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Pastor Jim Williams with his long-suffering wife

Pastor Brian Houston the head of Hillsong mega church’s spiritual godfather and spiritual uncle- Pastor Jim Williams- with his long-suffering wife Betty at the House of Praise, Springwood, Queensland. The House of Praise is an independent Pentecostal church which Pastor Jim Williams  founded after being banned from Christian ministry by the New Zealand and later the Australian Assemblies of God (AOG) denominations for multiple repeated adulteries.  The Australian AOG is now called the Australian Christian Churches. Betty would have known about her husband’s multiple adulteries which were very public, but she may not have known he was an extremely evil secret pedophile with multiple victims


brian houston ff1

Pastor Brian Houston of Hillsong mega-church. The origins of Hillsong mega-church. The pedophile Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong mega-church is Pastor Brian Houston’s father and the pedophile Pastor Jim Williams is Pastor Brian Houston’s spiritual godfather and spiritual uncle.


Hillsong Conference 2016

With Hillsong Conference 2016 approaching less than a week away, I am concerned that people attending are aware of the great dysfunctions, corruption and amorality at Hillsong mega church.

I’m also concerned that people are aware of the godless founder of Hillsong mega-church, the pedophile Pastor Frank Houston, and the spiritually corrupt heritage of Hillsong mega-church in the form of it’s spiritual fathers, uncles and elders which include another pedophile Pastor Jim Williams.


Jim Williams. Lifelong abuser of females and a pedophile

Pastor Jim Williams, Pastor Brian Houston’s spiritual uncle and godfather. A lifelong abuser of females and a pedophile


The bad-egg spiritual god-father and uncle of Hillsong mega church- Pastor Jim Williams

Pastor Jim Williams was a close friend and associate of the pedophile founder of Hillsong mega-church Frank Houston.

In fact, there is evidence to suggest Pastor Frank Houston and Pastor Jim Williams, who succeeded him as head of the New Zealand Assemblies of God Church (AOG), may have been in a pedophile ring together.

They certainly empowered and covered up for each other’s pedophile activities.


Brian Houston. In the spotlight for pedophile protection crime. Feeling very stressed out at the moment. Trying to escape his looming doom by frantically flying all over the world but it wont save him- no matter what he does.

Pastor Brian Houston. Welcomed his spiritual godfather Pastor Jim Williams to Australia even though he knew he’d been banned by the New Zealand AOG for sexual improprieties with multiple women.


Pastor Brian Houston welcomed Pastor Jim Williams when he migrated to Australia

In the 1990s Pastor Jim Williams and his wife Betty migrated from New Zealand to Australia.

This followed Pastor Jim Williams being banned by the NZ AOG for sexual misdemeanours.

In the article below I’ll outline four cases of pedophile offences by Pastor Jim Williams in Australia when Pastor Jim Williams was aged 25 to 28 and a youth pastor at Heathmont AOG in Victoria in the 1960s.

I am aware Pastor Jim Williams was banned by the NZ AOG for multiple adulteries but I’m not privy to the details or whether he was banned for pedophile offences.

Perhaps a pastor who was on the New Zealand AOG executive in the 1970s and 1980s could enlighten me.

The pedophile offences I know about occurred in Australia in the 1960s.

When Jim Williams returned to his native country Australia, Pastor Brian Houston welcomed him back and enabled him to be an Australian AOG pastor, despite the New Zealand ban.

This might seem strange to godly people but this type of dodgy thing is normal Pastor Brian Houston Christian leadership.

After all Pastor Jim Williams was Pastor Brian Houston’s spiritual godfather back in New Zealand. A kind of spiritual uncle and godfather. So why wouldn’t Pastor Brian Houston want to help him out, no matter what Pastor Jim Williams had done back in little ole New Zealand.


Brian Houston cs1

Pastor Brian Houston. The Great Charlatan of Pentecost like his father before him. Funny guy. A bit of an airhead like his wife and his fairy-floss ministry mates. No problem to create a new job for a mate or spiritual uncle, no matter what they’ve done in the Christian ministry in the past…even pedophilia can be ‘overlooked’.


Pastor Jim William’s sexual abuse of four twelve year old girls in the 1960s

In October last year I was contacted by a lady from Victoria, Australia, Caroline Andrews, who is now in her 60s, who was sexually abused as a twelve year old for a period of three years by Pastor Jim Williams in the 1960s.

The sexual abuse wrecked her whole life and seriously affected her ability to relate to men and/ or her husband in a healthy and godly way.

Three of her 12 year old girl friends were also abused by Pastor Jim Williams.

Caroline is still very angry about this, even though the events were 50 years ago.

I think that’s OK and normal.

Why shouldn’t someone feel the rage about pedophiles, especially if they were abused by the person themselves.


pedophiles who use Christian ministry as a cover to abuse little children will have to explain their actions to the Lord in the Here After

Pedophiles who use Christian ministry as a cover to abuse little children will have to explain their actions to the Lord in the Here After


Pastor Jim William’s pedophilia

The sexual abuse by Pastor Jim Williams of Caroline Andrews started when she was aged a mere twelve years old.

Pastor Jim Williams was 25 years old when he started abusing her. The abuse was in the 1960s.

Pastor Jim Williams was her Youth Pastor at Heathmont AOG in Victoria.


The pedophile Jim Williams continued to use Christian ministry as cover until his death in May last year

The pedophile and abuser of adult women Jim Williams (second from left) continued to use Christian ministry as cover until his death in May last year


Pastor Jim Williams continued as a Christian pastor for the next 60 years until he died last year

After he sexually abused Caroline Andrews and her young female friends, Pastor Jim Williams was later a very prominent and charismatic Assemblies of God (AOG) leader in New Zealand in the 1970s to 1980s.

He had much the same style as Pastor Frank Houston.

They were both prominent New Zealand AOG pastors in the 1970s.

Pastor Jim Williams came to New Zealand from Australia.


I remember these men from the 1970s in New Zealand

Pastor Jim Williams and Pastor Frank Houston were both thirty years old than me. Three generations older.

I remember all these AOG leaders from when I was a young man back in New Zealand. I’m now about the age they were in the late 1970s.

No one back then knew these two Christian leaders were pedophiles except there were a number of people who accused Pastor Frank Houston of pedophilia at Lower Hutt AOG in the 1970s. Pastor Frank Houston denied it and viciously attacked his accusers. This was to be the pattern until he was 77 and admitted to being a pedophile for all of his Christian ministry.

I never heard of Pastor Jim Williams’ pedophilia or any accusations of pedophilia acts by Pastor Jim Williams until Caroline Andrews contacted me last year.

Pastor Frank Houston was 55 when he founded Hillsong mega-church.

I never met Jim Williams. Small mercies.

I’m writing about these AOG and other Pentecostal leaders particularly in Australia, where I live, New Zealand where I was born and grew up at age 25, and America and the United Kingdom because these countries are closely linked to Australia and New Zealand through spiritual, culture, societal, historical, economic and military ties.


Pastor Jim Williams in New Zealand

Pastor Jim Williams’ church in the late 1970s to 1980s was Hamilton Assemblies of God.

It was a dynamic and successful New Zealand AOG church, second only to Queen Street AoG, pastored by Pastor Neville Johnson, another secret sex pervert pastor and deviate who like blow-jobs from a series of church secretaries.


Pastor Neville Johnson

Neville Johnson. Likes blow-jobs from church secretaries.

Pastor Neville Johnson. Liked blow jobs from AOG young single ladies.

neville johnson mm3

still mistering despite everything wrong about him and what he has done while in Christian ministry

Still ministering despite there being everything wrong about him and what he has done while in Christian ministry


Pastor Neville Johnson single-handedly destroyed the largest and most successful Assemblies of God church in Australia and New Zealand, which numbered 3000 members, by adulterous liaisons with three young innocent believing pure faithful church secretaries in the late 1970s to early 1980s.

These immoral offences with Queen Street AOG secretaries were exasperated by so-called “Pastor” Neville Johnson lying about these events and trying to justify his adulteries by a complex series of Old Testament Scriptures.

He then ran off to Perth to try to escape the storm and reinvent himself.

He is still ministering today in Perth and other places like the UK, and is still a crook, and should be avoided like the plague.

He has defrauded two readers of this site in Ponzi schemes and has taken them for large sums of money.

new zealand AOG 3

Pastor Jim Williams was the Superintendent of the New Zealand Assemblies of God

Pastor Jim Williams was the Superintendent of the New Zealand Assemblies of God from 1977 to 1985.

Pastor Jim Williams took over this position from Pastor Frank Houston, the founder of Hillsong Church in Sydney in 1977,

Pastor Frank Houston was a secret gross deviate, sexual predator, homosexual and life-long pedophile.


frank houston1116a_cgi-2


The lifelong secret pedophile and homosexual Pastor Frank Houston the founder of Hillsong mega-church

Pastor Frank Houston was the Superintendent of the New Zealand Assemblies of God from 1965 to 1977.

Pastor Frank Houston admitted to being a secret life-long pedophile in 1998 in Sydney, Australia, to his son, Pastor Brian Houston, his successor.

Pastor Frank Houston has since been proven by me to have been a life-long pedophile.

I have evidence that Pastor Frank Houston sexually abused at least 14 mainly little boys including two younger teen males.

Most of the boy victims were aged 7-12. There were two teens. One was aged 15 and one a little older.

On the evidence I believe Frank Houston sexually abused over 400 mainly young boys.

He told his son Pastor Brian Houston, the current head of Hillsong, that he was “very active as pedophile in the 1960s to 1970s”, during the time he was the Superintendent of the New Zealand Assemblies of God.

The average pedophile sexually abuses 250 children in their lifetime and Frank Houston said he was “very active”.

The sad thing is that many and maybe most of the boys may not even recall the event(s) due to children’s innate psychological defence mechanisms whereby sexual abuse incidents and ‘trauma incidents’  are ‘forgotten’ and ‘buried’ in children’s subconsciousness.



child abuse v2


The lifelong secret pedophile and adulterer Pastor Jim Williams

Not only was Pastor Jim Williams a serial adulterer whilst a minister of the holy gospel for decades, a fact which is well-known in Australian and New Zealand senior AOG/ ACC leadership circles, he was also a secret multiple pedophile sexual abuser of girls aged about twelve.

There will be lots more girl and young teen female victims of Pastor Jim Williams out there. It is unknown if there are any boy or young male victims. The average pedophile abuses 250 children in their lifetime.

RIP so-called Pastor Jim Williams, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, you’re in God’s hands, for you were a sexual pervert, deviate and child rapist.


wolf 12


jim williams n1

Pastor Jim Williams- a child rapist


Pastor Jim Williams died in June last year

Pastor Jim Williams died in June last year. I like to call these errant AOG/ ACC and other Pentecostal top leaders “Pastor” because the word “Pastor” in front of their names makes them sound so much ranker.


jim williams nq1


jim williams d1

Pastor Jim William’s funeral



The pedophile Pastor Frank Houston and his wife Hazel’s tombstone


The child victims of the pedophile Pastor Jim Williams

The child abuse victim of pastor Jim Williams, Caroline Andrews, has contacted me because she wants the world to know what a rank fetid rat and rodent and snake Jim Williams was.

Caroline Andrews is rightly very angry and she wants the world to know what Pastor  Jim Williams did to her.

And Caroline Andrews wants the world to know what Pastor Jim Williams did to her little girl friends who were aged a mere 12 and had their lives ruined by this evil predator Jim Williams in the 1960s.

Caroline Andrews gave a statement to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Victoria early last year.


royal commission child abuse 6

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse


Caroline Andrews

Caroline detailed what she wants to say on this my blog-site in three emails to me.

Caroline is very brave to do this and also very angry. She wants her name to be published.


Jim Williams. Lifelong abuser of females and a pedophile

Jim Williams. Lifelong abuser of females and a pedophile.


Caroline Andrews life has been wrecked by this abuse by the pedophile Jim Williams

Caroline Andrews life has been wrecked by this abuse.

Caroline writes that Pastor Jim Williams was a pedophile who sexually abused her for three years from when she was a mere twelve years old in the 1960s.

Jim Williams was her Youth Pastor.

He was aged 25 to 28 when he secretly sexually abused Caroline for three years and stole her life and severely damaged her soul.


Jim Williams. Now dsenior pastor of...Don't go near the place.


Jim Williams also abused Caroline’s close friend and two other girls. A total of four little girls.

Jim Williams also abused Caroline’s close friend and two other girls.

That’s a total of four known young girls abused by Pastor Jim Williams.

I’m sure there are many more sexual abuse victims of Jim Williams out there. The average pedophile abuses 250 children in their lifetime. Surely pedophiles are the worst of men.


Jim Williams life-long serial adultery

I’ve published an article previously about Pastor Jim William serial adultery.

He was banned for life by both the Australian and New Zealand Assemblies of God (AoG) for multiple adulteries, and other sexual offences, in both countries, while he was a prominent AOG pastor.

The article about Jim Williams and his serial adulteries was published on this site 31 January 2015, and is entitled, ‘Jim Williams. Serial adulterer. Head of NZ AOG after Frank Houston. How the corrupt priests of Pentecost sowed devils on each other. Part four. New Zealand errant Pentecostal pastors who couldn’t pastors keep it in their trousers or sexually abused little kids’.


Caroline Andrews made the following comment in October 2015 on the above article on this site.

Caroline Andrews comment:

“I was a member of the AOG church in Heathmont when Pastor Jim Williams was in charge of our young people’s group.

I had given my heart to the Lord at the age of 10 and just after my 12th birthday in 1960, Pastor Jim Williams started to molest me. This went on for over three years.

Jim Williams taught me to be secretive and when I was questioned at the age of thirteen, I only admitted to him kissing me, as I was embarassed in front of my mother.

Years later at the age of 33 I found out that he had abused three other young girls at the time.

This abuse has had a profound effect on my life. He took away my childhood, and the abuse affected my education because all I could think about was him.

I regret that I was never interested in my school life.

I am still very secretive, and I have issues that I am only good for one thing in life and that is to please a man. I have no self-esteem.

My marriage collapsed when my husband found out about the sexual abuse as I had never told him.

Also my love of God is non-existent and I do not believe in a loving God any more.

It took me half my life to realise the effects of his abuse on my life.

Jim Williams should have gone to jail as he was in simple terms a paedophile of the worst kind.

About twenty years ago, Jim Williams was made to sign a letter of apology to my close friend and myself, but when it was delivered to us, we were not allowed to read it until we promised that it would be burnt straight away. This letter was not signed, neither was it a proper apology as all he said was that he would pray for our healing. What a joke.

My close friend, who was sexually abused by Jim Williams, has spent half her life in the care of psychiatrists.

I have been on anti-depressants for half of my life.

I will never get over what Jim Williams did to me and it is a life sentence for me.

That is all I have to say. Caroline Andrews (nee Orr)”.

My comments:

Caroline also sent me two more emails with additional information about the sexual abuse of her and three other girls by Jim Williams when she was aged 12 years old.

The abuse finished when she was 15 years old and still a minor under the Law.

It has greatly affected Caroline’s whole life.


Here are Caroline Andrews two further emails.

All information has been published on this article with Caroline’s permission.

In fact, Caroline is keen to have a voice and say what happened.

This is one of the main functions of this site.

To give victims of these evil so-called pastors a voice. So often they’re ‘the forgotten ones’.


Caroline’s email one of 21 October 2015

“Hi Donald

Jim Williams was 25 years old when the abuse started. I was so young and naive as the only experience I had apart from school and home was going to the small AOG Church Assembly not far from where we lived in Vermont, Victoria, Australia.

I had a protected upbringing until then.

And I knew nothing about boys or sex, so he had a perfect child to teach all about things.

The little hall in Heathmont does not exist anymore, but the main church of the Assemblies of God in RIchmond is still operating.

Caroline Andrews”.


Caroline’s email 2 of 21 October 2015

“Hi Donald.

Yes it will be ok for you to print my letter although my close friend does not want you to mention her name as she is still a church goer and does not want other people to know her history.

You should share about how all us girls had similar experiences with Jim Williams.

This is what the perpetrators hope for; that no one will tell on them and that of course was the situation for my close friend and I until we were 33.

We both attended the Australian Royal Commission for Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Melbourne about 6 months ago to tell our stories.

Thanks once again. Caroline”.


child abuse v6child abuse v8child abuse r7child abuse r3child abuse n1

child abuse

child abuse

child abuse. The greatest of sins

Child abuse. The greatest of sins.

Hillsong Church has Pastor Frank Houston and Pastor Jim Williams as its spiritual fathers.

Pastor Brian Houston’s father, Pastor Frank Houston, and Pastor Jim Williams, Pastor Brian Houston’s spiritual godfather, are the two men who had most influence over Pastor Brian Houston spiritually in New Zealand from when Brian was born in 1953 until the present day.

Both Pastor Frank Houston and Pastor Jim Williams are now dead.

Both Pastor Frank Houston and Pastor Jim Williams were serial pedophiles, Pastor Frank Houston with innocent little boys and Pastor Jim Williams with innocent young girls.

Pastor Frank Houston died from a stroke on 8 November 2004. His wife Hazel, his lifetime partner, died 6 months earlier.

Pastor Jim Williams died on Saturday, 18th July this year, 2015, at 7.20 pm. I’m not aware of the cause of death.

Courier Mail Brisbane

Tributes page

WILLIAMS, Sidney James (Jim)

WILLIAMS, Sidney James (Jim) Aged 79 Years. Pastor Jim passed away peacefully on Saturday, 18th July, 2015, at 7.20 p. m. . Loving Husband to Betty of 60 years. Loving father of Greg, Warren, Kathleen, Lloyd, Mark (deceased) and Bronwyn and Partners. Proud Grandfather to 17 and Great-grandfather to 10. Brother to Harry and George. “My loving Husband safe in the arms of Jesus”Family and Friends are invited to attend the Celebration of Pastor Jim’s Life on Saturday, 25th July, 2015, at Springwood House of Praise Church (Unit 3 A Pacific Place, 10 Old Chatswood Road, Daisy Hill), commencing at 10.30 a. m.

I understand that Pastor Jim Williams son Mark suicided. I wonder why?

Pastor Jim Williams with his long-suffering wife

Pastor Jim Williams with his long-suffering wife Betty.

It is unfortunate that Pastor Jim Williams family have to face the news posthumously that their patriarch was not only a lifelong serial adulterer while in Christian ministry since his twenties, starting in approximately 1965, but he was also a serial pedophile who had multiple child victims.

I’m unaware of the number of pedophile victims of Pastor Jim Williams, but my present count is four girls aged about 12. There will be many others out there. Maybe over 200. The average pedophile abuses 250 children in his or her lifetime. Female pedophiles are less common than male pedophiles.

Caroline Andrew’s account of Pastor Jim Williams seriously sexually abusing her in the 1960s was published yesterday on this site. It’s the previous article on this site.

The article is entitled, ‘Pastor Jim Williams. Multiple Pedophile Offences against girls revealed on this site today. House of Praise Springwood, Queensland. Former Superintendent of the New Zealand Assemblies of God’. Publish date 21 October 2015.

When Caroline Andrews was a mere 12 years old Pastor Jim Williams, who was aged 25 at the time, starting sexually abusing her.

At the time Pastor Jim Williams was a Youth Pastor at Heathmont Assemblies of God church, near Richmond in Victoria, Australia.

The writer Donald Elley. Likes to dot his 'i's and cross his 't's.

The writer Donald Elley of Bellingen.

My father was Rev Reuben Donald Elley, a New Zealander. Dad grew up on a farm in a small rural community, Hunua, Auckland, New Zealand.

There are no pedophiles in my lineage. My people are all god-fearing Scots. Presbyterians. Honest as the day is long. Thrifty as any true Scot is. Very hospitable and courteous. The idea that someone could sexually abuse a child never entered my psyche until at age 23, in 1979, I heard allegations about Pastor Frank Houston in New Zealand.

The idea of pedophilia and abusing children is so foreign to me that I didn’t even know what it was until in 1979, when at Kapiti Christian Centre, north of Wellington, New Zealand, Stan and Sheila Carter, an elderly couple in their mid-60s, told me that Pastor Frank Houston was accused of abusing boys while Head Pastor of Lower Hutt Assemblies of God in Wellington, New Zealand. They were 100 per cent convinced that he was guilty of these crimes against children. I was unsure whether to believe them. It has since been proven, without a doubt, they were right.

I grew up in Wellington, New Zealand. I was born in Wanganui (now called Whanganui) and my parents, who were clergy, moved to Tawa, Wellington, in 1959, then to Khandallah, Wellington, in 1966.

Pastor Frank Houston moved from Ellerslie, Auckland in the 1950s to be head pastor of Lower Hutt Assemblies of God (AoG) in Wellington.

Prior to that he was assistant pastor, at Ellerslie AoG in Auckland, to Pastor Ray Bloomfield, and he became head pastor there when Pastor Ray Bloomfield moved back to his country of origin, Canada.

I have a theory that Pastor Ray Bloomfield, Pastor Frank Houston and Pastor Jim Williams may have been part of a pedophile ring.

Human beings are genetically and societal creatures and form social groupings. Pedophiles are the same.

I’m not speaking from an atheistic anthropological point of view. I don’t believe we evolved from the apes, although many human beings make apes look sophisticated,

My observation is that pedophiles often act in groups too.

There are multiple reasons for this.

Firstly, they can share their victims. Pedophiles are like spiders who live as a family and share and devour their victims on a communal basis.

Other reasons are companionship, although for a pedophile companionship is a thing of convenience.

My observation is that pedophiles are among the sickest human beings on the planet. Pedophiles have a fallen primeval core-nature, and the motivation and disposition to continuously seek to satisfy very deep and dark primal desires, lusts and instincts for abusing small children. Pedophiles are extremely dangerous and deviant people. Liars, deceivers, full of lust, deviant beyond belief, untrustworthy, very tricky, very depraved. They are mainly men.

Pedophilia dominates their daily thinking, minute by minute, hour by hour. It governs all of their actions. And  turns them on big-time. Hard to understand I know but that’s the reality. It’s not a part-time habit. Pedophiles are full of devils.

My father, Rev Reuben Donald Elley, known as “Don Elley”, was the most highly trained Presbyterian clergy in New Zealand in pastoral care and evangelism in the 1950s.

Dad earned a Masters of Theology degree in Pastoral Care at Princeton University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in 1954-55.

This was the highest Protestant pastoral care qualification available anywhere in the world at the time. Dad was honours level student at all times in his studying career.

Dad was incredibly bright at the little school he attended in the rolling green hills of Hunua in South Auckland. His teachers and his parents recognised his intellectual gifts at an early age and at 13 he was relocated to Auckland to board with old grannies and study at Auckland Boys Grammar and later at Auckland University.

Dad spent ten years at university. First he trained as an Industrial Chemist by doing a BSC in Chemistry, then he felt called to the ministry and cross-credited what he could and did a Bachelor of Arts which was a prerequisite to a Bachelor of Divinity. In the 1950s one had to have a BD to be a Presbyterian clergy in New Zealand. There was none of the current practice of people being promoted to being a pastor because you’d been a youth leader, or were gifted and charismatic, or led the church choir or had a similar church experience. A Bachelor of Divinity was acquired after three years study at Knox Theological College in Dunedin, the Presbyterian ministers training school. Then you had to convince a graduation committee to issue your pastor’s licence.

The value of a tertiary degree in the classics, or a theological degree, and say two years Bible School training at a learned institution, as a prerequisite to being a clergy, would definitely weed out some of the crooks and charlatans that have run the Pentecostal scene in Australia and New Zealand for the past 50 years.

Dad was very grounded and a man of action, a man of principle, a man of compassion especially for the down and outs, and a man of the people. My father led hundreds to Christ and personally counselled thousands.

Dad was also one of the most gifted and intelligent people I’ve met in my lifetime. His historical, linguistic, psychological, philosophical, theological and general knowledge was vast. He was a prolific reader and would be reading at least four books at once all his life. He could read a book in no time. My mother used to tease him that didn’t read books properly, but if you asked dad a question about the book he’d always have the answer.

Dad had a great mind and could recall minor details, such as his school teachers names and dates of events from many decades ago, even when he was old.

You’d have to get up really early to put one over my father.

In his 70s dad tried to help various pedophiles in Auckland. This turned out to be his greatest pastoral challenge and one that defeated him. He concluded that pedophiles are among the most evil, lying and deceptive human beings on the planet. Dad felt that they may be incurable.

Dad shared that they would not admit to their crimes against little children, even when they were shown photographic evidence of themselves committing pedophile acts.

What greater cover could there be for a pedophile to be a trusted and respected Assemblies of God pastor?

I have proven in articles on this site that Pastor Frank Houston was the worst Pentecostal pedophile pastor in the history of the Pentecostal church since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. I know of no one worse.

What Pastor Frank Houston did to boy victim AHA over a period of about 8 years is unspeakable.

I’ve covered the story of AHA and other boy victims of Pastor Frank Houston in various articles on this site in October-November last year.

You can also go to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse website. Simply google the Commission’s name. Boy victim AHA’s testimony at the Royal Commission in October last year is available under the Hillsong/ Assemblies of God material.

The current revelation that Pastor Jim Williams, the man who succeeded Pastor Frank Houston as Superintendent of the New Zealand Assemblies of God, is a pedophile with multiple victims has made me take theories that Pastor Frank Houston was part of a pedophile ring more seriously.

Pastor Frank Houston and Pastor Jim Williams were both New Zealand Assemblies of God Superintendents in the 1960s to 1980s. Pastor Frank Houston held the position for 12 years from 1965 to 1977. Then he handed the baton to his friend and colleague in the ministry’, Pastor Jim Williams.

How could Pastor Frank Houston do such a thing as pedophilia?

How could Pastor Jim Williams do such a thing as pedophilia?

Like a lot of things, especially dark sins, once you start, it’s hard to stop.

Working on the theory that Frank Houston started abusing children in his early teens, I would surmise that by the age of 20 Frank Houston was inwardly a hardened secret pedophile.

In his lifetime Frank Houston probably abused 400 children and had thousands of masked homosexual and pedophilia contacts with males and little boys, including anyone in his circle.

This could include anyone from males he met ‘in the ministry’ to members of this own family.

For example, Graeme Houston, Frank Houston’s eldest son, refuses to go to church to this day. Why? Graeme knows a lot more than he’s shared so far, which isn’t much.

Bobbie Houston, Pastor Brian Houston’s wife, knows more than she’s sharing, which isn’t much.

Beverly Houston, one of Frank Houston’s daughters, knows far more than she’s sharing, which isn’t been much, except to justify her old pedophile father, and to attack his accusers.

Maureen Bradshaw, another Frank Houston daughter, knows plenty but she’s not letting on. Why?

The Houstons, all generations, now have a lot to lose financially if the House of Houston and the House of Hillsong topples to the ground, which it may do one day.

Yesterday, Pastor Kong Hee, who I’ll write about soon, got convicted by a Singaporean Court of serious criminal fraud and misappropriation of Harvest Church funds.

The maximum penalty of these crimes in Singapore is life imprisonment.

Pastor Kong Hee, who until yesterday thought he was bullet-proof is likely to be sentenced to 8-10 years jail. He’ll be stripped of his ministry credentials and sued to repay the church. It is likely he’ll be finished as a minister and go broke.

Rome fell in a day and even the Great House of Houston could topple and fall.

Pastor Jim Williams abused Caroline Andrews when he was 25. I’m going to guess he started abusing children in his early teens or even younger.

Pedophilia is not an accidentally random thing men do. I write ‘men’ because few women do pedophilia.

The few women that do it are normally companions of male pedophiles or lesbians who get off on having younger victims.

Lesbians and homosexuals are often very dark in the minds and very predatory.

If you commit acts against Almighty God like pedophilia, homosexuality, visiting prostitutes, abuse of any form, gambling, addictions of any form, lying, cheating, fraud, and any other serious sins, then you’re going to pick up plenty of demons.

The Holy Bible says, “Behind every idol is a demon”.

Were Frank Houston and Jim Williams part of a pedophile ring? This is possible.

It will be very hard to find evidence.

I’ve found evidence of Frank Houston abusing 13 boys aged about ten from 1960 until 1974. He fled to Australia in 1977 to escape looming pedophilia charges which would have led to jail-time and his ruin as a Christian pastor, public shame and probably the scorn of even his own kin. His cover could have been blown in 1977. I wish it had been. So do others who were abused since 1977 or prior.

I wish I’d had the knowledge and guts to expose him as a pedophile in 1981 when I came to Australia. I’d heard allegations in 1979 but I wasn’t sure if they were true. This information always lay in my mind when dealing with Frank Houston through the 1980s and a bit in the 1990s.

If you have any information or evidence that Pastors Frank Houston and Pastor Jim Williams were part of a pedophile ring, or you were abused by either of these men, please could you contact me.

If you simply write “please contact me” in the comments box at the bottom of any article on this site, then I can email you and we can correspond. You can use a pseudonym (code-name)

No one reading my site can see your email address and all communications will be confidential. Nothing will be published unless you’re Ok with it. I can publish your story either anonymously or with your name known. Sometimes victims feel stronger and empowered by confronting the perpetrator of their abuse publicly.

Many victims of pedophilia abuse have confided in me since I made myself available to help any victims of abuse by Christian pastors or leaders. I’m here for you if you’re a victim of sexual abuse by pastors or Christian leaders. I’ll take the fight up for you against pedophiles and those who shelter and hide them.

child abuse

Child abuse