive and prolific chaser and harasser of Frank Houston was the prophet Pastor Philip Powell.

I’ll talk about Pastor Philip Powell extensively in then next article in this series. He really went after Frank Houston with the zeal of the Lord.

Essentially the criminal pedophile Frank Houston had molested so many children that he was close to being reported to the Police and arrested in New Zealand. The reason he wasn’t was that things were different in the 1960s and 1970s than they are today. Child abuse wasn’t understood. Children often weren’t believed. Police didn’t often take action.

The pedophile Frank Houston needed to get out of town quick so he made up a story about God giving him a vision of the people of Sydney waving in the breeze like a wheat-field and that God had called him to go there and evangelise them.

Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst

Pastor Frank Houston’s performances in the ministry and in the pulpit in Sydney from 1977 were truly Shakespearian acting.

Never has a greater fraud and deceiver graced the pulpit of a Pentecostal Church anywhere in the world.

Pastor Frank Houston. Total deviate and con-artist.

The criminal pedophile  Frank Houston preaching. A total deviate and con-artist.

Rev William Francis

Evil pedophile

Pastor Frank Houston. Unclean hands.

Pastor Frank Houston. Unclean hands.

Frank Houston. Shameless. Homosexual. Life-long pedophile. Sexual predator.

Frank Houston. Shameless. Homosexual. Criminal life-long pedophile. Sexual predator.

The pedophile Frank Houston even fooled smart Christians like Doctor Phil Pringle, the CEO of C3 Church International. C3 was formerly called Christian City Church.

Phil Pringle, later to purchase a doctorate in the Canary Islands or somewhere, regarded Frank Houston as his spiritual father.

I heard Phil say this from the pulpit at C3 Church at C3 HQ Church in Wakehurst Parkway, Sydney, in 2002, a few years after Frank Houston confessed to his son Brian that he was a pedophile.

I don’t believe that Brian found out in 1998/ 1999  that his dad was a pedophile.

Brian probably found out his dad was a pedophile when he was 8 years old when his dad likely abused him.

From what I know about pedophiles, and Frank Houston was an extremely evil one, the chances are slim of Brian and his older brother Graeme and the Houston grandchildren not being sexually abused. God, Graeme, Brian and the grandchildren know what did or did not happen. Nobody is talking. Frank can’t talk. The others still can.

Doctor Phil Pringle CEO of C3 International Church Pty Ltd.

“Doctor” Phil Pringle CEO of C3 International Church Pty Ltd.

I remember Phil Pringle coming to Christian Life Centre (CLC) in Darlinghurst, Sydney, in 1983 to inspect the new fit-out of the Bible College and Church Administration at 162-166 Goulburn Street, just down the road from CLC’s main church facility on the corner of Riley and Goulburn Streets.

The main church was located just behind the Greyhound Bus Terminal.

Phil Pringle was Frank Houston’s guest. I was the builder of the fit-out and Dave Sayers was my trades assistant. We watched as Frank, Phil and the CLC Administrator Gary Canham walked around. Phil was talking big about his plans for his church on the Northern Beaches. He has achieved all he boasted about and more. Doctor Phil has never been short on confidence.

In those days things were quite different from today in that precinct of Darlinghurst. Where the Route 66 clothing shop now is located on Crown Street there was a rough trade gay shop with a big Harley in the window and leather-boy gay displays, draping heavy chains and leather and studded paraphernalia on sale. The  big boy “ginger bear”, “leather boys” and” biker” type gay scene.

Next door was a chicken shop on the corner of Goulburn and Crown Street.

My first wife and I, and our daughter Sarah, who was two years old, lived in a community house opposite the rear of the chicken shop. At 4am every morning, including weekends, the chooks were slaughtered in the rear of the chicken shop opposite our bedroom for daily sale and consumption.

Phil Thwaites ran two community houses for young men, who had various psychological and emotional issues, in Palmer Street, Darlinghurst.

Laurie and Heather Murphy ran a large community house in Paddington.

Dave Sayers started the Christian Commando Ministry for outreach in the red light district of Kings Cross.

In this busy precinct, far away from suburbia and far away from New Zealand, the pedophile Frank Houston founded Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst, which was renamed Hillsong City Church in 2000.

At the time the Sydney gay scene was booming. Aids and HIV hadn’t started in the late 1970s to early 1980s.

Frank Houston had finished a wild spree of pedophilia abuse in New Zealand from about 1960 to 1973 and because he overdid it and the heat was really coming on.

His strategy was to say God gave him a vision of souls to reap in Sydney. He had no passion for reaching anybody. His mission was to save himself from jail and shame.

So he hopped on a plane to Sydney from New Zealand, with his wife Hazel, and set about establishing a new church in Darlinghurst.

Why Darlinghurst?

The pedophile Frank Houston chose Darlinghurst for two main reasons.

Firstly, there were no other Pentecostal Churches there.

The Australian AoG Establishment in Australia already knew Frank Houston had been labelled a pedophile in New Zealand. A letter went out to all New Zealand AoG leaders warning them about Frank Houston and explaining a pay-out had been made. This pay-out was by the Lower Hutt AoG church to a teen victim Peter Fowler. Peter Fowler went public about the abuse with the help and encouragement of the prophet Pastor Philip Powell, who died this year.

The second reason for the choice of Darlinghurst, I believe, is so that the pedophile and homosexual Frank Houston could visit gay brothels in Darlinghurst. I have no firm evidence of this, but this is what I believe he used to do based on assumptions from what I know about pedophiles and homosexuals, and from what I observed Frank Houston do.

When a man or a woman commits homosexual or pedophile acts, this opens them up to very powerful satanic spirits. It’s the same if a man or woman visits a brothel. These are very dark places.

King Solomon in the Book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible talks about its like this:

Proverbs 5:3-6 The Message Bible

“The lips of a seductive woman are oh so sweet,
her soft words are oh so smooth.
But it won’t be long before she’s gravel in your mouth,
a pain in your gut, a wound in your heart.
She’s dancing down the primrose path to Death;
she’s headed straight for Hell and taking you with her.
She hasn’t a clue about Real Life,
about who she is or where she’s going”.

How much more will pedophilia or homosexuality take a person to hell, both physically on this earth through reception of myriad demons in one’s soul and in the hereafter, through God’s Fearful Judgments, especially if someone is a Minister of the Holy Gospel.

I recall that on Saturdays when I was doing building work at CLC Darlinghurst, Frank Houston would come into CLC Darlinghurst, go into his office for a while. before he went to his office he’d talk to me briefly and say, “I’m going to pray and prepare the Sunday sermons”.

He’d go into his office for a while and then walk out the door on to the streets of Darlinghurst for a couple of hours, then return. I believe that during that time, like Hillsong’s “Pastor” Pat Mesiti did circa 2000, the homosexual and pedophile Frank Houston was visiting gay brothels. It is unknown what type of brothels Pat Mesiti visited on a Hillsong credit card.

Pat Mesiti. Guilty. Didn't tell everyone the truth about what he did and with whom.

Pat Mesiti. Guilty. Hasn’t told everyone the truth about what he did and with whom.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston’s plans to escape the accusations and the heat in New Zealand by submerging himself in the highly permissive environment of Darlinghurst of the 1980s worked a treat.

He managed to evade exposure as a pedophile until he was 77 years old.

When he was caught he hardly admitted anything. The bare minimum to stop people like his son Brian and the AoG General Secretary Keith Ainge from asking even more difficult questions.

He’d had a life of pedophilia and corruption and he just wanted to be left alone and to explain nothing.

Pastor Frank Houston. Lifelong pedophile. Answerable to God.

The old pedophile Frank Houston. If you look at his eyes and his mouth at once you can still see that prince demon, even in his old age.