Rev William Francis “Frank” Houston.  Possibly over 400 boy victims of Frank Houston’s pedophilia. Self-confessed pedophile. Lifelong secret pedophile of young boys, preteens and teenagers. But mainly young boys aged 7 to 11. The worst pedophile Pentecostal pastor since the day of Pentecost 2000 years ago. Frank Houston’s eyes are black like Lucifer’s.

This article was first published on this site on 9 September 2012 prior to the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

It has been updated since as more facts have come to light and more events have unfolded.

Note written on 19 October 2014:

In early October 2014, The Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse examined the Australian Assemblies of God (which has a new name of Australian Christian Churches), Hillsong and Pastors Frank and Brian Houston. 

If you are interested in down-loading the Royal Commission transcripts, testimonies of victims and other relevant documents go to

To read a series of my blog articles on the Royal Commission on this site, they start on 20 September 2014 with “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston. Part One. Royal Commission…”

You can then scroll a few articles further into October 2014 and you’ll see all the articles sequentially in chronological order on “Hillsong. Pastor Brian Houston…” and Royal Commission stuff.

If you know of any pedophile cases involving Pastor Frank Houston at any time anywhere in the world then please send me a message and I’ll email you back so we can confidentially talk about your case by email. No information will be published without your consent.

The following blog article on Pastor Frank Houston’s pedophile activities was written on 13 September 2012 and it has been updated regularly as new information becomes available.

updated  17 November 2015

Pastor Frank Houston was the founder of Hillsong Church in Australia. Hillsong is by far Australia’s largest church numbering 15,000. Its headquarters are in Baulkham Hills in Western Sydney.

It has Churches throughout the world in twenty locations.

Brian Houston 20

Pastor Frank Houston was for decades the Head of, firstly the New Zealand, and later the New South Wales sector of the Australian AOG (Assemblies of God) denomination.

The AOG is a Protestant denomination which started in the early 20th century in America and has spread across the planet. Its emphasis is on the Holy Spirit and the supernatural gifts of the Holy Spirit, like faith, healing and speaking in tongues.

A Protestant denomination is a denomination (international church organisation) whose origins are in ‘Protesting” against the Church of Rome: its doctrines, its power, its popes, its bishops, its mercenary Jesuits of old and its domination and blood-letting and martyrdom of true believers, throughout the world, for over 1700 years until modern times.

If you think I’m exaggerating then google “The Waldenses” who were Protestants the Church of Rome genocided in parts of France in the 16th century or “The Covenanters” who the Church of Rome hunted and wiped out in 17th century Scotland. The Jesuit mercenaries and Papist rulers of England desecrated their bodies after death and threw their corpses on rubbish tips as a warning to a fearful populace.

These were brave men who gave their lives for the cause of Christ.

Unlike Frank Houston, who was a secret life-long pedophile and covert homosexual, whose coal-black dark secrets which weren’t exposed until the last years of his life.

Pastor Frank Houston. Unclean hands

Pastor Frank Houston. Unclean hands

A two-year investigation of pedophile allegations going back to the 1960s, ordered by his own son, Pastor Brian Houston, and conducted by a prominent Australian AOG clergy, Pastor John Lewis, found that the allegations were true. Frank Houston was banned for life from ever ministering in the AOG in Australia and New Zealand in December 1999.

Frank’s life ended in shame in November 2004. He spent his last days with dementia. The burdens of his dark secrets were troubling his mind until the end.

child abuse 21

This blog article is the first in a series of articles in which I will recall information, reflections and personal feelings on this gifted, strange and very tortured man, who I knew very well for two decades. Or at least I thought I did.

I worked closely with Frank through the decade of the 1980s as a builder doing building fit-out and renovations for Christian Life Centre (CLC), Darlinghurst, as Hillsong was known in the early days.

I was also a prominent and successful lay leader with ten home fellowship groups under my care, which I pioneered in the challenging Inner City of Sydney. I attended CLC again for a few years in the mid to late 1990s. I was there when Pastor Frank Houston got stood down and the whole organisation changed its name from Christian Life Centre to Hillsong in 2000.

Pastor Brian Houston, and others like Pastor Jonathan Wilson, who is now pastoring in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, have tried to sanitise and re-invent Pastor Frank Houston’s life and legacy. The reality is that no amount of spin and re-invention can remove the dark black stains of the decades long trail of pedophile and homo-erotic activity that so-called Pastor Frank Houston engaged in.

Pastor Brian Houston

Pastor Brian Houston. Growing fat while while he hangs out the victims of his dad’s abuse to dry. “Sorry victims of dad’s abuse, I’m a leading Christian pastor, but you’re on your own. Have a good life. Sorry again”.

In all I have counted fourteen or more victims of Pastor Frank Houston’s pedophile and homosexual desires and actions.

Everyone closely associated with this matter senses there are a lot more victims out there.

Possibly 200 to even 400. Plus over 1000 victims of masked homosexual and pedophile abuse.

Pastor Frank Houston, from his own mouth near his death, said to his own son, Pastor Brian Houston, “I was very active as a pedophile at that time”. He was referring to the period from 1960 to 1975, when he was in his 40s to 50s.

I believe Pastor Frank Houston was doing pedophile activities all his life from his early teens. He got kicked out of the New Zealand Salvation Army in the 1950s. He was a Captain. I suspect it was for pedophilia.

Does anyone have any evidence on this? Can anyone talk to the New Zealand Salvation Army?

Frank Houston was a Salvation Army Captain in Auckland, New Zealand.

I believe that Pastor Frank Houston was a criminal pedophile who used the Christian pastor’s ministry as a foil, disguise and camouflage in order to gain the confidence and trust of innocent believing Christian families so he could access their children undetected for the purposes of sexually abusing them.

I believe Pastor Frank Houston was never genuine in anything he did. He mocked us all. How could a man be a genuine Christian pastor when he was secretly a life-long hardened criminal pedophile? Its not possible.

The Australian Royal Commission, on 7 October 2014 at a Hearing in Sydney, revealed a witness AHA, who was abused in the Sydney suburb of Coogee when he was an innocent little boy aged 7 to 12 years old, in the late 60s and 70s.

Boy victim AHA was brave enough to testify anonymously in person.

It made me cry.

It was real bad stuff indeed.

It made me very angry, particularly since Pastor Brian Houston, the son of Pastor Frank Houston, like Pilate in the Bible who washed his hands of responsibility for Jesus prior to his death, has washed his hands of responsibility to help and care for the boy and teen victims of his dad’s abuse, who are now in their 50s and early 60s..

If you go to my blogs starting on Tuesday 7 October 2014, you’ll find all the horrific details of Pastor Frank Houston’s abuse of victim AHA including genitalia fondling, digital anal penetration, masturbation of the victim as he reached early puberty, and Frank Houston getting the victim to pleasure him.

My source is AHA’s testimony on Day one of the Royal Commission’s examination of Hillsong, where AHA spoke for most of the day.

Its tragic, graphic, sordid, horrific and completely culpable by Hillsong, the Australian AOG and Pastor Brian Houston.

Pastor Brian Houston has tried for 14 years to bury it, sanitise it, but like a Frankenstein monster it has jumped from the grave and is now attacking and tormenting Pastor Brian Houston, his supporters and the whole Houston clan of three generations. Frank Houston has departed but the corruption lives on in the errant and corrupt behaviour of his offspring, particularly in the life and deeds of Pastors Brian and Bobbie Houston, the current Head of Hillsong International.

Rev William Frank...enstein Hosuton, molester of little boys. The most corrupt Pentecostal priest since the day of Pentecost.

Rev William Frank…enstein Houston. Molester of little boys. The most corrupt Pentecostal priest since the day of Pentecost.

The Royal Commission also mentioned six other little boy victims of Pastor Frank Houston in New Zealand in the 1960s. But there are many more.

I have been writing since September 2012 that there were six 10 year old boy victims of Frank Houston in Lower Hutt, New Zealand in the 1960s.

Here is my head count of child sex abuse victims of Frank Houston:

I have evidence of 13 or more mainly boy victims.

I have evidence of two teen victims, Peter Fowler, who went public in the 1970s with the encouragement of the now deceased prophet Pastor Philip Powell and teen victim ANZ1 (my code-name) who suicided.

From the testimony of the boy victims and the circumstantial evidence, I believe there were over four hundred victims of Frank Houston’s abuse. He confessed to Brian Houston, his son, in circa 1999, that he was very active as a pedophile, particularly in the 1960s and 1970s.

Here are the boy victims aged 7 to 12, and one teenager aged 15 years old:

1. Six 10 year old boys Pastor Frank Houston molested while Head Pastor of Lower Hutt Assemblies of God (AOG), Wellington, New Zealand in the 1960s, while at the same time, General Superintendent of the New Zealand AOG..

2. Sydney boy victim AHA, as above revealed on day one of Hillsong’s time at the Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Sexual Abuse of Children on 7 October 2014.

This is a particularly sordid case of repeated child sexual abuse of a little 7 year old boy by Pastor Frank Houston which continued for 5 years.  I have covered this case in detail in my blogs on the Royal Commission starting on the 7 October 2014.

3. One 15 year old boy, Peter Fowler, in the Lower Hutt AOG, New Zealand. The Lower Hutt AOG paid out Peter, but it wasn’t much money.

4. At least 3 boy victims at Assemblies of God Church camps in South Australia in the early 1970s. See my blogs on victim SA1 (my code name for him) dated 16 and 17 October 2014. SA1 was aged 11 years old at the tie of the abuse.

5. One young man in Auckland, New Zealand, ANZ1 (my code-name) who suicided as a result of the abuse. He was in his late teens.

I sense there are a lot more New Zealand boy, pre-teen and teen male victims.

7. One boy aged 8 years old, in a suburb near Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand. My code name for him is WNZ1. The abuse was very similar to the Royal Commission victim AHA.

WNZ1 believes there were more boy abuse victims in his suburb. See my blogs date 18 and 19 October 2014.

TOTAL: 14 or more victims.

Christian Life Centre was the name of Hillsong and other Hillsong branches in the late 1970s and 1980s.

One of the victims of Pastor Frank Houston’s child sexual abuse at Kleimzeg Assemblies of God camps in South Australia in the early 1970s, SA1, contacted me after reading articles about Pastor Frank Houston on this blog site. He shared there were several other victims of Pastor Frank Houston’s pedophile abuse at these camps.

The epicentre of Frank Houston’s pedophile activities at these South Australian camps was the boy’s toilet block.  

The abuse involved the fondling of little boys genitalia and masturbation. Pastor Frank Houston was very perverse and tactile.

Yes Pastor Frank Houston. The greatest and most prominent AOG Pastor in Australia and New Zealand from 1970s to 1998, when the truth of his duality emerged. A secretive, manipulative, sordid, dishonest and heartless criminal pedophile for over 40 years from the early 1960s until his death in 2004.

The official line of Hillsong Church and Pastor Brian Houston was that his father, Pastor William Francis “Frank” Houston only abused one boy in New Zealand 40 years ago.

This is the line that they held from the late 1990s to the Royal Commission in October 2014.

This is the view that was on their web-site for over a decade.

This is the view they have told the Sydney Morning Herald and other newspapers.

This view is totally inaccurate and a blatant lie by Brian Houston.

It emerged at the Royal Commission that Pastor Brian Houston has known that this official view was untrue and a lie all this time. Folks we’ve been all been deceived.

What is still lacking from Frank’s son, Pastor Brian Houston and the Hillsong Movement, which Brian controls, is any real degree of honesty and openness about Frank Houston.

For example, why won’t Brian and the AOG release the official AOG report on Frank Houston’s pedophile activities?

Why didn’t Brian admit his father did numerous pedophile and homosexual acts, and not just one, like Brian portrayed for 14 years, until the Royal Commission exposed his lies? Why do Brian lie to us all? How can Brian lie like this and be a prominent Christian pastor?

And the question lingers, was Brian himself, or his brother Graeme, ever interfered with by his dad? Maybe that’s too personal for Brian to admit, if anything occurred. Or maybe he can’t remember. These dark memories are normally suppressed and buried by the defence mechanisms of the human psyche.

Brian’s brother Graeme has refused to attend church since his teens. Why?

Further, were Brian and Graeme aware of the accusations against his father while he was a lad?

The pre-adolescent little boys Pastor Frank Houston sexually abused in Lower Hutt were Brian and Graeme’s age at the time.

Brian even stayed with his dad at AHA’s family home in Coogee, while his father lay on top of victim AHA all night and abused him for the week of their stay on one of the many visits. One can see why pedophile Frank Houston liked to go to Sydney and stay at AHA’s parent’s house. Disgusting.

While Pastor Frank Houston lay on top of little 7 year old AHA, who is now 52, the skinny spider-like Pastor Frank Houston sexually molested him. He fondled his genitals, he fondled his little thighs and bottom, and he digitally penetrated him. AHA shared on Tuesday 7 October 2014 at the Royal Commission that he froze with fear.

Boy victim AHA wondered, why was this hero of the faith, a godly man who my mum and dad loved, doing this to me?

Victim AHA lay frozen with fear as Frank Houston, the pariah, lay on top of him all night. The cats howled, the night birds cackled as the do in Australia, the dogs barked down the street and the garbos rattled their bins, and all this time through those long chill hours, Pastor Frank Houston lay on top of AHA doing awful creepy very perverse things to AHA.

If you think I’m being too graphic, this is what AHA said at the Royal Commission. These are the facts the Royal Commission’s lawyer, Simeon Beckett, read out. These are the facts that AHA read out from his witness statement on Tuesday 7 October 2014 at the Royal Commission into Child Abuse in Sydney.

You can read AHA’s testimony at the Commission on

It is interesting to note that victim AHA, who spoke anonymously at the Royal Commission, stated that Pastor Brian Houston accused victim AHA of tempting his dad and being the cause of all the trouble for his dad.

Pastor Brian Houston has denied this. I believe victim AHA because he sounded very honest and very coherent. Pastor Brian Houston hasn’t been honest about all this stuff for over 14 years.

The Royal Commission has also revealed how Hillsong, the AOG and Pastor Brian Houston have been heartless towards child abuse victims of Pastor Frank Houston and other AOG Pastor and leader pedophiles.

If you read my blogs on 7 to 10 October you’ll get drift.

At the Royal Commission on 9 October, when Pastor Brian Houston was the star witness, he wiggled and swirmed in the hot seat of the witness box. Then he straight out said they won’t help the victims in any way. The reasons are outlined in my blog articles on this site of 9 and 10 October 2104.

Pastor Frank Houston. Self-confessed pedophile.

Pastor Frank Houston. Creepy. Self-confessed pedophile.

Since Peter Laughton, Pastor Frank Houston’s young worship leader, went public in 2007 about Frank’s abuse of him in the early 1980s, the Houston family have taken the line that Peter Laughton was a consenting male with their father Frank. In his early 20s at the time of his abuse in the early 1980s, Peter was over the age of consent which is 18 in Australia for consenting homosexual acts.

But is it ok before God for the most prominent AOG clergy in Australia and New Zealand, aged 58, to indulge in numerous sordid homosexual acts with his young worship leader? At the time the homosexual liaison started Pastor Frank Houston was 58 and Peter was in his 23.

I fail to see how the Houston’s can dismiss this series of incidents with Peter Lawton so readily.

Pastor Frank Houston was attracted to boys, adolescent boys and men in their 20s. His sexual orientation was young and male.

Pastor Frank Houston was an active secret pedophile and homosexual particularly from the 1960s to the 1980s.

By 1990 he was 68 and his homosexual and pedophile libido seemed to have dropped off. I haven’t found any pedophile dirty old man Houston victims.

A reader of this site commented recently that he knew Frank Houston in the 1950s at Ellerslie AOG in Auckland, New Zealand. He wrote in a comment on this site that Pastor Frank Houston had fixation about male swimmers. There were some NZ Olympic swimmers training. A young Pastor Frank Houston used to go down to the local swimming pool to watch them training and perve on them.

If you knew Pastor Frank Houston at this time and you know of pedophile incidents could you please contact me. I suspect his pedophile activities started earlier than Lower Hutt AOG.

At the Royal Commission, Pastor Brian Houston told the Commission that his dad had been abused by his father. In fact this is no secret because Pastor Frank use to share about this from the pulpit at Christian Life Centre in the 1980s.

Pastor Frank Houston openly shared how his dad was very mean to him and his mum. That his dad had an affair with the woman next door and other bad stuff. The ABC of Psychology says that people who were sexually abused as children often go on to sexually abuse children when they are older/ become adults. That’s a big subject.

If you google “Frank Houston” or “Frank Houston abuse” you’ll find plenty of transcript of detailed sordid accounts of Frank Houston’s sexual activities with Peter Laughton.

Peter has given interviews to the Sydney Morning Herald.

In these interviews Peter speaks honestly and candidly about the homo-erotic activities Frank Houston led him to do. It’s interesting yet very sad reading.

Please bear in mind that Frank Houston was aged 58, and the most prominent AOG clergy at the time, and he was abusing a vulnerable and needy young man in his early 20s, who was his Church worship leader. Heavy stuff indeed.

The release of the official AOG Report on Frank Houston’s pedophile activities is a document which would be helpful to the victims of Frank Houston’s pedophile activities. What is more important? Protecting Frank Houston’s legacy and reputation, the Houston name and Hillsong’s reputation, or allowing some healing and closure, not only to Frank’s numerous pedophile victims, but also to the countless others who were part of Christian Life Centre and Hillsong in the early days and who were deeply hurt and shattered by revelations of Frank’s secret activities.

Frank’s pedophile activities were not destined to remain a secret to his grave. By the late 90s the chorus of complaints was to become deafening. The AOG, and in particular, the then National Chief Executive Pastor Brian Houston, his son, were forced to investigate and do something about it.

I personally knew Peter Laughton. Peter was very talented singer, song-writer and composer. A nice guy. Sensitive. Artistic.

In those days Frank had gathered together some extraordinary musical talent. Frank had recruited Pastor David Johnston from Los Angeles to found international Institute of Creative Ministries (IICM), a music, singing and dance Ministries School. David worked at Wesley College for decades since these times. David is a very talented violinist, composer and worship leader.

Trevor King was also there. Trevor now lives in Auckland,  New Zealand. Trevor is very talented on the piano and led the band and was the Music Pastor.

Geoff Bullock is another muso who owes his success to the Houstons. Unfortunately Geoff’s personal life became a train-wreck when his marriage fell over and his ministry has never recovered to the heights of his success under the Houstons. Particularly under Pastor Brian Houston.

Pastor Brian Houston is truly a king-maker. So much talent. So many scandals.


Pastor Frank Houston with Hazel, his faithful and supportive wife

Pastor Frank Houston with Hazel, his faithful and supportive wife

Peter Laughton is a really nice guy.

Outgoing, talented and sensitive.

In Frank, Peter has said that he was looking for father love. The kind of love Frank gave him was secretive, self-gratifying and impure.

The pedophile is secretive and motivated by deep impure needs and impulses that they find impossible to control. Their victims are really just objects of their desire. There is no care or love towards their victims. For the pedophile it is “all about me”.

I have written another 13 articles, which are on this blog-site, on this subject of Pastor Frank Houston, my memories of the man and what I experienced during the 1980s and 1990s while attending Hillsong Church. I have written over 200 other articles on Hillsong and the Royal Commission.

I have come to the conclusion that Pastor Frank Houston is the worst Pentecostal Pastor, that I am aware of, in the history of the planet.

To do what Frank Houston did to little boys and teens all his lifetime, while maintaining the front of a holy man of God is the very gravest of sins known to mortal man.

Since I wrote this article in September 2012, and since the Royal Commission examined the Houstons and Hillsong, Simeon Beckett, the Royal Commission barrister, publicly recommend in December last year that Pastor Brian Houston be criminally charged by the NSW Police for not reporting and for sheltering a pedophile, his old life-long pedophile father, Pastor Frank Houston, the  founder of the Hillsong organisation.


Pastor Brian Houston, Pastor Frank's son and successor.Brian:should compensate and help victims of his dad's abuse

Pastor Brian Houston, Pastor Frank’s son and successor. Brian should compensate and help victims of his dad’s abuse

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