Eric Clapton and JJ Cale – both former drug addicts.

Both battled heroin and other drug addictions.

This song is anti-cocaine and anti-drug use. Drugs aren’t cool. Drugs kill. Drugs kill the human brain, the human body, and the soul of man.


A Paul Kelly Design designed interior installed by The Chillie Group – wall fabric designed by the iconic Australian designer Florence Broadhurst – long deceased since the 70s, but whose art and designs live on in her wallpaper and fabric designs.

I’m a builder project manager with 45 years construction experience. I’ve did a three month stint recently for The Chillie Group based in Neutral Bay, Sydney, Australia.

Firstly, let me clarify, The Chillie Group comprises two men – Graham Wem and Paul Milton. There is one part-time mother, Bec, who helps out with administrative duties. I was the only experienced full-time project manager and builder working there and since I left there is no full-time support staff.

Graham Wem is an interior designer by background – a failed architect – and Paul Milton is a trade carpenter. Despite their lack of building qualifications and management experience, these two Sydney men have combined to do well, on a very limited scale, in the Sydney pub and club industry.

Being a two-man band with two full-time carpenters, they have very limited reach, low level management and personnel skills and experience, and should only be trusted with small projects to say $1.5 to $2 million contract value. They lack the project management skills, site management skills and personnel infrastructure to undertake larger projects. They are still sweeping the floor and doing labouring and carpentry on their projects.

I’ve done far larger projects since the 1980s and working for The Chillie Group was a walk in the park for me.

Although seemingly decent and polite, The Chillie Group is a small-time outfit and The Chillie Group is “all about Graham Wem and Paul Milton”.

Their honesty to clients is highly questionable, and made me feel extremely uncomfortable working there.

Basically, at the moment, and foreseeable future, The Chillie Group assist publicans to rip-off gamblers on Poker Machines. Australians call these monster electronic armed-robbers “Pokies”. The State governments are on-board with these tyrannical socially destructive poker machines, which thrive in poorer suburbs, and deprive children of food and lose family homes, because of their vast revenue reach. Ten per cent of Pokie turn-over goes to the various Australian state governments.

Poker Machines are a curse that Sydney and Australia could do without.

I felt highly uncomfortable working for The Chillie Group – a company associated with Poker Machines – these electronic angels of death – for three months.

Money is money but some money is blacker than green.