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The Holy Spirit loves you deeply.

The Holy Spirit, the Gentle Dove of Heaven, loves you deeply.


Conventionally speaking and out of the greatest respect for God, if we write an adjective before or after one of God’s Names, after I did then, we should use a capital letter on the first letter of that adjective.

A small point. The benefits and wisdom with Christianity and life are in grasping and applying the detail well.


Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth.


In context:

Remind them of these things, and solemnly charge them in the presence of God not to wrangle about words, which is useless and leads to the ruin of the hearers. 15 Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, accurately handling the word of truth. 16 But avoid worldly and empty chatter, for it will lead to further ungodliness…

2 Timothy 2:15


My skills with words, writing and in knowing and understanding the Holy Bible and the ways of God weren’t established in five minutes.

It has taken a lifetime of tuition and diligence.


The writer Donald Elley. Likes to dot his 'i's and cross his 't's.

The writer Donald Elley. Likes to dot his ‘i’s and cross his ‘t’s.


My dear father and mother imparted to me all they knew.


This is my all-time favourite foto of dad: on holiday, wind-blown hair, his hairy eyebrows, his trusty binoculars, that quizzical "who-me" look. The ultimate free-spirit.

This is my all-time favourite foto of dad: on holiday, wind-blown hair, his hairy eyebrows, his trusty binoculars, that quizzical “who-me” look. The ultimate free-spirit.

Dad. A gentle and loving father. Dad used to think it was funny to wear silly hats and glasses.

Dad. A gentle and loving father. Dad used to think it was funny to wear silly hats and glasses.

mum and dad in Khandallah days. A pinnacle of dad's life. 1970s.

Mum and dad in Khandallah days. Dad, always free-wheeling and confident. Mum, faithful, very godly and a rock of God. A pinnacle of dad’s life. 1970s.

dad ditched the clerical dog collar in the mid 1970s

A hard-hitter. No lightweight. You knew where you stood. But he was very gentle and highly sensitive. Strength mixed with grace. Very godly. Very dignified. Dad wouldn’t take a backward step in the things of God. God’s causes. Dad and his evangelical ministerial colleagues and friends took on the liberals in the Presbyterian Church in the late 1960s and 1970s.


These are the types of men and woman we so need God to raise up in this generation, even if all my generation are sweep into the gutter.


When I think of the errant men of God who I have been writing about on this my personal blog-site since September 2012 I weep.

Literally weep.

Not feel like weeping. I weep.


My heart is in the greatest pain when I think about the carnage these errant men have caused.


I also get very angry about these men.


Frank Houston.


Pastor Frank Houston. Founder of hillsong. Extremely corrupt life-long pedophile.

Pastor Frank Houston. Founder of Hillsong. Extremely evil and corrupt life-long pedophile.


I started writing about Frank Houston on 13 September 2012 with my article on this site, ‘Pastor Frank Houston. part 1. Frank’s Houston’s pedophile activities’.

This article has been viewed by 16,000 people.


If you google ‘Frank Houston abuse’, it is the first article that will appear.

My article comes up ahead of Wikipedia, the Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, ABC, London Daily Mail and other media.

It has been the first article if you google ‘Frank Houston abuse’ for over two years.


I started writing about Frank Houston, his pedophile activities and his many other faults, in September 2012 before the then Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard called the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.


My articles were influential in the Royal Commission examining the Houstons, the ACC/ AOG and Hillsong church.

In fact Simeon Beckett, a leading Commission lawyer, quoted directly from the above article on Frank Houston when he outlined the history of the Assemblies of God and other introductory facts.


The Royal Commission has contacted me three times for information.


I introduced the Royal Commission to victim SA1 (my code name) and organised for him to give them a statement.


At that time in October last year, to my knowledge, no victims of Frank Houston were known to the Royal Commission in Australia apart from victim AHA from Coogee Beach, Sydney.


I also told them about victim WNZ1 from Wellington, New Zealand, who few people know. Only some immediate family, one pastor in New Zealand and me.

WNZ1 contacted me after reading my blog-site. The Australian Royal Commission have noted his existence.  They don’t need a statement off him because their brief is only to examine Australian cases of sexual abuse of minors (under 18’s).


The Royal Commission has uncovered 160,000 victims of Institutional Abuse of minors.

Staggering when you think that’s only the Institutional abuse. The problem of pedophilia is of epidemic proportions in Australia.


Neville Johnson

Neville Johnson. Liked oral sex with church secretaries.

Neville Johnson. Liked oral sex with church secretaries. 


This man has never repented of crimes against God and man in the 1970s, including having oral sex multiple times with a series of three young church secretaries, including his right hand man’s daughter, spiritual and moral deception and trashing and dumping Queen Street AOG Auckland and running away to Perth.


Queen Street AOG was the largest church in Australia or New Zealand at the time.

The  greatest of sins.

Frank Houston was far worse but Neville Johnson is up there in the bad pastor dudes stakes.

Neville Johnson is still ministering from an internet site “Academy of Light’ in Perth, Western Australia, and in a teaching ministry.

Avoid Neville Johnson like the plague.


Jim Williams Serial adulterer


Jim Williams 2

Jim Williams. Now dsenior pastor of...Don't go near the place.

Jim Williams. Now senior pastor House of Praise in Springwood, Queensland. Don’t go near the place.


This man is still ministering and should not be.

Jim Williams is another errant New Zealand pastor who should just go fishing or do gardening for old ladies and leave the Blessed Body of Christ, God’s Precious Jewel from Heaven, alone.


Jim Williams followed Frank Houston as the Head of the New Zealand Assemblies of God Church (AOG).

He was the 9th General Superintendent of the Assemblies of God in New Zealand was from October 1977 – 1985, an eight year term.

Sydney James “Jim” Williams was born on 11 September 1935.

Jim Williams is a former pastor and former leader of one of the most influential churches in the Assemblies of God in New Zealand in Hamilton.

He is currently pastoring in Queensland, Australia.

Jim Williams became a published author with a work based on the book of Proverbs called “Wisdom – the missing link”, a book on handling pastoral problems.

One of the most difficult things he had to manage as General Superintendent was the fallout following the revelation of the financial and moral failure of Neville Johnson then pastor of the largest church in Australasia, the Queen Street Assembly of God.


Departure from New Zealand

Williams left for Australia in March 1989, the leadership of the AOG then passing to Pastor Wayne Hughes. In Australia Williams served in what was then known as the Garden City Church in Brisbane.



In 1994 the Executive of the NZ AOG received a letter from the Australian Assemblies stating that Williams had been guilty of adultery while pastor at the Hamilton AOG Assembly.

Williams was replaced as Pastor of the Garden City Christian Church by his deputy Senior Pastor, Pastor Geoff Holdway. Pastor Holdway differed from Williams charismatic style by focusing on a more fundamental adherence and teaching of scripture. This was based on his background in the Baptist theological seminary with a much more Pentecostal emphasis on scriptural interpretation.

At this time Williams was pastoring in Australia.

He lost his Australian credentials, but these were eventually returned after a time of counseling.

However he remained barred from ministry in the NZ AOG due to a failure to make any efforts to put the matter right in New Zealand.

In 2000 it became apparent that the extent of his sexual impropriety was much greater than admitted to the Australian body.

His credentials in New Zealand were permanently revoked for adulterous offences and other indiscretions involving different women over an extended period of years.

Following this the Hamilton Assembly (Gateway Christian Centre) left the denomination.


Current Ministry

Jim Williams is no longer associated with the Assemblies of God in Australia, and is now pastoring a church The House of Praise in Springwood, Queensland.


Jim Williams. Now senior pastor of House of Praise, Springwood, Queensland. Don’t go near the place.


fire of God 10fire 8H S Fire 2H S Fire 3

Pastor Frank Houston. Founder of hillsong. Extremely corrupt life-long pedophile.

Pastor Frank Houston. Founder of Hillsong. Extremely corrupt life-long pedophile, many of them little boys aged 7 to 12 years old.


Here is an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) on 4 August 2007. 


The writer David Marr is a gay man who writes for the SMH and who is interested in subjects like religion and organisations like Hillsong.

The first part of the article is about Tanya Levin’s book. Tanya is an ex-Hillsong lady who is now an atheist and a Hillsong watch type person.

Information about Peter Laughton, Frank Houston’s former young worship leader is in the second part of the article.

Peter Laughton was staying as a boarder with Frank Houston and his wife Hazel when the abuse occurred.

Although Peter was in his 20s he feels Frank Houston, who was 60, took advantage of him and abused him.


David Marr’s article in the SMH: Hillsong – the church with no answers


Tanya Levins

Tanya Levins


August 4, 2007

When a former member of the Hillsong congregation started asking hard questions, she was thrown out,

By the miracle of YouTube, we can take a helicopter ride over Sydney any time we like with Pastor Brian Houston as he lays out Hillsong’s Vision 2007. In a voice that has coaxed fortunes from the faithful, he talks prosperity, vision, growth and God’s strategy as the helicopter swoops down on the “beautiful piece of property” Hillsong bought last year in inner-city Rosebery for $28 million.

“I think the finances are where we’re going to have to have the greatest faith.”

His confidence is absolute that the mortgage will soon be paid. To a sceptical outsider, Houston looks oddly like Spike Milligan with cans on his ears and a microphone to his mouth as he looks down on the suburbs where Hillsong’s “state-of-the-art worship centres” are booming already or will soon be delivering the goods for Christ. He shrugs off ridicule. The nation’s most triumphant preacher lives in a world without doubt and without dissent.

“Jesus said a house divided against itself cannot stand,” Houston reminds the thousands who have viewed this film clip and left adoring messages behind. (“Please come to Sweden! We need ‘fire’ here!!!!!!!!!”) Authority is a big deal at Hillsong. You don’t mess with Brian or his wife, Bobbie. “The great strength of our church has always been our unity. A single vision is critical to where we’re going.”

So Tanya Levin is a problem. She asks questions. She wants explanations. She challenges the vision of Hillsong’s leadership. In short, she’s trouble.

Two years into writing People in Glass Houses, her insider’s account of Hillsong, she was finally – and literally – shown the door. “There is no debate within Hillsong,” she says. “That’s fundamentalism. It’s not open to free thought and question, not at all.”

The church wasn’t answering her emails about the book. Houston had ignored her calls. She defied orders not to turn up at the Castle Hill “campus”, until the night came when two security guards carried her from the church and “a very tall, handsome Maori man of about 24” called Dion walked her to her car.

“I cried at Dion,” she writes. “I told him about my dad, and faithfulness and loyalty … whatever kind of Hollywood angel he was dressed as that night, there would come a time when he would outlive the usefulness to the Firm. And then he would lose that simple genuine look he stared at me with. I told him to go home and read his Bible and go ask the preachers why it doesn’t match what they say. He listened like one does to the ravings of a lunatic and I made him listen because that’s his job.”

It was the end of a long affair that began when Levin was 14, the daughter of a banker and his Jewish wife who were brought to God by Billy Graham back in South Africa. The family turned up in the early days of what was to become the behemoth of Hillsong.

“My impressions in September of 1985 were of a bunch of nice people,” Levin writes. They waved their hands and spoke in tongues. Houston preached. “Even today,” she confesses, “when I hear Brian Houston’s voice I feel better.”

People in Glass Houses is a naked account of the joys of religious infatuation and the messy business of re-entering the real world as an adult five years down the track.

Levin fitted the Hillsong pattern perfectly: “There is a 50 per cent turnover every five years. Hillsong is renowned for having a very big back door.” The churning of people through the church is not something they talk about. “Or they say people don’t have the faith to hang on; they’re unable to take it through the tough times. It’s always the fault of the person. It’s never the fault of Hillsong.”

But the ties were deep. University and then a child took her away from the Hills for a decade. She returned as a single mother with a job as a social worker in a Salvation Army women’s refuge and something more than curiosity about the fate of her old church and the friends she still had there. “I’d go sporadically just to have a look.”

Rumours of scandal sharpened her interest. After one hugely popular pastor was expelled in 2001, Levin began asking questions about Brian Houston’s father, Frank – a preacher so powerful he was thought to be able to raise the dead – who was being accused on the internet of pedophilia. But Hillsong was in the dark.

Brian and Bobbie won a standing ovation from the congregation when they finally broke the news that old Frank had an unwavering love of God and deeply repented his moral failings. His crimes were not named that day. Levin was furious: “I had a near-irresistible urge to yell out like the boys used to do in the old days, ‘What did he DO, Brian?’ ”

Levin was asking questions again, this time to write this book. Frank was not her target. She set herself the task of explaining the inner workings of the most successful religious operation in Australia: the joy and despair of faith; the mass hypnosis of worship; the Jesus-centric remedies offered in Hillsong’s outreach programs for drug addiction, domestic violence, unemployment and homosexuality; the ideological submission of women; and the bleeding of money from the faithful.

Levin’s family is among the financial casualties of Hillsong. They’re out of the church now after more than 20 years and her mother’s sardonic joke is that People in Glass Houses might earn a little of their money back. Hillsong’s 19,000 members are expected to tithe – give a 10th of their income to the church – and make big donations on top of that. Levin wrote the book as a warning: “The intention was to tell people, ‘Hey, by the way, they’re taking your money.’ ”

A couple of years ago, Brian Houston boasted on ABC television that Hillsong’s income for the financial year 2004-2005 was $50 million. It’s tax-free, of course. Accounts are never published. Year after year, Hillsong’s music arm has albums high in the charts. When All of the Above faded after many months this year, Saviour King took its place. The earnings are enormous but the begging bowl is always out.

“It’s a corporate organisation being run by corporately trained people to achieve economic outcomes,” Levin says. “Economic outcomes are the new measure of spiritual success and sign of blessing. The fact that Brian Houston is driving a Harley is a sign that God is looking upon him favourably.”

For Levin, the core lie of Hillsong is the claim that God will repay everything you give. And the longer you have to wait, the greater the return. “How do you actually stand in front of people and say if you give me your money God will give it back to you – and actually sleep at night when you’re taking old people’s money? It’s obviously the more desperate people who want to make an investment decision like that. Very vulnerable people.”

Four or five years ago Levin typed “ex born again Christian” into Google and found that “from Sweden to Nevada and back again there were people with the same story”. They are welcomed into a small, warm, friendly congregation with one or two charismatic preachers. But a few years later they’re out the door: “Kicked out and told they are the work of the devil.”

That early friendliness is part of the big sell. “They don’t preach against much. There’s a new movement that’s come through America called Seeker Sensitive – in other words we want people who come into our church to feel comfortable. And we want to be sensitive to their needs. So we won’t say anything too outrageous and we’ll tone the whole thing down.”

But tough rules – often about sex – are waiting to be enforced. “Painted into a corner, they’re explicitly homophobic, but up to that point they don’t want to be seen as an unfriendly, judgmental place. They want to be seen as warm, inclusive, loving, embracing. But they’re not. They are of their own kind: if you’re in the system and you behave accordingly, the system will reward you.”

Levin thought that with so many casualties of the system around, writing the book would be easy. “What I found – and what other media have found – is that it’s almost impossible to get other people to come forward and talk about this. People will write things on websites, they will send emails: ‘I’ve been through this, I’ve done this, I can help you, I know these things, I am the voice of expertise.’ Then they disappear again because it’s too painful and it’s too confrontational.”

Hillsong won’t comment on the result.

“We have no control over what people decide to say and write,” Brian Houston says. “We keep our focus on helping people with hope in Jesus Christ.”

But Levin has a fair idea what they’re thinking out in the Hills. “Bobbie Houston announced at the Colour Your World conference in 2005 that there the only three types of media about Hillsong. They are the positive, the neutral and the anti-Christ.”

Levin doesn’t fit that picture. She doesn’t hate. Something in her seems to yearn for those exhilarating years fighting the good fight against the devil in all his disguises right down to the voodoo beat of rock’n’roll. “We were told you can’t have it because it’s incantation and you’re going to raise all these demons.” How different things are now. Levin begins to sing some Hillsong Christian trance music: “Doof, doof, doof. Christ is the future. Doof doof doof …”

Is she entirely free of the place? If Houston rang today and asked her to dinner, would she go?

“Yes, very much so. My main aim is to keep the dialogue open. To encourage questions. To encourage debate. And when somebody or a group of people make you feel like family for a number of years, it’s difficult to shake that feeling even when reality tells you something different, and when relationships break down. Go do dinner with Brian?” She laughs. “It would be nice.”


A fallen leader of faith

FRANK HOUSTON was a charismatic preacher and a sick man. He won famous souls for Hillsong – jockey Darren Beadman was one of his scalps – and sexually abused young men.

He was about 60 when he undertook to cure 23-year-old Peter Laughton’s homosexuality. “My counselling sessions by the senior minister were nothing more than sexual abuse disguised in the form of the need of a father’s love and discipline,” Laughton says. “Through my naivety, I endured the naked beatings, the eternal bum caresses and masturbating into bottles, among other things.”

Laughton was training to be a pastor. He says the abuse continued for about four years until 1984. “I look at it now and think, ‘God, I was really naive to fall for that.’ ” And believing himself cured, he married.

Laughton’s faith went first. He tells the Herald that before leaving the church in the early 1990s he gave an account to another pastor of the abusive therapy he’d received. But as far as Laughton is aware, no action was taken against the old man until he was forced into retirement by his son Brian after an allegation of pedophilia emerged in about 2000.

Houston denies categorically knowing of any claims of sexual abuse by his father before this time. He initiated a church investigation, which saw the old preacher’s credentials permanently removed. “I was completely devastated by the realisation that my father had hurt people in this way, and I believed it related to events more than 30 years before when he was a New Zealand credentialled pastor. Until recently I knew nothing of Peter’s claims.”

Laughton took a long time to come to grips with his sexuality. He’s now a university lecturer in his early 50s who finds it in himself to forgive Frank Houston. “Despite all his downfallings I think he was genuinely a good person. It is an important part but it still is only one aspect of a person’s life. I’ve come through the other side and appreciated how this man was trapped like many of us were in a system and in a place where you couldn’t really even talk about what you were struggling with.”

Burying his father in 2004, Houston declared him a man who made mistakes but a preacher “in a class of his own”.

David Marr

People in Glass Houses (Black Inc, $29.95) by Tanya Levin was published this week. edit: 4 August 2007.

David Marr has also published with Black Inc.


My comments:

From 1981 to 1990 I was involved at Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst, which is now called Hillsong Church.

Frank Houston was the head pastor and the founder of Hillsong Church in 1977.

He came over from New Zealand, in the guise of church planting, but he was really a crafty old pedophile who felt the noose tightening on his pedophilia activities which he’d been doing for decades in New Zealand, while at the same time being a very prominent AOG pastor.

Frank Houston is a devil, a son of lucifer of old, who preyed on and molested little boys, teens and older men all his life.


On this site you’ll find over 100 articles on Frank Houston, his pedophilia, his very corrupt son Brian Houston, Hillsong Church, the Australian Christian Churches which was until 2009 called the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG), the New Zealand Assemblies of God and errant Pentecostal pastors in Australia and New Zealand.

For a summary of Frank Houston’s pedophile history please read my article on this site, ‘Pastor Frank Houston, Part one. Frank Houston’s pedophile activities’, published on 9 September 2012.


Peter Laughton was the young Worship Pastor at Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst in the early 1980s.

There is no way possible anyone at Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst could have known what Frank Houston and Peter Laughton were up to. I’d heard allegations of Frank Houston’s pedophilia back in New Zealand and I always had a half-eye on him in this respect but you’d never have picked it

Trevor King was the Music Director.

In 1981 Brian Houston wasn’t a pastor. He was extremely ambitious and very pushy. He wanted to go places and make it big. Its a pity he didn’t get born again properly, receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit, deal with his lust for money and power, get deliverance and get a godly foundation in his life of truth, honesty and good morals before he set out to conquer the world for his Jesus.


Brian Houston’s Jesus is no closer to the Lord Jesus Christ of the New Testament than some statue of the black Jesus in Southern Italy with its holy red heart open to mankind.


black Jesus 11 black Jesus 10 black Jesus 9 black Jesus 8 black Jesus 7 black Jesus 6 black Jesus 5 black Jesus 4 black Jesus 3 black Jesus 2 black Jesus


Let’s hear from the great man himself


Thank you Donald Elley of Bellingen, my old builder pal from Darlinghurst days and now my greatest holy heretic.

Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Welcome to my blog site again Your Most Holy Parsonage”. Saint Copulator II: “Thank you Donald Elley of Bellingen, my old holy comrade from Darlinghurst days and now my greatest most holy heretic”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Your Eminence, have you read my article about Peter Laughton and the eternal bum caresses?” Saint Copulator II: “’re cracking me up Donald Elley of Bellingen..haha..hell-ova-holy hyisssssteriacal half bred hares…hahaah”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “What’s so funny? Share the joke”. Saint Copulator II: “Hahaha…holy haha..I just can’t believe Peter Laughton fell for dad’s old tricks”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “Do you mean you knew your father holy saint Francis was like that?” Saint Copulator: “Eternal bum caresses. How did Peter Laughton think that was going to heal him and make him feel like he had a dad..haha..holy haha”. Donald Elley of Bellingen: “But this is a serious subject. Peter Laughton felt abused”. Saint Copulator II: “Bobby Bobby fair eternal virgin of the night. Where is my black Jesus that I bought in Positano?”. Bobby: “In your private chapel along with the pictures of your blessed father saint francis, your mother Hazel dear and the myriad golden candles burning 24/7″. Saint Copulator II: “How’d you feel about trying what Peter Laughton and dad were doing”. Bobby: “Bugger off Brian…I’ve had enough of your black Jesuses, your golden candlesticks and your kinky fetishes”.

Rev William Francis

Rev William Francis “Frank” Houston. Cranky Franky. Kiddly fiddly. Along came a spider, who sat down beside Beverly Houston…


Of all the Houston family, the Adams Family or Osbourne family or Kardashian family of Pentecost, Beverly Houston is my favourite reality TV character.


drunk lady 5

Beverly Houston, Brian Houston’s sister: “Donald (who ever you are) give me a call”


The following remarkable and highly insightful comments by Beverly Houston, Pastor Brian Houston, the current head pastor of Hillsong Global’s, sister, were made on 16 December 2014.


Blog article of 17.12.2014.

Beverly Houston got angry last night about me and my articles about her dad Pastor Frank Houston, self-confessed pedophile and her brother, Pastor Brian Houston, pedophile shelterer and protector, and rejector of his father’s numerous boy victims.

I think Beverly might have been on the house-wife’s sweet remedy (again).

Last time Beverly got angry she let fly with another batch of comments.

The Houston sisters can get quite fiery.

This time Beverly wrote numerous comments on my blog site.


Here they all are published unedited:

Beverly Houston’s comment about my article written on 7 October 2012, “Pastor Frank Houston. Part 2. Pedophile. Frank’s Jackyl and Hyde persona”.

Hope you are all enjoying your witch hunt of Brian Houston, it is not going to help victims of my father. Get real you grow up to think your father is an awesome person and then you find out all this, it takes years to comprehend it. I don’t believe in God but if I did I think you would be all condemned to hell. Think somewhere in the bible it talks about the log in your eye!! You can condemn Brian all you like but I guess at the end of the day he has been a victim of his father too and as sad as I feel for AHA, attacking Brian is not really going to help him heal. I think maybe he should be looking at his mothers position on this!! Very sad.

I don’t have much to say about Peter Lawton, except very different situation, he was a consenting adult!!


Hope you are all enjoying your witch hunt of Brian Houston

Hope you are all enjoying your witch hunt of Brian Houston


Beverly Houston’s comment about my article written on 20 September 2014, “Hillsong. Brian Houston. Part one. Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sex Abuse. Hillsong and Pastor Brian Houston’s spin and cover up over his father Pastor Frank Houston’s eleven or more pedophile and homosexuality victims over four plus decades”.

Hey Donald (who ever you are) just want you to know you are an awesome fuck wit. Are you getting some notoriety out of this, can’t see how in any way this is of help to victims of my father. I do not believe in God, but if I did I would see you as the biggest hypocrite out. You should do some research in to Stan Carter, I have childhood memories!!! Condeming/jailing Brian is not going to help victims, and yes as a family member we are victims too!! Can you imagine the father you looked up to did this, it takes a long time to believe and accept it and yes we feel very sad for AHA but unfortunately his misplaced anger at Brian is not going to help him heal, should have done it before my father had dimensia and made him face up to his own sins, sorry it’s a witch hunt, they weren’t Brian’s sins!!! Just want to say your a hero!!


The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Beverly: "Hey Donald (who ever you are) just want you to know you are an awesome fuck wit."

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen. Beverly Houston: “Hey Donald (who ever you are) just want you to know you are an awesome fuck wit.”


Beverly Houston’s 1st comment about my article written on 18 November 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 52. Lower Hutt Assemblies of God. New facts reported to me in an email”.

Hey Donald I’m so impressed for your heart for God!! your amazing, you even know my sisters break up business funnily you have better recollections than she does. You are amazing, soooo helpful to victims of my father. Guess by making my family all look bad some how consuls you and everyone else, but really my father did what he did, we were children and still find it hard to believe. As I’ve said before your a total wanker and I guess your godly outlook makes you amazingly awesome. Go for it mate we unfortunately are victims too, including Brian!!


Hey Donald I’m so impressed for your heart for God!! your amazing

Hey Donald I’m so impressed for your heart for God!! your amazing


Beverly Houston’s 2nd comment about my article written on 18 November 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 52. Lower Hutt Assemblies of God. New facts reported to me in an email”.

Maybe you should be scrutinising your emails for truth more than what you do!!



Maybe you should be scrutinising your emails for truth more than what you do!!

Maybe you should be scrutinising your emails for truth more than what you do!!


Beverly Houston’s 3rd comment about my article written on 18 November 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 52. Lower Hutt Assemblies of God. New facts reported to me in an email”.

Hey Donald, and another thought is, don’t you think ‘Rose has a lot to answer for, because I’m god dam sure if my kids said they were molested by someone I would check it out!! I feel very sorry for AHA, I remember him, but he hasn’t tried to track any of us, unfortunately I go by the name of Houston and I’ve never heard from him, if I did I (like Brian) would do any thing to try and help him, I don’t have any money but would try in other ways!! Hate the way you are trying to make my family pay for the sins of our father, Brian included and yes we have all suffered post traumatic syndrome, not that you would understand that cause you are HELPING down trodden people, your awesome!!


Brian included and yes we have all suffered post traumatic syndrome

Brian included and yes we have all suffered post traumatic syndrome


Beverly Houston’s 4th comment about my article written on 18 November 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 52. Lower Hutt Assemblies of God. New facts reported to me in an email”.


Donald another thought, hein sight is an amazing thing, you obviously knew all about this long before you did or said anything, maybe if you had spoken up earlier it would have protected someone, just saying!!


Hey Donald another thought, hein sight is an amazing thing, you obviously knew all about this long before you did or said anything, maybe if you had spoken up earlier it would have protected someone, just saying!!

Donald another thought, hein sight is an amazing thing, you obviously knew all about this long before you did or said anything, maybe if you had spoken up earlier it would have protected someone, just saying!!


Beverly Houston’s 1st comment about my article written on 9 December 2014, “Pastor Frank Houston part 11: should Pastor Frank Houston be honoured in any way”?

Love the way you are all are so virtuous!! Yes apparently my father was a pedophile and for that I feel very sad, but you know what, we were children (including Brian) and yes it has taken us some time to realise these accusations are true because we loved and adored him, but when I read these messages, even though I don’t believe in God I find it amazing the witch hunt on Brian and just want to say you are all amazing christians and I think this is an amazing witch hunt and why is it that this Donald (who ever he may be ) never reported it sooner and maybe could have protected someone, just saying!!! Moron!


just saying!!! Moron!

just saying!!! Moron!


Beverly Houston’s 2nd comment about my article written on 9 December 2014, “Pastor Frank Houston part 11: should Pastor Frank Houston be honoured in any way”?

and now he is such a caring person of the victims, really?? have to question that!! I’m sure god will shine on you because your awesome, destroying my family is really going to help the victims with what my father has done!! you are an amazing christian and I so never what to be like you wanker!!


you are an amazing christian and I so never what to be like you wanker!!

you are an amazing christian and I so never what to be like you wanker!!


Beverly Houston’s comment no 1 about my article written on 30 October 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 33. Honouring victim SA1 the first South Australian boy victim of Pastor Frank Houston’s abuse”.

Hey Donald (who ever you are) you are a wanker, destroying my family is not going to help any victims of my father, but maybe will score you brownie points when you go to heaven hehe. Your awesome you found out about my father and just wondering how long it took you to do anything about it?? your a moron you think by bad mouthing my sisters divorce makes my father look worse, nothing to do with it, your a total wanker, give me a call Beverley Houston (edit: Beverley shares her mobile number) if you have the guts, or are you just trying to make us pay for the sins of our father!!



your a total wanker, give me a call Beverley Houston

your a total wanker, give me a call Beverley Houston


Beverly Houston’s comment no 2 about my article written on 30 October 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 33. Honouring victim SA1 the first South Australian boy victim of Pastor Frank Houston’s abuse”.


Donald (who ever you are) give me a call because as far as I know there are six victims and now suddenly you are reporting 200!! Don’t you think that minimises the victims claim, interested to know if you can give me 200 names, call me I think your a bit like the media and 1 becomes 100, call me I’m interested and no I have no interest in the church, think the whole god thing is a total fast!! but yes I think your after notoriety, and people are sucked in by you, call me!


Donald (who ever you are) give me a call

Donald (who ever you are) give me a call


Beverly Houston’s comment no 3 about my article written on 30 October 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 33. Honouring victim SA1 the first South Australian boy victim of Pastor Frank Houston’s abuse”.

And don’t fucking say to me Brian won’t pay etc etc. Did he commit these crimes, no he didn’t and he is like the rest of my family trying to come to terms with it it. Get a life as much as I feel sorry for AHA we are suffering to, ask him has he tortured his mother over her disgusting response, put that in the media,absolutely disgusting!! So over this!


And don’t fucking say to me Brian won’t pay etc etc

And don’t fucking say to me Brian won’t pay etc etc


Beverly Houston’s comment no 4 about my article written on 30 October 2014, “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part 33. Honouring victim SA1 the first South Australian boy victim of Pastor Frank Houston’s abuse”.

Brian didn’t try to hide anything, he actually didn’t know, just like all my family and amazingly other people knew (NZ AOG) but you know it’s the usual witch hunt, but you are all amazing christians and when you go to heaven I’m sure you will score brownie points for this. and do you really think AHA will be healed by demonising Brian, I don’t think so, he wasn’t the perpetrator and AHA was 7-12yrs old and Brian has a very different memory of it believe it or not, but he like the rest of my family have no desire to protect our father from the terrible things he did. I am so over this shit Donald that you are portraying Brian as not wanting to pay victims (even though they weren’t his victims), the royal commission is nothing to do with compensation, another one of your attention seeking tactics. Just want to remind everyone that you knew about it before we did and let it go on and now you are trying to make my family look bad, god bless you your awesome I’m sure you will score a very high seat in heaven for being a wanker!! Call me.


I’m sure you will score a very high seat in heaven for being a wanker!! Call me.

I’m sure you will score a very high seat in heaven for being a wanker!! Call me.


My comments:

Beverly supplied me with her mobile phone number. I’ll bear it in mind. If I ever feel like calling someone to be abused.

It’s always a pleasure to have Beverly Houston as a guest on my blog site. Her comments became less coherent, but more passionate as the sauce bit in. But that’s OK. Anytime Beverly. It was nice to hear from you again.

I’d now like to have Beverly’s virtuous brother Brian on this blog-site.

oops wrong photo

Oops wrong photo. 

St Peter

St Pete of Hillsong New York, the Great Financial Babylon which lieth on the Hudson River. “My name is no longer boring old Brian. I’m St Super-Pete. The Anything Is Possible, Amazing Vision Super-Modern Pope, late of Baulkham Hills, but now the World and the great Cosmos. Close to Mother Mary, St Carl Lentz and all the young sanctified hipster preachers of the globe. Bobby Bobby, my celestial princess of the heavens, my love, my fair lady of the night. Beverly my holy sis just slam-dunked that scoundrel heretic Donald Elley of Bellingen. Sweet hip holy hallelujahs to that. Bobby listen to this. Beverly’s called him a fuck-wit. Holy hilarious hyenas. Hyisssssterical. Hahah holy mary hah haas to that. And “Brian didn’t hide anything, he actually didn’t know”. Bless her. Beverly, she’s such a drip believing my holy spin and sanctimonious holy bull-shit. And Beverly wrote, “And don’t you fucking say to me Brian won’t pay…” Oh Beverly. Ha hah Holy hissy-fit Hah hah hahs.  Holy Hysterical Hybrid Hyenas. Bobby, please get daddy on the phone, I’ve got to share this with him. Bobby, what dad’s dead? Well, then get mummy dear on the phone. Bobby, what? She’s dead too. Bobby, I’m hearing those dark voices again. Get me those PTSD pills again. What I’ve just swallowed the whole bottle. Bobby, I’m feeling sleepy. Bobby, fair lady of the night. Come. Read me what Beverly wrote again. Bobby reading, “Hey Donald, whoever you are, you’re a wanker…”


Brian Houston. On medication at the Royal Commission. In denial about his responsibilities as a Christian leader.

Brian Houston. On medication at the Royal Commission. In denial about his responsibilities as a Christian leader. Pedophile Protector.


The following article was published by the ABC.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is government funded, but independent, and not politically aligned.

The ABC is one of Australia’s leading media outlets.

The pictures were inserted by me.


Brian. Taking over everything with his blurred amoral approach.

Brian. Confused about his sexual theology, his relationship with his old child rapist dad, and his fiduciary and legal duties, under Australian and NSW Law, as the leader of a major Christian Church Institution.


This article was published by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on 23 November 2015, after the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The Royal Commission was established by former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard in late 2012, in response to revelations of widespread historic child sexual abuse conducted in institutions throughout Australia.

At the time, there was massive publicity about extremely gross, and sometimes very violent, sexual assaults on children by Roman Catholic priests.

In the Newcastle-Maitland Dioceses and in parts of Victoria like Ballarat, the NSW and Victorian Governments had established Royal Commissions to investigate these problems in the Roman Catholic Church.

It was felt that the problem was far worse and far more widespread than the Roman Catholic Church.

This has proved to be the case with widespread pedophilia revealed in almost all churches and sects in Australia. This has also been the case in Australian public and private schools, public and church run orphanages and child care facilities, and other government and private child-related Institutions.

The Roman Catholic Church has major pedophilia and homosexual issues to deal with all over the world. When an Institution supresses God-created sexuality, frustrated human nature has to find an outlet somewhere. Mankind’s strong desire for sexual, romantic, psychological and emotional fulfilment in partnership with a spouse is a wonderful, normal and natural God-created reality.

When mankind messes with, or disobeys, God’s created order things go pear-shape.

If mankind paused more often to consider the planet and cosmos from God’s creative intelligence, a lot of problems could be avoided. Mankind’s inability to do this is, to a large extent, a spiritual blindness associated with the fall of man.

The following article isn’t very deep or thorough, however it’s of value in that the ABC is one of Australia’s leading media outlets and it is Government funded.

The ABC is independent and can criticise anything, including the government of the day.

No media outlet in Australia is impressed with Hillsong or Brian Houston.

They all rightly think that Brian Houston is a greedy, errant religious fraud and rogue. This is an accurate perception.

The Australian media and general public is becoming more and more aware that Brian Houston is heading for his comeuppance.

There is a widespread feeling in the Australian community that Australia would be better off without Hillsong, its cons and and its heartlessness to the boy victims of its founder Frank Houston’s sexual abuse.


Pastor Brian Houston, the criminal pedophile Frank Houston's son. In denial.

Pastor Brian Houston. A greedy, arrogant, errant religious fraud, bully and rogue. A Pedophile Protector. 


ABC on-line

23 November 2015

Brian Houston, the founder of the Hillsong Church, failed to alert the police about allegations his father had sexually assaulted children, and had a conflict of interest when he assumed responsibility for dealing with the accusations, a royal commission has found.

In October 2014 the royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse examined the responses of the Assemblies of God in Australia (now Australian Christian Churches) to allegations against three men, including Frank Houston, a preacher who helped build the Pentecostal movement in Australia and who died in 2004.

Frank Houston had abused up to nine boys in Australia and New Zealand, and in its final report on the case released on Monday, the commission found multiple failings within the church executive – at the time led by Frank Houston’s son Brian – in responding.

Both the New South Wales executive and the national executive failed to follow its complaints procedure when handling the allegations, the royal commission found in its report.
Hillsong leader’s father ‘still preached after suspension for sex abuse’

The royal commission found both executives failed to appoint a contact person for the victim (referred to as AHA), did not interview AHA about his allegations, did not interview Frank Houston, and did not record any of the steps it took.

The royal commission also found neither the national executive nor Brian Houston referred the allegations to police, and determined Houston “had a conflict of interest in assuming responsibility for dealing with AHA’s allegations because he was both the National President of the Assemblies of God in Australia and the son of Mr Frank Houston, the alleged perpetrator”.

The October hearings heard from AHA, who said he had been sexually abused by Frank Houston in 1969 and 1970 as a seven- and eight-year-old boy, when the preacher would stay with AHA’s family on visits to Sydney.

AHA told the commission he remembered Frank Houston coming into his room “nearly every night of the week” on his Sydney visits, and sexually assaulting him.

AHA also alleged Frank Houston abused him when they were alone in an office, and at an evangelical camp in Windsor.
Hillsong Church’s Brian Houston says he wasn’t trying to hide abuse payment
Read more
“The abuse in my home and at the different church meetings continued over a period of years until I reached puberty,” AHA told the commission. “Pastor Frank wanted nothing to do with me after I reached puberty.”

AHA told his mother in 1978 but she warned him off pursuing it as the Houstons “were almost like royalty” in church circles. His mother eventually brought the allegations to the church decades later.

Brian Houston, who was then the national president of the Assemblies of God, confronted his father with the allegations in 1999 and the preacher confessed.

Brian Houston called a meeting of the national executive, and relinquished the chair, but remained present during discussions on the allegations and disciplinary actions against his father.

The Assemblies of God executive began investigations – later discovering a further eight alleged victims of Frank Houston – but did not to make them public, telling its churches in a letter from Brian Houston there was “no reason” for it to be announced as others may use it to further their agendas, the commission heard.

Brian Houston defended his failure to go to the police, despite having no doubt it was criminal conduct, and told the royal commission in October 2014 the revelations about his father had hit him in “waves”.

“I was like, ‘homosexual?’ getting my head around that, then thinking, ‘A minor? Hold on, we’re not just talking about homosexual, we’re talking about paedophilia’,” he said.
Hillsong founder defends not referring sex abuse allegations to police
Read more
Brian Houston had told the commission his father was stood down instantly, and Frank Houston “never, ever preached again anywhere after I confronted him”. However evidence to the commission revealed he continued to preach in Canberra the following month.

“Pastor Brian Houston and the Australian Christian Churches provided no written evidence recording the suspension of Mr Frank Houston’s credential to the royal commission,” the report said.

Frank Houston gave up preaching and retired in late 2000, and the national executive allowed him to publicly resign, with a retirement package, and “without damage to his reputation or the reputation of Hillsong church,” the commission’s report said.

AHA had also told the commission he met Frank Houston and another church member at a McDonalds, where the preacher offered him $10,000 and asked him to sign a dirty napkin, allegedly saying, “I don’t want this on my head when I stand in front of God.”

AHA said Frank Houston told him to call Brian Houston if there were problems, but when the money did not appear two months later Brian Houston responded: “You know it’s your fault all of this happened – you tempted my father,” AHA told the commission.

Houston denied the accusation in a statement outside the royal commission. He also denied trying to hide his involvement in the meeting from the royal commission, and sought to distance Hillsong from the abuse, saying people should understand the abuse claims being examined happened before Hillsong existed, “when I was a teenager myself”.

On Monday Hillsong church said it supported the objectives of the royal commission, but sought to distance itself from the findings. “The royal commission did not directly involve Hillsong church,” and the abuse by Frank Houston “occurred many years before Hillsong Church existed”, the church board and elders said in a statement.

In response to the findings of a conflict of interest, they said it was “easy to look back many years in hindsight”.

“Pastor Brian acted in the best way he felt at the time and took decisive and immediate action against his own father,” read the statement. “We are confident that the actions of Pastor Brian, from the moment he discovered the news about his father, were done with the best intentions towards the victim.

“The findings of the royal commission confirmed that his actions resulted in the perpetrator being immediately removed from ministry.”

The statement also said several other people knew of the abuse before Brian Houston, and noted as an “indisputable” fact that AHA was a 36-year-old adult and “could have taken the matter to police himself at any time”.

In the 16 years since the revelations, “no one had ever advised that this historical complaint coming from a mature adult needed to be reported to the police,” the church said.

A spokeswoman for the Australia Christian Churches said it had “actively addressed many of the points that emerged at the royal commission hearing … and will continue to do so to build a stronger culture of transparency and accountability when it comes to creating a safe environment for children and youth.”

A binding child protection policy was adopted by the national conference in April this year, the statement noted, and every local church was aware of its responsibilities towards protecting children.

It also defended Brian Houston, saying again the victim was an adult who had expressed a wish the abuse not be reported to police.


Brian Houston: "The four hundred victims of my father Frank's abuse all didn't want me to go to the Police. So I organised safe haven for dad at Hawkesbury by the river, in case one of his victims or their brother, friend or relative wanted to kill him".

Brian Houston: “The four hundred boy victims of my father Frank’s sexual abuse all didn’t want me to go to the Police. So I organised safe haven for dad at Hawkesbury by the river, in case one of his victims or the victim’s brother, friend or relative wanted to kill dad”.


My comments

The Australian Christian Churches told the ABC: “A binding child protection policy was adopted by the national conference in April this year, the statement noted, and every local church was aware of its responsibilities towards protecting children”.

The Australian Christian Churches also defended Brian Houston, saying again that “the victim was an adult who had expressed a wish the abuse not be reported to police”.

Its sickening, from the point of view of AHA and the other boy and young teen victims of the evil criminal pedophile Frank Houston, that Hillsong and particularly Brian Houston, Frank Houston’s only church-going son, are in denial about their pedophile protection crimes.

Oh well, we’ll just have to leave it to the Australian Criminal Justice System to educate them. Something the Australian Criminal Justice System has been very adept at doing, since convict days.


Andrew Scipione

Andrew Scipione. The NSW Police Commissioner. The NSW Police have been instructed to go hard against pedophiles and pedophile protectors.

BH ledaway 2 181115

Hillsong likes darkness

Hillsong likes darkness

Gay Lord Brian

Gay Lover Lord of Darkness Brian Houston



On 7 April 2014 the blog Jairus’ Daughter wrote this observant article on Hillsong.

I have added the pictures.



Hillsong Mt. Gravatt, Brisbane.

We have embarked upon a kind of ‘spying out the land’ jaunt over the last few weeks. We have felt that it was the right time to get a look at churches in Brisbane and to see what is going on there. Because our background is largely evangelical/Pentecostal, we tended towards either Pentecostal churches or Baptist churches. I was baptised in a Baptist church so I have a particular fondness for that tradition. We aren’t familiar with the more classical denominations like Anglican or Lutheran and find that those formalised patterns of service are not what we really want to support, especially after ten years of wandering in the wilderness. So we knocked on a few Baptist doors over recent months and this morning visited an AOG, or Australian Christian Churches church on the Northside.

We were naturally cautious since we saw what Hillsong did to Garden City Christian Church, my old stomping ground in the 80s. We have seen how Hillsong turned the sanctuary black. It had previously been high-ceilinged, well lit from both behind and the side by large ceiling to floor glass door/windows. The seating had been a rich red, the paneling a light pine and the bricks a pale cream. It was always a beautiful building to sit in, filled with natural light which certainly didn’t detract from the stage. Yet now from the outside all you can see are blackened windows. I have recently seen a photograph of it’s interior and there are the black seats and the black walls now as well. We know what Hillsong have done to the gospel, and you can read more of their particular brand of evangelical Christianity here. Many churches in Brisbane, notably the Pentecostal variety have followed Hillsong’s peculiar methods and practice of religion. They sing Hillsong music (suitably attributed due to copyright infringement laws), they set up their stages in a Hillsong way with lead singers, backing singers, drums, keyboard bass and other types of string instruments and also the brass and woodwind accompaniment.


Hillsong revival 16

I love you Brian, you made me so rich...

I love you Brian, you made me so rich…

Hillsong VII


Hillsong was not the first church in Australia to have contemporary music and audio-visual accompaniment in its worship service. But it certainly is the originator of the ‘rock-concert venue’ and ‘entertainment focused worship’ styles which are now so common.


Hillsong revival 23Hillsong IXHillsong 3


When I attended Garden City Christian Church in the early eighties we had a large stage to hold a large band, there were screens which showed the words. None of this is particularly offensive or anti-scriptural. The music for its time was probably more popular contemporary style than old-fashioned hymns, but we sang both with gusto. We ‘sang in the spirit’ in worship services, prayed for the sick, welcomed words of prophecy or knowledge and generally accepted the moving of the Spirit. It was a relatively healthy meeting in which people were being touched by God. Presumably certain denominations, including the Baptists at the time, would have frowned on our ‘swinging from the chandeliers’, but there was nothing untoward going on. There was no rolling on the floor making animal noises, no expectations of visitations by angels or weird manifestations as there are in a lot of pentecostal churches. Occasionally people who came for an altar call and were prayed for were ‘slain in the spirit’, but these were managed carefully and with discretion and everything was done in order. I believe there was a great deal wrong with those in charge in those days, considering Reg Klimionok was caught with his hand in the till not long after I left, but in general the services were fairly conservative compared with the meetings held in AOG chuches today.

Hillsong Command Centre


Hillsong back then was known as Hills Christian Life Centre and was pastored by Frank Houston, Brian’s dad.


Houston banner


Even back then though, Hillsong was contributing to the worship styles of Garden City. I remember well that we had a seminar led by Trevor King, a musician and worship leader from Hillsong who in another life had been in a band called Railroad Gin. He was there to teach those who were interested in new styles of worship leading. Trevor was a musician, but he also had some strange ideas about God.


Trevor King. Very talented musician. Frank Houston's Music Director at CLC darlinghurst. One of "The Bishops boys".

Trevor King. Very talented musician. Pianist. Frank Houston’s Music Director at CLC Darlinghurst. One of “The Bishops Boys”. PS. Only in a spiritual sense.


I remember one cold morning Trevor mentioned that he had been in the shower and God told him to turn off the hot water. God apparently wanted him to have a cold shower for some reason. Trevor seemed to think that any voice which came to him and ordered him to do weird things was from God. This seems to my mind to be symptomatic of the type of discernment which has been shown by those who lead churches of this nature. They are big on the mystical voices and experiences which many believe should accompany a genuine walk with God, but not so big on the testing of those same voices and experiences. Trevor came across to me at the time as a very young and enthusiastic Christian who seemed exited about sharing his faith and love of God. I don’t think Frank was fathering him in the way he needed, nor do I think any of the Houstons have the capacity for true fathering.


Brian. Not so good at fathering.

Brian. Not so good at fathering.


They seem to be more interested in the superficial rather than the hidden person of the heart, despite frequent allusions to the same.

Citipointe church – Christian Outreach Centre another Hillsong clone

So back to our visit to the Northside ACC church. We were not interested in attending a worship service with music so loud you couldn’t hear yourself or anyone else sing. We didn’t see the point of that. Nor did we want to be part of Hillsong, nor did we want to be in a Hillsong cloned church since they are more or less the same thing.

We said to one another that if this church had a blackened interior we would not bother to stay. Yes, I suppose that is a bit pre-emptive, but in our experience when a church gets to the point that they want to change the interior of their sanctuary so dramatically they have succumbed to entirely bleak and literally dark influences. They are also committing themselves wholeheartedly to the Hillsong brand. There is really no point in looking much further than this despite it being an assessment based on superficial appearance.


The Hillsong Brand

The Hillsong Brand


Once we had made it past the honour guard of ‘greeters’ at the front door who were three deep on each side and handing out bits of paper (it was worse than election day), we emerged into the foyer. I might point out here that the multitude of people welcoming at the door is another Hillsong format. From there we could see another doorway into the inner sanctum. Six more ‘greeters’ were lined up at that doorway and the interior of this section was completely black; black carpets, chairs, walls, ceiling and stage. My daughter noticed that the children’s church which was beyond one of the corridors off the foyer was also blacked out in similar style. This to my mind is not just committing to the Hillsong brand, it is causing its little ones to stumble. Children love colour and light and are often scared of the dark. Why expose them to a wholly adult and frankly not terribly wholesome experience in the tenderness of their youth. But, if the adults are convinced there is nothing wrong with this, they are probably not concerned about their children. This is a whole ‘nother subject and not one I can do justice to here, suffice to say that the abdication of responsibility by Christian parents to the youth or Sunday School leaders has contributed to more than just the delinquency of minors in many cases.


Hillsong love darkness

Hillsong live in the darkness


The stage was there, the noise deflectors for the drums (not a good sign) and the Stepford wife type expressions on the faces of those asking us if we were OK when we stepped aside for a family conference to decide what we were going to do, all convinced us to take a hike. So we went out again. This time the greeters didn’t say much at all, and we managed to make a break for it without any cheery responses. They probably were not primed with appropriate phrases for those wanting to leave before the service stated. “Have a nice day” comes to mind, but then that would require thinking outside the square and or recognising that we wanted to get away from them. An uncomfortable and puzzling thought for the Hillsong devotee.



Brian Houston. Spiritual mountaineer.

Brian Houston. CEO of Hillsong Pty Ltd. Specialises in dark church interiors. Looks more like a satanic master than a Christian pastor. Likes darkness.



In the past church interiors and exteriors were built in a way which reflected their faith and the Kingdom of God. Churches were built in the shapes of crosses. Their windows depicted scenes from the bible. The colours chosen reflected the symbolism found in scripture ; red, blue, gold, purple, all depicting either God or man and the relationship between the two. Interiors of churches have always been detailed and exquisitely beautiful with vaulted ceilings to represent the heavens and to aid the transmission of the sound of both preaching and singing. I remember standing in Christchurch Cathedral before the earthquake destroyed it. It had a magnificent echo as many churches do. The modern day sanctuaries are not church buildings. Their exteriors resemble warehouses or commercial buildings. Their interiors are set up to facilitate artificial noise projection not to enhance natural vocal or instrumental sound. Their seating is not placed to create a sense of wonder and awe at the craftsmanship and love poured into the physical environment and in turn to encourage the meditation upon the wonder of God. Seating is entirely utilitarian and focused on the stage where the talent is lit and enhanced in order to replicate a theatre or light and sound show. They have destroyed any atmosphere of quiet reverence and worship and replaced it with a black womb in which the distortion of light and sound, preaching and understanding, communication and worship are paramount.




Hillsong NYC. The Hillsong laser gospel. A=n emporium of soul-power with zero Holy Spirit.

Hillsong NYC. The Hillsong laser gospel. A dark emporium of soul-power with zero Holy Spirit. CGI snake looping over the worship- a symbol of satan. Pyramids over the stage- Egyptian symbols of death. Darkness everywhere. Hillsong the occult-inspired church.

Hillsong IT 2


Hillsong Australia has both introduced and promulgated this form of church environment along with the theology which both informs and supports it. It is a hideous malformation of the gospel and the gathering of people who are supposed to be adoring the one true and living God. Instead they are worshipping the people who are singing and playing and being bodily and sensorily overwhelmed by the visual and auditory explosion which accompanies them.


Hillsonghillsong b4hillsong y1Hillsong 13


Nexus church Brisbane

This kind of church service has more in common with the current ‘reality tv’ obsession with talent shows. You feel like you are joining an audience which is about to see the finale of “Australia’s Idol’s Got X Factor Voice Talent”. The huge audiences, the strobing lights, the host with the microphone, the singers, band and backing singers are all there. All you need to do is vote for your favourite personality.


Hillsong Church formats

Hillsong Church formats


You don’t have to be an AOG church or even a Pentecostal/charismatic church in order to see the Hillsong stamp. The outlines might be blurred, but the intention is there. A number of Baptist chuches we visited recently have turned their church buildings into Hillsong type venues. There are the sound systems, the sound desk, the audio visual screens and the Hillsong songs, but there is also the prosperity gospel preaching, the propensity for dividing the huge congregations into smaller easier to corral groups. There is the head pastor, the associate pastors, the pastors of the various groups in the church such as women, children, youth, young adults, seniors, various ethnic groups, evangelism, missions, creative arts just to name a few. There is the church vision, the church website, the church mission statement, the church board, the church elders or deacons and the church outreach. These are no longer churches, these are corporations. Much has already been written about the corporatizing of the church in America, but here in Australia, we are simply an extension of this phenomenon.


Hillsong's gospel of greed and avarice.

Hillsong’s gospel of greed and avarice.


While my background is in the Assemblies of God in Australia, I am able to see how this denomination has always been less focused on scripture and the preaching of the gospel and more focused on enlarging it’s tent and preaching a prosperity gospel. Klimionok was informed by his obsession with Paul Yonggi Cho and his huge South Korean “Yoido Full Gospel Church” AOG church which back then boasted tens of thousands and apparently reached the million mark a few years ago. Cho was apparently convicted for tax evasion in February of this year.


Dr David Yonggi Cho going to Court. Now disgraced.

Dr Paul (now called himself David) Yonggi Cho going to Court. Now disgraced.


I remember him preaching once about his desire to have booths situated up the back of the church which would facilitate translation for ethnic groups which didn’t have a good grasp of English. We had a large prayer room situated on the top of the church in a kind of attic which was accessed by some stairs and a winding staircase much like the prayer caves in Korea. Make no mistake, Klimionok was determined to make Garden City like the church in Korea, and believed it was possible. What he forgot was that we are not Korea, we don’t have the same numbers of Christians and our population is vastly smaller. We have neither the funds nor the numbers to create another South Korean giga-church. It never happened. As I said, Klimionok fell from grace, moved to the States still pushing his prosperity gospel. Since Klimionok was caught with his hand in the til, and Yonggi Cho was recently caught for tax evasion, there was probably more in common with these two men than I initially thought. Garden City was never the same after that and after a few changes of head pastor it tended to languish somewhat. A state from which it was ‘rescued’ some decades later by Hillsong. Clearly the powers that be in the ACC administration felt that Brisbane needed a Hillsong, and Garden City needed a bomb under it. They achieved both and now the ‘revived’ Mt. Gravatt campus is home to so many faithful on a Sunday that they need the presence of the local police to ensure traffic flow on the main road outside the carpark.

Hillsong took over Garden City and it is my concern that they are also ‘taking over’ the rest of the evangelical/Pentecostal church in this country. So many churches look to Hillsong as their inamorata. Nobody seems willing to either stop and check what it is that is so appealing or why they feel that Hillsong has ‘made it’ while the rest of them need to create themselves in her image. It is a disturbing phenomenon and not one which I am proud to own as an Australian Christian.


Brian. Taking over everything with his blurred amoral approach.

Brian. Taking over everything with his blurred amoral approach.


Other Resources:

Brisbane Times

Courier Mail

Source: THE HILLSONG PHENOMENA AND THE BLACKING OUT OF THE CHURCH,, Published 07/04/2014. (Accessed 27/06/2014.)


Hillsong y1 Hillsong y2 Hillsong y3

Hillsong likes darkness

Hillsong likes darkness

I don't know what Nick Cave was doing at Hillsong.

I don’t know what the Australian Rock-star Nick Cave was doing at Hillsong.

Hillsong y6 Hillsong y7

B and B 04

Frank...enstein Houston

Frank…enstein Houston

Rev William Francis Frank...enstein Houston, the founder of Hillsong

Rev William Francis Frank…enstein Houston, the founder of Hillsong. Monster from Hades. Molester of little boys.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston, Liked surrounding himself with young males and boys.

The dark evil criminal pedophile Frank Houston, Abused over 400 boys and young males in his lifetime. Insatiable sexual deviant. Used the Christian ministry as a foil or disguise to access trusting Christian families and sexually abuse their children. Liked surrounding himself with young males and boys.

brian houston iii

Brian Houston. A lost soul. Lost in the darkness of a spiritually empty vision. No Holy Spirit at Hillsong. Only noise, hype, ‘another gospel’, laser lights and soul-power.

Michael Jacksons Neverland. Like Houston-Hillsong-land.

Michael Jackson’s Neverland. Like Houston’s Hillsong-Land.

The covert criminal pedophile and covert homosexual Frank Houston had always been a visionary.

People equate being a conqueror and a visionary in the Christian ministry with “success”.

But at what price comes success?

Brian Houston, the current CEO of Hillsong, and the founder of Hillsong Frank Houston’s son, is outwardly successful, but is he godly, is he a nice person and is he moral?

Brian Houston

Brian Houston. Is he godly? Is he a nice person? Is he moral?

Brian Houston v2 Brian Houston v3

My maternal grandfather, Ernest Herbert Brooker, the Wellington New Zealand barrister and solicitor, now long deceased, used to say things to me like, “Money isn’t the measure of a man” or “Donald, it’s far more important to have a good reputation, and to be honest and moral, than be wealthy’.

My paternal grandmother was similarly super equipped spiritually and morally. In her prime she was the head of the Presbyterian Woman’s Movement for the whole of Wellington, New Zealand.

my maternal grandmother Madge Brooker. super godly and super sensitive, super sweet and O so lovely. Her and i were very close as i was to my father reuben Donald

My maternal grandmother Madge Brooker. super godly and super sensitive, super sweet and O so lovely. Her and I were very close as I was to my father Reuben Donald, a holy, good and very moral pastor.

Grandad Brooker wasn’t poor, and he was savvy with money, for he’d been through two World Wars and the Great Depression of the 1930s, when men couldn’t find work and unemployment was over 60 per cent, even in Australia and New Zealand.

They used talk about a “Depression Mentality” in the 1970s. There were old people of this era who’d been through the two “Great Wars”, as they were called then, and the 1930s Great Depression and, as a result, were very thrifty and very careful with their money.

In the 1970s I met old ladies, who I worked for part-time when I was a university student, who used to hoard everything. Aluminium old-school glass milk bottle tops, used match-sticks, newspapers. It could become quite an obsession. “A Depression Mentality”. “You never know when it might come in handy”.

The polar opposite of a “Depression Mentality” is the “Greed is Good” mentality.

In the 1980s there was an economic boom in Australia and throughout the Western World. It hit the wall on Black Friday in October 1987 when the boom fell through the floor.

“The Greed is Good” mentality, as illustrated in movies like “Wall Street” starring Michael Douglas, and spoof movies like “Arthur” starring Dudley Moore, is the Philosophy of the Houstons and Hillsong.

Brian Houston:

Brian Houston: “Greed is Good”. The polar opposite to the words and teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and the mighty Apostle Paul. Brian Houston doesn’t know the Lord Jesus Christ.

If you’re new to my writings, or you’ve just arrived fresh from Mars, you may be bewildered by what I’m saying.

One doesn’t have to look far back to see that I’m describing the truth.

Brian Houston has even written a book entitled, “You need more money”.

He walks and talks about money, money, money all the time. He’s the embodiment of the cultish, totally errant Prosperity Gospel deception and heresy.

What Christian pastor would write such a book? Only a very compromised one.

I’m going forwards to get backwards. What I’m describing are the fruits and offspring of Frank Houston.

Frank Houston. Shameless. Homosexual. Life-long pedophile. Sexual predator.

Frank Houston. Shameless. Homosexual. Life-long pedophile. Sexual predator.

Frank Houston believed in the Prosperity Gospel but not as much as his greedy son.

You can read my recent “Hillsong Insider” series to get the drift.

What the Hillsong Insider is describing is quite unbelievable. We had all sensed it and felt its vibe, but to hear about the blatant uncontrolled, uncontrollable greed and corruption from the Inside of the Hillsong organisation is shocking.

hillsong Church 1

The covert criminal pedophile Frank Houston, as outlined in my previous article in this series, decided to go all out and build a mega-Christian church to protect himself from being exposed as a criminal pedophile. He was already very close to being exposed, but somehow he’d managed to hang on.

Like any criminal he was trying to save his own skin.

If you’ve ever watched “Criminal Mind” or “Criminal Investigation” on Foxtel, or documentaries on criminals, its amazing the lengths criminals will go to in order to cover their tracks, hide and avoid being arrested, charged and imprisoned.

Identity changes, appearance changes, location changes, threats, intimidation, fraud, corruption, shredding documents, name changes, landering money, coercion. These are the modus operandi of criminals. These are the modus operandi of the Houstons. These are the modus operandi of Hillsong.

How long can a criminal pedophile evade the long arm of the law?

Well, with the help of his son Brian, Frank Houston did. He died having deprived his boy and young male victims of seeing Justice.

Should Brian Houston, his only churched son, hang for his father’s offences?

No, that wouldn’t be right either by God’s Law as found in the Holy Bible, or Australian Law, which is largely a reflection of the Holy Christian Bible.

Brian Houston will only be criminally punished for his own offences:

Criminal Offence no 1: “Brian Houston, you are changed with not reporting a pedophile, your father Frank Houston from 1998 when you admit you knew your father was a pedophile until his death in November 2004”.

Criminal Offence no 2: “Brian Houston, you are changed with sheltering a pedophile, your father Frank Houston, from 1998 until his death in November 2004”.

Mr Houston, I wish to inform you that you are entitled to the representation of a lawyer, but you are now arrested and will have to come with us now.


BH incourt 2 181115

The dark black eyes of Frank Houston. If through God's amazing grace, Frank Hosyton makes it to heaven, these other men will be in a seat of great honour and Frank Houston will be scrubbing the toilets.

The dark black serpent-like eyes of the criminal pedophile Frank Houston. Calculating. Insincere. Corpse-like. If you look at his eyes and his teeth simultaneously, you can see the snake-like prince demon within Frank Houston staring out on the physical world.

The heat is on

By 1977, in New Zealand, and especially in Lower Hutt, where he was Head Pastor of Lower Hutt Assemblies of God, the heat was really coming on the criminal pedophile Frank Houston.

This was especially the case in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand’s capital, where he was Head Pastor of Lower Hutt Assemblies of God

In the 1960s and 1970s, the criminal pedophile Frank Houston had embarked on an out of control pedophile spree in New Zealand, Australia and other parts of the world such as Chile in South America, where he did evangelistic and healing crusades. No one ever got healed but the access to little boys and young male victims was readily available.

In the 1960s and 1970s he abused countless little boys and young teen males. Maybe over 400.

In Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand, the pedophile Frank Houston abused six known little boy victims aged about ten.

In another suburb of Wellington, Frank Houston abused WNZ1 who was an innocent 11 years old, at a Bible study led by Frank Houston, in his parent’s home..

Other children were abused at that Bible Study, according to WNZ1.

In South Australia he abused at least three little boys aged about 11, including SA1, who was 11. probably many more, according to boy victim SA1.

In Sydney he abused Royal Commission boy victim AHA for over 5 years in the late 60s and early 1970s. AHA was only 7 years old when the abuse started. How could a person do this to a mere kid? Only if you’re a sick criminal pedophile pathological pervert like Frank Houston was for his whole teen and adult life. Imagine the demons he let into his life.

The dichotomy of Frank Houston and Hillsong compared to Protestantism, Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movement.

In the 1960s and 1970s the pedophile Frank Houston abused scores of little boys and young males.

At the same time he was a famous evangelist and healer.

I became a Pentecostal Christian in 1975 through the Charismatic Movement.

I know there are Church-Watch sites on-line that continually bag the Charismatic Movement, and there are Church-Watch sites that bag the Pentecostal and Assemblies of God Church Movements, but it’s important not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

What the Charismatic Movement did was to revolutionise all the Protestant Denominations. All the Protestant Denominations, except the Anglican Church, were started in Great Reformations or Great Holy Spirit Revivals, which are in many ways the same thing.

Martin Luther founded Lutheranism and restored the Biblical Truth of Salvation by Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and The Priesthood of All Believers.

The Baptists restored the very important truth of the second baptism, The Baptism in Water.

John Knox and the Covenanters in Scotland restored the Ecclesia of the Elders and the doctrine of The Priesthood of All Believers.

That is, they fought against Papism and the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church such as the authority of the Pope and the Priesthood, and they re-established Doctrine of the Priesthood of All Believers and leadership by an Ecclesia of elders who were submitted to one another in love. Accountable. Humble, and foremost godly.

The Presbyterian Church in Scotland evolved from these Great Reforms.

Methodism was born out of Great Holy Spirit Revivals under leaders like John and Charles Wesley and George Whitfield.

Quakerism was born out of Holy Spirit Revival.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women spilled their blood or were martyred so we could freely and democratically have personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. So we could believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and read our Bibles freely and openly, gather together to worship God in a relaxed manner, without Papist priests telling us what to do, and have freedom of religion, and especially of the practice of Christianity, in the way we choose to.

Pentecostalism, the Four Square Gospel Church and the Assemblies of God all trace their roots to the Welsh Revival and the Asuza Street Revivals between 1904 and 1906. The flames of the Welsh Revival leapt across the Atlantic to Los Angeles, California, The City of Angels, and the Asuza Street Revival began. It was remarkably led, in an age of great racism, by William Seymour, an African American. God’s answer to racism.

The Assemblies of God was founded within a decade of Azusa Street by men and women who’d witnessed that Revival and similar Awakenings of the Holy Spirit. It now numbers 68 million members world-wide.

Amy Semple Macpherson founded the Four Square Gospel Church in Los Angeles in the 1920s. It currently has 8 million members.

The Charismatic Movement swept through Protestant denominations in the 1960s and 1970s. By 1980 it had died out everywhere.

The current movements of Bethel, the Latter Day Rain and other off-beat movements are not the Charismatic Movement but a satanic over-sowing of the Charismatic Movement.

The Anti-Charismatic Sites on-line are a misnomer and normally run by anti-Pentecostals. Anti-Pentecostals are normally Dispensationalists who believe that the Baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in other tongues and the gifts of the Holy Spirit died out at the end of the first century AD when all the Apostles had died. The NSW Anglican Church in Australia is Dispensationalist in this way.

Hillsong Church doesn’t fit into any of the above categories of Great Protestant Christian Movements.

The Hillsong Church is a blend of disparate heresies. The heresy of “The Jesus Only Gospel”. The heresy of “The Prosperity Gospel”. The heresy of “A Form of Pentecostal Dispensationalism”, where the gifts of the Holy Spirit aren’t outright denied, but they’re not used and they’re put in a secret dusty Hillsong broom-cupboard never to be seen at all. And definitely not to be seen anywhere near a Hillsong service. The heresy of “The Personality Cult”. The heresy of “Spiritual and Religious Control of it’s members”, like the Jehovah’s Witness cult, the Scientology cult, the Moonie Cult and every other cult. Hillsong is just another errant cult.

Hillsong also never mentions the Holy Spirit. This is because the Lamp-stand of the Holy Spirit was removed from Hillsong by the Lord Jesus long ago. It is improbable, given the founder of Hillsong Frank Houston was a life-long secret criminal pedophile, that the Holy Spirit has ever been within 10 kilometres of a Hillsong Church anywhere in the world.

The Chasers

As a result of multiple pedophile offences, a  group rose up against Frank Houston at Lower Hutt Assemblies of God (AoG) in the late 1960s to early 1970s. Among these good and very godly folk were Stan and Sheila Carter, who I was friends with in 1979 at Kapiti Christian Centre on the Kapiti Coast, north of Wellington, New Zealand, about seven years after they fell out with Frank Houston.

Stan was on the Board of the Lower Hutt Assemblies of God Church in the 1960s. Stan was a tradesman like so many other Assemblies of God folk throughout the world. Pentecostalism has historically had its roots and following amongst the working classes.

This is the way of Christ and the way of the gospel. Christ came for the poor and the needy, not for the rich and those already well-contented with world goods. He was born in a stable. Raised in Nazareth in humble circumstances. The Lord of Glory showing where God’s heart is and how the Christian lifestyle should be lived. This is the anti-thesis of the Hillsong Church.

This group of upset and angry godly people at Lower Hutt AoG, according to Stan and Sheila Carter and other sources of mine, had a massive argument and fall-out with Frank Houston over accusations of multiple acts of pedophila on little boys by Frank Houston.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston attacked his accusers and forced them out.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston said they were trouble-makers and should leave.

This is typical Houston-speak. A creed which Brian and Bobbie Houston and the Hillsong pastors follow to this day. Any dissenters such as Tanya Levin, the Hillsong-watch crusader, are shown the Hillsong door and they’re threatened with AVOs if they ever come near Hillsong again.

Hillsong are very insecure about criticism. All their modus operandi are synonymous with cults all over Christendom and all over the world.

The most aggressive and prolific chaser and harasser of Frank Houston was the prophet Pastor Philip Powell.

I’ll talk about Pastor Philip Powell extensively in then next article in this series. He really went after Frank Houston with the zeal of the Lord.

Essentially the criminal pedophile Frank Houston had molested so many children that he was close to being reported to the Police and arrested in New Zealand. The reason he wasn’t was that things were different in the 1960s and 1970s than they are today. Child abuse wasn’t understood. Children often weren’t believed. Police didn’t often take action.

The pedophile Frank Houston needed to get out of town quick so he made up a story about God giving him a vision of the people of Sydney waving in the breeze like a wheat-field and that God had called him to go there and evangelise them.

Christian Life Centre Darlinghurst

Pastor Frank Houston’s performances in the ministry and in the pulpit in Sydney from 1977 were truly Shakespearian acting.

Never has a greater fraud and deceiver graced the pulpit of a Pentecostal Church anywhere in the world.

Pastor Frank Houston. Total deviate and con-artist.

The criminal pedophile  Frank Houston preaching. A total deviate and con-artist.

Rev William Francis

Evil pedophile

Pastor Frank Houston. Unclean hands.

Pastor Frank Houston. Unclean hands.

Frank Houston. Shameless. Homosexual. Life-long pedophile. Sexual predator.

Frank Houston. Shameless. Homosexual. Criminal life-long pedophile. Sexual predator.

The pedophile Frank Houston even fooled smart Christians like Doctor Phil Pringle, the CEO of C3 Church International. C3 was formerly called Christian City Church.

Phil Pringle, later to purchase a doctorate in the Canary Islands or somewhere, regarded Frank Houston as his spiritual father.

I heard Phil say this from the pulpit at C3 Church at C3 HQ Church in Wakehurst Parkway, Sydney, in 2002, a few years after Frank Houston confessed to his son Brian that he was a pedophile.

I don’t believe that Brian found out in 1998/ 1999  that his dad was a pedophile.

Brian probably found out his dad was a pedophile when he was 8 years old when his dad likely abused him.

From what I know about pedophiles, and Frank Houston was an extremely evil one, the chances are slim of Brian and his older brother Graeme and the Houston grandchildren not being sexually abused. God, Graeme, Brian and the grandchildren know what did or did not happen. Nobody is talking. Frank can’t talk. The others still can.

Doctor Phil Pringle CEO of C3 International Church Pty Ltd.

“Doctor” Phil Pringle CEO of C3 International Church Pty Ltd.

I remember Phil Pringle coming to Christian Life Centre (CLC) in Darlinghurst, Sydney, in 1983 to inspect the new fit-out of the Bible College and Church Administration at 162-166 Goulburn Street, just down the road from CLC’s main church facility on the corner of Riley and Goulburn Streets.

The main church was located just behind the Greyhound Bus Terminal.

Phil Pringle was Frank Houston’s guest. I was the builder of the fit-out and Dave Sayers was my trades assistant. We watched as Frank, Phil and the CLC Administrator Gary Canham walked around. Phil was talking big about his plans for his church on the Northern Beaches. He has achieved all he boasted about and more. Doctor Phil has never been short on confidence.

In those days things were quite different from today in that precinct of Darlinghurst. Where the Route 66 clothing shop now is located on Crown Street there was a rough trade gay shop with a big Harley in the window and leather-boy gay displays, draping heavy chains and leather and studded paraphernalia on sale. The  big boy “ginger bear”, “leather boys” and” biker” type gay scene.

Next door was a chicken shop on the corner of Goulburn and Crown Street.

My first wife and I, and our daughter Sarah, who was two years old, lived in a community house opposite the rear of the chicken shop. At 4am every morning, including weekends, the chooks were slaughtered in the rear of the chicken shop opposite our bedroom for daily sale and consumption.

Phil Thwaites ran two community houses for young men, who had various psychological and emotional issues, in Palmer Street, Darlinghurst.

Laurie and Heather Murphy ran a large community house in Paddington.

Dave Sayers started the Christian Commando Ministry for outreach in the red light district of Kings Cross.

In this busy precinct, far away from suburbia and far away from New Zealand, the pedophile Frank Houston founded Christian Life Centre, Darlinghurst, which was renamed Hillsong City Church in 2000.

At the time the Sydney gay scene was booming. Aids and HIV hadn’t started in the late 1970s to early 1980s.

Frank Houston had finished a wild spree of pedophilia abuse in New Zealand from about 1960 to 1973 and because he overdid it and the heat was really coming on.

His strategy was to say God gave him a vision of souls to reap in Sydney. He had no passion for reaching anybody. His mission was to save himself from jail and shame.

So he hopped on a plane to Sydney from New Zealand, with his wife Hazel, and set about establishing a new church in Darlinghurst.

Why Darlinghurst?

The pedophile Frank Houston chose Darlinghurst for two main reasons.

Firstly, there were no other Pentecostal Churches there.

The Australian AoG Establishment in Australia already knew Frank Houston had been labelled a pedophile in New Zealand. A letter went out to all New Zealand AoG leaders warning them about Frank Houston and explaining a pay-out had been made. This pay-out was by the Lower Hutt AoG church to a teen victim Peter Fowler. Peter Fowler went public about the abuse with the help and encouragement of the prophet Pastor Philip Powell, who died this year.

The second reason for the choice of Darlinghurst, I believe, is so that the pedophile and homosexual Frank Houston could visit gay brothels in Darlinghurst. I have no firm evidence of this, but this is what I believe he used to do based on assumptions from what I know about pedophiles and homosexuals, and from what I observed Frank Houston do.

When a man or a woman commits homosexual or pedophile acts, this opens them up to very powerful satanic spirits. It’s the same if a man or woman visits a brothel. These are very dark places.

King Solomon in the Book of Proverbs in the Holy Bible talks about its like this:

Proverbs 5:3-6 The Message Bible

“The lips of a seductive woman are oh so sweet,
her soft words are oh so smooth.
But it won’t be long before she’s gravel in your mouth,
a pain in your gut, a wound in your heart.
She’s dancing down the primrose path to Death;
she’s headed straight for Hell and taking you with her.
She hasn’t a clue about Real Life,
about who she is or where she’s going”.

How much more will pedophilia or homosexuality take a person to hell, both physically on this earth through reception of myriad demons in one’s soul and in the hereafter, through God’s Fearful Judgments, especially if someone is a Minister of the Holy Gospel.

I recall that on Saturdays when I was doing building work at CLC Darlinghurst, Frank Houston would come into CLC Darlinghurst, go into his office for a while. before he went to his office he’d talk to me briefly and say, “I’m going to pray and prepare the Sunday sermons”.

He’d go into his office for a while and then walk out the door on to the streets of Darlinghurst for a couple of hours, then return. I believe that during that time, like Hillsong’s “Pastor” Pat Mesiti did circa 2000, the homosexual and pedophile Frank Houston was visiting gay brothels. It is unknown what type of brothels Pat Mesiti visited on a Hillsong credit card.

Pat Mesiti. Guilty. Didn't tell everyone the truth about what he did and with whom.

Pat Mesiti. Guilty. Hasn’t told everyone the truth about what he did and with whom.

The criminal pedophile Frank Houston’s plans to escape the accusations and the heat in New Zealand by submerging himself in the highly permissive environment of Darlinghurst of the 1980s worked a treat.

He managed to evade exposure as a pedophile until he was 77 years old.

When he was caught he hardly admitted anything. The bare minimum to stop people like his son Brian and the AoG General Secretary Keith Ainge from asking even more difficult questions.

He’d had a life of pedophilia and corruption and he just wanted to be left alone and to explain nothing.

Pastor Frank Houston. Lifelong pedophile. Answerable to God.

The old pedophile Frank Houston. If you look at his eyes and his mouth at once you can still see that prince demon, even in his old age.