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Neville Johnson

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Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj


One of the many marks of a false prophet is super-spiro alleged meetings with departed Biblical heroes.

So called Prophet Neville Johnson of Academy of Light Perth and so-called Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj from India socialise in this kind of fruit-cake stuff.

For so called Prophet Neville Johnson and so-called Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj saying extreme super-spiro things are ways for them to distinguish themselves from us mere mortals who live ordinary lives humbly serving and obeying the Lord day-to-day. For those like us the gift of life and the sustenance of the Good Lord day-to-day is enough. We lack the need to impress and share gobbledygook super-spiro experiences and imaginings of the human heart.

Any so-called Prophet who says they’ve met say Katherine Kulhman or Keith Green in a vision like so-called Neville Johnson does should be shunned and avoided. This kind of spiritual contact is demons.

It is not Biblical to commune with departed saints.

It is a form of necromancy. Necromancy is communication with the dead and it is a form of witchcraft expressly forbidden by the Holy Bible.

Please recall the instance in the Holy Bible when King Saul tried to communicate with the departed prophet Samuel.

1 Samuel 28

Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Saul Talks with Samuel’s Ghost

1-3 Samuel had died some time earlier, and people from all over Israel had attended his funeral in his hometown of Ramah.

Meanwhile, Saul had been trying to get rid of everyone who spoke with the spirits of the dead.[b] But one day the Philistines brought their soldiers together to attack Israel.

Achish told David, “Of course, you know that you and your men must fight as part of our Philistine army.”

David answered, “That will give you a chance to see for yourself just how well we can fight!”

“In that case,” Achish said, “you and your men will always be my bodyguards.”

4 The Philistines went to Shunem and set up camp. Saul called the army of Israel together, and they set up their camp in Gilboa. 5 Saul took one look at the Philistine army and started shaking with fear. 6 So he asked the Lord what to do. But the Lord would not answer, either in a dream or by a priest or a prophet. 7 Then Saul told his officers, “Find me a woman who can talk to the spirits of the dead. I’ll go to her and find out what’s going to happen.”

His servants told him, “There’s a woman at Endor who can talk to spirits of the dead.”

8 That night, Saul put on different clothing so nobody would recognize him. Then he and two of his men went to the woman, and asked, “Will you bring up the ghost of someone for us?”

9 The woman said, “Why are you trying to trick me and get me killed? You know King Saul has gotten rid of everyone who talks to the spirits of the dead!”

10 Saul replied, “I swear by the living Lord that nothing will happen to you because of this.”

11 “Who do you want me to bring up?” she asked.

“Bring up the ghost of Samuel,” he answered.

12 When the woman saw Samuel, she screamed. Then she turned to Saul and said, “You’ve tricked me! You’re the king!”

13 “Don’t be afraid,” Saul replied. “Just tell me what you see.”

She answered, “I see a spirit rising up out of the ground.”

14 “What does it look like?”

“It looks like an old man wearing a robe.”

Saul knew it was Samuel, so he bowed down low.

15 “Why are you bothering me by bringing me up like this?” Samuel asked.

“I’m terribly worried,” Saul answered. “The Philistines are about to attack me. God has turned his back on me and won’t answer any more by prophets or by dreams. What should I do?”

16 Samuel said:

If the Lord has turned away from you and is now your enemy, don’t ask me what to do. 17 I’ve already told you: The Lord has sworn to take the kingdom from you and give it to David. And that’s just what he’s doing! 18 When the Lord was angry with the Amalekites, he told you to destroy them, but you didn’t do it. That’s why the Lord is doing this to you. 19 Tomorrow the Lord will let the Philistines defeat Israel’s army, then you and your sons will join me down here in the world of the dead.

20 At once, Saul collapsed and lay stretched out on the floor, terrified at what Samuel had said. He was weak because he had not eaten anything since the day before.

21 The woman came over to Saul, and when she saw that he was completely terrified, she said, “Your Majesty, I listened to you and risked my life to do what you asked. 22 Now please listen to me. Let me get you a little something to eat. It will give you strength for your walk back to camp.”

23 “No, I won’t eat!”

But his officers and the woman kept on urging Saul, until he finally agreed. He got up off the floor and sat on the bed. 24 Right away the woman killed a calf that she had been fattening up. She cooked part of the meat and baked some thin bread.[c] 25 Then she served the food to Saul and his officers, who ate and left before daylight.


The apparition of Samuel was a demon spirit manifesting as Samuel. Mediums all over the world call up the departed every day. What they’re getting is not the departed but demons who are playing with them.

So-called prophet Neville Johnson writes on his web-site Academy of Light about having meetings with Keith Green the long deceased Christian musician and meeting with the Lord Jesus. Please be careful. This man Neville Johnson is a fraud and a false prophet.

Another thing these super-spiro so-called prophets love to relate to verify and exaggerate their super-spirituality is to say that “the Lord appeared to me in a vision”. Neville Johnson and so-called Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj say this kind of stuff all the time.



These so-called prophets always go to the extreme.

In the above video so-called Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj says he teaches children about martyrdom. Pretty extreme. I’d say extremely extreme and deluded and highly culpable. Children don’t need to hear that kind of talk.

So-called Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj says his TV program is called ‘Angel TV’. This should be a warning to anyone. These false prophets are so into super-spirituality, apparitions of the departed, amazing so-called visions of the Lord and angels.

Here is so-called Prophet Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj’s “prophetic word for Australia”.